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Razer Store San Francisco

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Lafar, Jan 21, 2016.

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  1. Lafar

    Lafar Well-Known Member

    Next Razer Store?

    San Francisco!
    (Proof)Check out the job listing here.

    Where would YOU like to have the next Store, and why?
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  2. A Razer store in the US!

    Looks like I should move to the bay area in the near future (or find a college near there)! Other than San Francisco, I would like a Razer store to be on the east coast, maybe New York? Regardless of location, I wouldn't be disappointed.

    It was like when I was younger, I wanted to go to each Lego store, but now it's a Razer Store instead!
  3. Drag-On

    Drag-On Member

    I would love to see a store in the LA area. Perhaps that could open one at Third Street Promenade.
  4. Chuemmer

    Chuemmer Active Member

    The DC area would be awesome to see a Razerstore opened!
  5. Europe next! I wouldn't mind an excuse for random holiday location.

    I understand Europe might be more difficult cause of the all the countries and the difference in general. But somewhere like Germany would be fine. Mostly because that's where gaming stuff is going on in general. I do believe Germany on the central side and Italy on the north side would be good picks, no?
  6. BenjaminVien95

    BenjaminVien95 Active Member

    WOOOOOOOOO! I live an hour away from San Francisco. I can't wait for this store to open. :big_grin_:


    The only sensical spot would be Mall of America cuz I live like 20 mins away also it's the mall of america. maybe London or San Frisco gives more reason to be a lot more successful at making money.
  8. Ur2eZ_4_Me

    Ur2eZ_4_Me Active Member

    It's time to open in Dallas. San Francisco and New York always get everything lol. Razer should show the south some love.
  9. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    Mmm, I used to live about 45mins from San Fancisco, now I'm stuck in Phoenix. However, I'd gladly go back and visit if I could get to visit a Razer store too!!

    Though, for purely selfish reasons, I still really want one in Phoenix. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye_::big_grin_:
  10. Excidi

    Excidi Member

    It would be awesome to see one in the Mid-West. If there was one in Dallas I would be willing to drive down and check it out. San Francisco is a little too far to go.
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