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Razer Support - A 2019 Winner

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Lafar, Apr 24, 2019.

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  1. Maximusisback

    Maximusisback Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Nice! Now beat those anti-consumer malefactors that charge you ridiculous repair fees. Matte black over boring aluminum :v::v:
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  2. SylvanasMage

    SylvanasMage Well-Known Member

    But doesn't the best support means the most issue contacts reached ijs. Its good to see Razer giving this much attention with the support cases.
  3. awilson3342

    awilson3342 New Member

    This isn't to bash any company at all but I personally feel if you're buying a high end product and paying top dollar for it, it should come with "high end" support. You shouldn't have to worry if a support team knows what they're doing etc. I've dealt with great support teams from cheaper brands, here's hoping the Razer team is as good as the article states if I ever do need them.
  4. EarLChieL

    EarLChieL Active Member

    go go go Razer !
  5. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    FedEx is sucks base on my experience, yeah they sent my Blade stealth in early 2017 to wrong address and didn’t admit it. All data was correct from Razer base on the shipping mail. I got bunch voucher and gift for this from Germany CS, so I’m good with them but FedEx that I called literally everyday since my Blade delivered to somewhere in Frankfurt (it’s 80Km away from my home) didn’t even apologize and only blaming system.
    About screen fell off, yes i saw some on Reddit, it’s most probably manufactures process failure, maybe from same production batch, the glue isn’t strong enough. Your model is being used by Linus as his daily driver (8550u one), and seemly his unit is fine so far, because he’ll be loud if it’s like on previous his Blade 14 late 2016.
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  6. Lenox.J.Low

    Lenox.J.Low Well-Known Member

    looking forward to see Razer climb up to the first place
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  7. Dekades

    Dekades Community Cowboy Staff Member

    This is a huge win.

    It's easy for people to get caught up in negativity and spotlight isolated incidents and then take a collection of the isolated incidents and call it a systemic problem. But the reality is, if every piece of hardware was as bad as it was amplified to be, mathematically, we wouldn't be here.

    Generally, people don't post the accolades. It's easier to complain and that's what usually happens. If one out of 100 units went bad. But 100% of the customers that got bad units posted online about their troubles and 0% of the satisfied customers posted good things about theirs, all you would hear are the bad things. If 10,000 units were sold and 100 posts were made about bad experiences, 100 posts seems like a lot of unhappy customers, but that's only 1% of the total units. But 100 bad posts can amplify to 100,000 engagements, which can echo to millions of people.

    But that's our job; managing the dissonance. It's not easy, often times thankless, but we persevere.

    Imagine getting rejected all day, every day. I dunno how well many of you take rejection, but even with thick skin, after a while, it feels bad.

    So this win? Feels good.
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  8. 24david24

    24david24 New Member

    good job razer
  9. ColdSin

    ColdSin New Member

    Good Job Razer... To the top they go haha
  10. T2Pronto

    T2Pronto Member

    Decades ... I absolutely agree with you. Rarely does people post accolades.
    It is a huge win and Razer deserves it :smile_::thumbsup:
  11. gamalaptop

    gamalaptop New Member

    Razer is great. Unfortunately, there is no official distributor in Vietnam
  12. Yeah I have to much MSI and Razer stuff xD I like the companies designs so what else is there to do, other than buy more than I need.
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  13. It's great for Razer's No. 2 position. Congratulations to Razer!
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  14. 8lec_R

    8lec_R New Member

    Oh so this is a bit like what Linus from LinusTechTips did with the secret shopper series except PC Mag did it with laptops. That was a cool series!
  15. storyUltraRedhit724

    storyUltraRedhit724 New Member

    I recently contacted support because my Razer Turret, purchased from the razer store, arrived with a defective wall charger. My options were to send the full set back for a refund, wait 2 weeks for it to process, and purchase a new turret or basically deal with it and find another charger on my own. This is bad on so many levels. I'm sure it would cost razer more in the cost of shipping the return and paying employees to process the return than it would to just mail me a new charger, so its bad business. More important, it puts a customer who just spent $250 on a keyboard in the position of liking your products but never wanting to purchase another one. The support agent I spoke to was friendly and understood the options he gave me sucked but he couldn't do anything about it....
  16. Lustral

    Lustral New Member

    im still awaiting for my partial refund after chasing like 4 times already and each time I have chased them , they said it is processing and I should get an update shortly. How long does one have to wait as I had my laptop for almost a month now.
  17. My experience with Support has been so bad, I'm @ total loss what to do! What really sucks, is problem doesn't even involve a product, (bought Razer Phone 2, in Jan. 2019, so far I'm happy as hell w/phone!), it's Customer Service! I'm disabled, homebound, have no landline @ my rented in-law cottage, just my RP2, (which replaced a Motorola-built Nexus 6, that gave up the ghost ), & a ZTE Axon 7, which I used to purchase the RP2, direct f/Razer, since I don't have a PC to use. Razer set up my Axon7's email, phone#, as the "Primary" account, when I received the RP2, I transferred all the Nexus 6 info, (email, phone#, contacts, etc.), to the RP2. Soon after I activated the RP2 w/my carrier, & in fact, received update to Android O/S, from v8.1, to 9.0, no problem. Since then, all emails, Sales info, special deals, Cortex Gold/Silver promotions, whatever, are sent to my Axon 7! I contact Support, tell them I don't want Razer specific correspondence, with direct links to contact, or purchase items, sent to Axon 7, I want these sent to the RP2, which would use those items, I'd click on links, downloads sent to, along with payment info, & so forth. Customer Service has jacked me around for 6 months +, gave dumbest excuses why they can't change my Account info, I or anyone else has ever heard! The Axon 7 is set up as Primary acct, the RP2 is the Recovery acct, & they can't switch them! Billing & shipping info, Credit Card info, everything is identical, yet, they can't switch the Primary to RP2, & Recovery to Axon 7! I just talked to them earlier this week, I was promised a call from a Supervisor, & I'm still waiting! In meantime, I'm receiving Sales Deals, etc., on my Axon 7! What happens if/when Razer sends a software update, or similar? Geez, you'd think it was rocket science, or something! Any suggestions?
  18. Lustral

    Lustral New Member

    Well looks like Razer has finally processed my partial refund on my Razer Blade Stealth 2019 ... my faith in them has been restored , although it did take a little time (a month) to get it done.
  19. Sye_The-Vie

    Sye_The-Vie Active Member

    Apple~~~ Huh~~~ REALLY!!!!!
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