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**Razer Suggestion Thread**

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by allbricks, Oct 17, 2014.

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  1. Knut_no_id

    Knut_no_id New Member

    This idea i from this site. Is fantastic.
    This is the just what im looking. The rigth one with thum trackball
    and the standard mouse buttons on the rigth side of the trackball and G-buttons
    and mabey a scroll wheel.
    And around 1000-2000 dpi on the trackball.
    I now a lot of frinds that want keypad similar to this one.
    And im positive that this will sell. Becuse its just what a Gamer need.
    The production cost the original one (one the left side)
    I hope that this will be on the marked becuse its just osome.
    So i hope that the razer team want to produce this trackball keypad.
    Please coments and sheare this if you are a real Gamer.
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2015
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  2. dude9501

    dude9501 New Member

    like you said, chroma everything but i would like a program where you can trade in your non chroma peripheral and get a discount on the chroma version.
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  3. LazerBeam16

    LazerBeam16 New Member

    I would love to see a chroma Orbweaver and naga hex.
  4. LazerBeam16

    LazerBeam16 New Member

    This would be extremely cool.
  5. Knut_no_id

    Knut_no_id New Member

  6. thomoctopus

    thomoctopus New Member

    I would like a blade pro 17' with chroma keys.... Keep Switchblade Ui, and keep the stealth bag and sleeve for the blade. But improve the Switchblade ui, as it is buggy. Also Have top of the line graphics card and 16 gb ram. Thanks
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  7. RFenris

    RFenris New Member

    Yeah the plug and play works but it would be nice to have macros and keymaps, etc. and profiles!
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  8. +1 For this please!!!!!! Just switched my Primary OS to Linux and my DeathAdder, Blackwidow Ultimate, and Orbweaver need some love. I will even volunteer to be a guinea pig.
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  9. Has a Linux version of Synapse been discussed at all? The products work great and keymaps can be hacked together BY HAND. But they are incredibly clunky and the point of Synapse 2.0 was to offer cloud configuration storage correct? So can you please offer true cross platform? Thanks.
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  10. Onyxammoauto593

    Onyxammoauto593 New Member

    As a left handed gamer, I would definitely buy this. I have a cheap chinese "ambidextrous" gaming pad that replaced my worn out Zboard Fang. I would even buy 2 of these for when my old one wore out!!
  11. smit99

    smit99 Member

    I wanna see them finish project Christine
  12. 210162038

    210162038 Member

    better grip on the naga epic
  13. HyperGamers

    HyperGamers Active Member

    The first post of this thread is why the Razer Firefly has been made!
  14. there should be a hoverboard mouse
  15. thearcangel

    thearcangel Member

    I would love to see some of the old stuff remade, such as all the the Starcraft licensed merchandise, or possible headsets that react to Actions per minute like the old ones did. I thought that was a really neat thought. I am also looking forward to possibly having a control for the 6s Plus when it comes out.
  16. mike4898

    mike4898 Member

    Hmm, I wonder where you got that idea from? ;)
  17. Zielarz

    Zielarz Member



    hope i can get it ><
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 20, 2015
  18. ninjastar6

    ninjastar6 Member

    Razer should make a motion sensor bar. It be interesting how they incorporate players motion with gaming.
  19. SuijinZero

    SuijinZero Active Member

    Give us an additional USB cable for all the wireless mice, because it's annoying to fiddle with the cable having to unplug it and plugging it into the mouse. I would rather have a spare cable sitting there and just plug it in real quick if the mouse ran out of juice. Im sure the cable doesn't cost an arm and a leg for Razer.... Also make all the future mice's charging mount Universal and then put a charging dock on the Firefly Mouse Pad, that will be totally awesome! Also the Universal charging mount can allow users who have more than 1 Razer mouse to charge their back up mouse. Allowing more than 1 wireless mouse to be connected to the same dock would be nice too. Less dock on the table, less cable, convenience. Lastly, extend the warranty on products. For a company who specialized in making keyboards and mice, I think by extending the warranty it shows that Razer has confidence in their brand, it makes a great selling point and benefit the fans too.
  20. sangayz

    sangayz Member

    yup! Chroma everything! haha loving the chroma set-up. especially when you afk. it just looks great haha
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