Razer Store Manila, PH...anyone coming? (08.15)

Discussion in 'Razer Insider (Phillipines)' started by Deleted member 27426, Aug 4, 2015.

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  1. Brickstone007

    Brickstone007 Member

    Wooot.. It has been like a torture for us waiting for it to open.. I'm undeniably excited on the opening, since I want to buy those limited stuff that you usually don't see on PH local market.

    Cheers Min-Liang Tan for setting this up.
  2. Brickstone007

    Brickstone007 Member

    @Min-Liang Tan One of the guys opened up a topic whether the PHConcept Store will be hooked-up on Razer Store Online. Can you confirm these? And will there be spare parts up for sale on the store? I mean it would be nice to find some ear cusion, mechanical keyboard keycaps, mouse feet (or so what they called them) & other parts that could help local customer avoid the long wait ordering online or abroad.

    See you there.. I hope you sign my Blackwidow Chroma.. :blush:
  3. TOPAZBubblesaero249

    TOPAZBubblesaero249 New Member

    i dont mean to be rude on this but i think the manila organizers should have a plan with the mall security as there will probably be a lot of campers prior to the mall's opening hours. worst case scenario would be chaos as people without the intention of buying will take advantage of the line = stampede?

    why not change it to first 500 customers who purchase something plus raffle or activities ONCE the store is open? not before it opens
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  4. nicolavs10

    nicolavs10 Active Member

    Yeah check this bro https://insider.razerzone.com/index.php?threads/ask-the-ceo-razer-store-manila-sm-north-edsa.7967/
  5. nikaganna12

    nikaganna12 New Member

    RAZER FLAGSHIP HERE I COMEEEEE! :D I cant wait to see you again Min and Alodia since PGF 2013 :D:oops:
  6. vg0nline

    vg0nline New Member

    Yes sir Min-Liang Tan you should realy be there! :)
  7. Brickstone007

    Brickstone007 Member

    I agree with @n0beer, but as @Min-Liang Tan always says; I'm not totally after the sales or the money, the community is what I am after.
  8. Hoping to get a glimpse of the RAZER TOASTER if ever... hoping there is a discount for their NEW MAMBA 2015. Sir @Min-Liang Tan please sign my RAZER CHROMA TE keyboard and a SELFIE would be a great graduation gift for this YEAR FOR ME!

    Sensei WITNESS ME! *Does the V8 sign from MAD MAX
  9. verntechguy

    verntechguy New Member

    I would love to come and buy some Razer items but I don't have the moolah.
  10. roxas_04

    roxas_04 New Member

    I would love to come and buy
  11. azuremizt

    azuremizt New Member

    I want an authograph from the boss! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

    ...and hopefully they sell the Razer headphone stand for my Kraken. o_O (the retailers doesn't have).
  12. ShunOguri

    ShunOguri Member

    I hope your giveaways for the Kraken Headset will be extended up to 300 persons hahaha :blush:
  13. frgmrsbygmrs

    frgmrsbygmrs New Member

    I'll be ditching my Saturday class (Major subject IT Programming 2 7:30 - 10:30) just for this :confused:. Will be going to the mall with my pal @ approx. 6:50 am. I'll be wearing a T-shirt (not sure what color it's called but it's dark) with a theme: "Lazy but Talented". So if you came to notice me, come and say hi! :DI'll be bringing my so called "Razer Blade" (Macbook pro w/ razer sticker on top of Apple logo :rolleyes:) and gonna watch some anime and Ti5 matches downloaded (not sure if I can download it later 'cause internet speed issues :angry:)while in line.
    #Razer - 111 <subject (not sure if it's the same to every other colleges)
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