Razer Sticker in CS:GO?

Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by ToastingPickles, Feb 11, 2015.


Do you want a Razer Sticker in CS:GO

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  1. Hey people.
    I've been wondering why there isn't a Razer sticker in CS:GO (want one on every one of my guns)
    I would make one but I don't want to get sued by Razer ;-;
  2. Srnity

    Srnity Active Member

    Not sure about the US law, but in Canada, I know as long as you do not claim credit over the initial design and you do not make any profit from it, you are okay. If the laws are similar, you should be fine!

    Hopefully, someone should be able to properly answer your question.
  3. The reason there isn't a Razer sticker in CS:GO is that most of the content in the game is created by individuals or is created by Valve and is not licensed or copyrighted. The Razer logo however I'm 99% sure that it is licensed by Razer and I don't think Razer would give that up very easily for someone else to make money off of it. The other factor is that most of the customization content in the game is based off of community voting so that it is put into cases and capsules. If you've been in CS:GO for long enough you may remember what happened to the creator of the M4A4 Howl after he was caught with copyright infringement and again with the issues that arose with the M4A4 Griffin.
  4. You'll never know, Maybe Razer will see this post and design one for us
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  5. Verthaa

    Verthaa Active Member

    I have thought about this before, and would definitely like one.
  6. This would be so dope !
    lets do one
  7. they have razer tee's in other games so why not. ask cs:go if they will let it happen
  8. slifertroll

    slifertroll Member

    I need one! Please reply someone from razer!!
  9. No one can make Razer Sticker because he might get sued by Razer for copyright. The only way to make that sticker is someone from the Razer Staff to make one and then we'll vote for it in the workshop and voila.
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  10. Zikiko

    Zikiko Active Member

    Lets start a petition and storm Razer HQ! *Throws blackwidow in the air* Seriously though, this DOES need to happen!
  11. Steam's terms require the person posting the sticker must own all artwork or can only be used with permission.
  12. This Statement is true.
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