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Discussion in 'Systems' started by RestInPepperoni, Feb 8, 2018.

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  1. Hey guys! I’m currently a student in Singapore, and has been a huge Razer fan for a long time. I finally saved up enough to afford a Razer Blade using the student discount, but this latest experience was so terrible, I literally got scammed all my money by Razer -- paid the full amount, ended up with nothing. Although I’ve seen all the negativity about Razer Support, I never thought it would happen to me… until it did. I thought it would be good to bring this to light and share with all of you to prevent others from falling into the same scam as me. Has any of you had such bad experiences? Share it below and let everyone else know!

    Please note that this is not meant to “complain”/ create negativity, I just want to point out the negative parts so people can be aware/ more careful of it, while the higher management of Razer can hopefully fix them! I still LOVE Razer as a company, hence want to help improve it.

    Sorry for the long read, so here’s a short TL;DR tips (Read bolds if you’re in a rush):

    1. Do NOT buy from Razer - TERRIBLE Razer Support
      1. Slow/ lack of support. As much as Razer wants to label their products as premium and charging a premium price, they provide nowhere near a premium service. While companies like Apple provides phone support, Razer does NOT. Quote on quote their support staff, “we don't exactly have phone support at this time”. Their support meanwhile takes an average of 1-2 weeks to reply to an email, while chat support simply says they cannot handle it and refers it to email support. My case itself has been dragged for over 2.5 months, only to be told they are unwilling to do anything about it. In today’s digital age where most of us need our laptops for important work, in my case, urgently submit Uni Application before deadline, this is unacceptable. I had to borrow money to buy a cheap 2nd laptop just to submit it on time.

      2. Incompetent Staff We all know how bad Razer’s Support is, a simple look at any forums (including this one) shows so many examples of Razer’s terrible support. For electronics, this is rather important, I suggest looking at other companies if you’re looking for actual premium services. While I’ve had 1 or 2 nice support staff (Kudos to John Paulo L and Jarel M), the rest are either 1) plain rude or 2) does not even speak understandable English. One of the support staff I talked to (I shall not name him), said he had no authority to give refunds/ replacements, yet refused to even escalate it to a higher department, merely replying every email with “there is not much that I can assist you further”. Thus do NOT buy from them till they fixes their support.

      3. No responsibility. Razer WILL scam all your money. If they deliver a faulty product, they will NOT refund/ replace it for you, like my case. This isn’t even an issue of warranty, If I paid for a product, I expect it to be delivered. I’m not familiar with the law, but if I buy an apple from a store, I don’t care if you send me an orange, a watermelon, a rotten apple, I still did not receive product I paid for, and hence it is essentially fraud.

      4. Alternative: Buy from a 3rd Party like Amazon which provides great services, including refunds/ replacements etc. However I still suggest not supporting this company until they fixes their stuff.
    2. Do NOT buy a Razer Blade - There’s major battery issues.

      1. Major Issues. Although Razer Blade charges a premium price, it is not a premium product. Take a look at the recent forums, there’s so many complaints about battery leakages/ bulges (eg. https://insider.razerzone.com/index.php?threads/bulging-battery-and-planned-obsolescence.30386/, https://insider.razerzone.com/index.php?threads/issue-on-my-brand-new-razer-blade-2017.30654/ ). If you don’t mind your laptop dying within weeks of usage, or even posing an explosive risk, get it at your own risk.

      2. I was even told by Razer Support that quote “I have also checked that images that you have provided us and I regret to inform you that it does not show the damages” and that “Bloating batteries is a sign that the safety locks of your battery has successfully activated and there should be minimal risk to it as Li-On technology is designed as such.” In their words, my laptop becoming a balloon is perfectly normal and they are not responsible! Might be Razer’s own take on Curved Screen laptops indeed.
    3. Do not trust Razer Support - They will NOT take responsibility.

      1. Please do NOT follow everything Razer Support asks you to do. They just delay the operations, and if anything goes wrong due to following their instructions, they will push the responsibility to you, saying you’re the one who did it (quote “ in your volition”) and that they are “bound to the policies”.

      2. Even though they admits their own mistakes, saying “In hindsight” or that the battery bulging is indeed an issue, they will NOT take responsibility for it, claiming it is company policy and your own fault.
    Continued in comments, character limit reached!
  2. Now for the long story and description of everything that happened.

    Order date: 24th November 2017
    My previous laptop died on me, and having to use my laptop soon for Uni Applications, I ordered my Razer Blade UHD from Razerzone store. I avoided cheaper options on other third parties and ignored advises on this forum to order from Amazon as I thought it will be more hassle-free if I got it from the official store. Turned out to be otherwise. When the laptop arrived, I was excited and tried to turn it on, but it just won’t power on. Thinking it could just be a flat battery, I plugged it in, and tried turning it on, but it still won’t do so. Still believing in it, thinking maybe it needed a full first charge, I left it charging for a few hours. However it still refused to power on, and I noticed a slight bulge. At that point, I thought, maybe I just drew the short straw and got a faulty unit, hence decided to contact Razer Support, citing the urgency of this issue. Having used Apple products previously, I was in the opinion that Razer would be able to offer similarly high quality premium support and get it fixed soon, and thus did not leave much thought to it. 1 day passed… 2 day passed...3 days passed, a week passed, still no replies. Maybe it’s the holiday season and they’re busy, let’s be patient, I thought. Finally, I got a reply, and I was told to take the laptop with me personally, while they try to get it replaced. Awesome! At that time, I had to make a trip to the US, for some Uni related issues. Not knowing the exact fault of the laptop and why it had a bulge and having been told to keep it with me, I brought it with me, thinking Razer is an international company and has stores in US to help me out. A few days later, I was told to ship it back to Razer. Immediately, I went to check and tried shipping it back to them (They sent me a Singapore address). To my shock, shipping fees from companies I checked came up to be $250, and that is not a small sum for a student like myself. Contacting support again, I was relieved when I was told “Please note that Razer do have headquarters in USA and you should be able to proceed with the RMA in USA. Therefore, you will not need to ship the unit back to Singapore as our USA team will request you to ship the unit back to their place.” and that they would print a prepaid shipping label for me so I do not have to pay the fees. Bless, Razer Support is so good - I thought. All seems to be going well? A few days later, I received the prepaid label, and went down to the nearest Fedex to find out how to get it shipped as I did not have previous experience. To my surprise, I was told that my laptop had a faulty lithium battery and that they cannot ship it as it was an explosive risk. I was even told that it is quite a hazard and I should probably dispose of it soon. Well the support told me to hold onto it, so I risked my own life and kept it with me, again contacting them asking them for options. However, this time, a support staff that replied me wrote in barely understandable English, with missing words, punctuations, weird expressions and I barely figured out what he meant. His replies were that I would have to ship it back to them, and they did not offer more options, to which I replied that they could not ship it back, maybe there would be other options? Maybe a physical shop I can bring it down to get it replaced. But the support just kept replying that I have to get it shipped to them, evidently because he didn’t understand or bother to read what I told him (This is more evident in replies in the later parts). Do keep in mind that these replies are not instant, taking an average of 1-2 weeks just to get the same reply back (Honestly thinking at this point it’s some automated replies). As my Uni Application deadlines were closing, I urged them to settle it faster, even looking for other shipping companies, all with similar results. However, the replies I got back were “I do apologise for the delay we will proceed with the replacement as soon as we receive the defective unit,roughly it will take around 3-8 business day for us to proceed with the process of getting it from some other shipping company and send a replacement unit back to you upon inspection the defective unit.” At this stage, I was really lost as to what to do, so I just sent back an email asking them what I am supposed to do. The Uni Application deadlines were closing, and it didn’t seem that I was going to be able to get it fixed on time. As a result, I was forced to borrow money and purchase a much cheaper laptop just to submit the applications on time. With my stuff in US settled, I had to return back to my home country. However when I checked with the customs now that I know that it was a battery issue, I was told that I was unable to bring it on my flight as it was a hazard. Left with no other options, I had to discard it (Remember the support staff was the one who told me to bring it with me, and did not tell me it was a battery issues/ a hazard). I then contacted Razer Support about it, now that I am back in SG and no longer had the laptop (Still have the charger with me). Support staff replied “In regards on your query,I do understand the issue that you are currently facing.Normally we need some images to proceed further” and “Rest assured, we will do our best to provide you with a favorable outcome.” That’s nice! - I thought. I dug up some photos I took on my phone and proceeded to send it to them. A few days later, I received an email saying “At this point of time, we believe that it might be best for us to have your current unit brought in so that we can have the unit replaced for you”. Uh… ok…? I messaged the support staff about it, stating that it has already been 2 months and this still hasn’t been solved and that I am back in SG without the laptop. Soon, I got back a reply: “I would definitely feel the same given the circumstances and the whole ordeal that you had to go through.Kindly do provide us your phone number to contact you rather than prolonging it through email.Let me try to sort it out for you ASAP for you.I will personally escalate this case to relevant departments, on a higher priority to assist you further.” Sounds good doesn’t it? Happily, I provided my number. Next email I received was “It seems you have provided Singapore phone number ,I will transfer your case to the singapore team ,they will get back to you.” Maybe they forgot I said I was back in SG, but that’s alright, at least they’re trying their best to fix it for me. Waiting for over a week with no phone calls, I was pleasantly surprised when they sent me an email asking me to fill in the RMA form (for like the 5th time). That’s alright, I filled it in, sent it back, asking if they could give me a call (like the told me previously). This was when I was passed on to a new support staff. I shall not name him, but his name is C**** so we shall refer to him as C. While he replied fairly quickly (got to give him credit for this), C was particularly rude and terrible in his support. He straight up said that “As for our standard operating procedure, we would need the device to be sent out to us.” and thus they will not take responsibility and will not be refunding/ replacing it for me. This turned as a shock to me, as I have previously been told that they just needed the images to proceed further since I was forced to dispose of it. I even offered to return the charger as I was able to keep it in case they needed proof, but that was bluntly ignored too, not even a reply to it. If you were not going to do anything, why waste 2.5 months just to say you definitely need the item back? In addition, I have still yet to receive any calls since providing my mobile number, and when asked, the support replied that “we don't exactly have phone support at this time”, even though the previous support said they’ll call me with regards to it. C also stated that he is unable to provide any replacements as he is not authorized to do so, yet when asked repeatedly to help escalate this to the relevant department who had the authority, he simply ignored it and did not bother replying until a few emails later where he just refused. The last straw which prompted me to write this was when he stated that “You were right that the battery's laptop (nice English) is indeed a risk. However, you still brought the unit with you to the United States even if it was not in its functional state. Doing so also risked everyone else that was a part of your trip.” Instead of taking responsibility, he pushed the blame to me and insulted me for risking everyone even though firstly, I was not told it was a hazard, and secondly, the support was the one who told me to bring it with me. It was Razer’s support who told me to keep it, even though they knew it was a hazard and risked my life instead. Furthermore, he added that “Bloating batteries is a sign that the safety locks of your battery has successfully activated and there should be minimal risk to it as Li-On technology is designed as such.”. I honestly have never seen a company so irresponsible as to state that a bloating battery is perfectly normal and nothing for concern, thus will not be covered under warranty. Still pushing the responsibility, he told me “You have, in your volition, disposed the laptop and was out of our control.” This was entirely caused because your support told me to take it with me, and I had no control but to dispose it if I wanted to return home. He even admitted their mistake that “In hindsight, we could have provided you further instructions on how to ship the unit when you were still in the US.”, yet is unwilling to offer anything as a result of their mistake. This exchange just ended with him saying that he is not going to escalate it or do anything for me at all.
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  3. JungleBeast99

    JungleBeast99 Member

    Wondering will Razer s*it their pants or they will answer and will take measurеs or they will excuse somehow and make nothing.
    I'm sorry for you buddy, it happens, and the side where the fault is, should make everything to fix the problem. Or just that's what is supposed to do.
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  4. There's actually still a few thousand words that wasnt posted cause it required mod to approve it. Apparently I wrote too much, but I wanted to be as detailed as possible. I've had a couple of really good support staff, like the first few that tried solving it for me, offering to help, and last time when they sent me metallic keycsp set with 2 Q keys and no E, they refunded it within a day without me having to return it. But this time it was handled so badly I hope we can let higher staff at Razer notice this and fix this
  5. gereltod

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    I've bad experience with their support & ordering system. They blacklisted my account without even proper reason. After month talk, multiple tickets & live chat, they support guy agreed my address as legit after sent bill utiltites. Still support guy couldn't lift that black list on my account. So in the end I no longer can purchase directly from Razer Store. Which means, I can not use their sales, coupons, vouchers, zsilver etc.
  6. ChiefNieth

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    I was told that despite buying my Mamba and registering the warranty, I could not get it repaired simply because it was not directly from the Razer Store. I know how you feel. Considering the premium Razer chargers for high quality items, there support needs to be told *again* the classic phrase every employee is told... The Customer is Always Right.
    And also to take responsibility for defective products like mine -_-
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  7. I think there is a lack of communication between the higher staff and normal support staff. The higher staff set policies, which are understandable, but the normal support staff handle stuff strictly based on their guidelines instead of case by case basis, which is the last thing a support should do. Instead of asking/ escalating it, some support just choose to leave it as it is.

    It isn't even whether the customer is always right or not, it's about being responsible for your products as a company. Even if the customer doesnt have the receipt or bought from someone else, it is still made by Razer.

    I think as can be seen here, the main issue people have is with Razer Support (as seen in the poll). I think we should all raise this up and let Razer be aware of this. They would be pretty much the perfect company if this is fixed. Imagine you're a student like me, and worked so much part time to finally afford a Razer Blade, only to be scammed and get nothing, and have 2.5 months of time wasted while being told they can fix it.

    Can some kind soul please tag our overlord Min-Liang or any of the staff here to help us or take a look at this? (Also please verify my previous comment "This message is awaiting moderator approval, and is invisible to normal visitors.") Thanks!
  8. Joikansai

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    Sorry for you, just wondering am I the only one who feels the CS and the product are great? My laptops never had issues, Blade 14 2015, Blade 14 2017, Blade Stealth late 2016, Razer Edge 2013, all working fine. Once the delivery came late I got store voucher for the wait, once a sleeve didn’t fit well on stealth they said I can keep it and purchase new one, i never experience such support. I can buy their things from Amazon etc but because of those support I often buy directly from the store, beside sometimes they make a nice gifts compared to resellers. Btw i live in EU, i had miss understanding experience with steam and gifts code but EU support supported me well and providing directly at same day, it was something with misunderstanding from central staff (think it was from Singapore or US marketing staff).
  9. Yeah, Glad you were lucky enough to get great support staff there in EU. Of course like in my post, we should thank great support staffs for their job, such as John Paulo L and Jarel M, but at the same time, it just takes 1 bad support staff to ruin the whole experience. I decided to point this out as I've seen way too many bad experiences lately and it seems to be the most major issue people have with Razer. So if I manage to get the attention of someone in the higher management and solve this issue, Razer will literally be perfect. Just doing my part to help me favourite company.
    This has almost been unheard of from anywhere on the forums, given I'm a huge Razer fan and checks the forums daily. However, I would love if someone is able to point out what I might have done wrong, or why Razer shouldn't take responsibility. I followed everything I was told, and had no other choices in anything else. I'm literally left with debt and didnt receive anything I paid for, I'm honestly lost as to what to do now too. Hopefully an actual nice support staff sees this and helps me out since the one I talked to refused to do anything, not even escalate/ consult another staff.
  10. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Hmm, feel sorry again to hear that. In my experiences, like on the late shipment, it was FedEx system fault, they delivered back to Razer and noted that I was not at home, but I didn’t receive FedEx notifications on my mailbox, they (FedEx) was apologizing to me and will get my shipment back to me, i told that to CS and before I heard also on the forum that for waiting time someone got vouchers gift from Razer, and I just tried that. About the sleeve it was my arrogance, it’s actually the gift, but I don’t want it because fit not well and want to send it back and told them that I’m not collector I want use the product not to put it as decoration, they offered other sleeve that fit my system and a code that contains free shipping and the product (when I’m not wrong), anyway I didn’t pay for the replacement and can keep the old one without sending it back, well it became my collection at the end. And I think because i am quite often calling support here per phone (I have quite interest of their new product and EU release), they maybe know also me, like asking the details about Razer phone, Core V2, etc. So maybe because of that they marked me and support me well...it just my guess. Per mail I always put a video or photo to describe what I want to know, so they can address my problems or questions more accurately.
  11. TheGurgeMan7

    TheGurgeMan7 Well-Known Member

    Normally I try and fight it, and reason for razers side, but in this case you have just provided so much damn info on the case, I can see that razer CS is in the wrong. I also would have assumed that living in singapore would have helped out your case (I used to go to the singapore american school for a few years.) The best course of action I can sugguest would to be either push for a refund, or see if by some miracle a support staff from the forums can help you out. @Razer.WolfPack @RazerGwynbleidd would be my two best bets. If you do wish to avoid this in the future, I do reccomend doing the third party solution as you sugguested, I bought mine through the microsoft store, and have had great support, and even got a 10% student discount.
    Nevertheless, good luck on getting your blade back, I really cant supply any more help other than to just contact those two support members here.
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  12. vampirivan

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    Razer Support is too bad and slow. I have ordered a Razer Phone and asked refund the day after it arrived to me for bad software and bugs and camera. they took one month to take it back, and I am waiting for refund from another 18 days... very very bad.
    @mltan wake up! you're company have a great support fault. hire people that able to reply and support the devices.
  13. Really thanks for helping me out here, especially tagging the staffs. Ive seen their awesome works in the forums around here all the time, hopefully they can help me out. I've considered just chargingback them through my bank, but I really didn't want to do it to my favourite company, so maybe we can solve it in a better way. That aside, I would appreciate it if I can get my blade back, but this is no longer just about it, it shows a larger issue that I'm not the only one having issues with Razer's Support, and hopefully this can bring the issue to light and they can focus on fixing it. That's what the community is for, showing them what we want and working together to build a true gamer's paradise.

    At the same time, given all these negative experiences people have been posting, do also tell us some good experiences you have, praise some good support staff that you met. I'm sure there are some good ones (ive met a few myself), we shouldnt let their effort be spoilt by the few negative ones. That way they are able to keep up the good work on the good staff and improve on the negative issues. Lets make this community better together!
  14. Razer.WolfPack

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    Hey there @RestInPepperoni, cleaning up the thread a little and removing unnecessary portions like your poll there since it doesn't add any additional value. I will be dropping you a PM shortly to see how we can resolve your case with the right teams but I my first address some very important key points.
    • We do have a refund policy, its right here. I even linked to the Singapore site.
    • We've got an amazing support team, i've personally worked with them directly to shore up community issues such as this.
    For transparency, here's what I'll be doing in a situation like this:
    1. RestInPepperoni will be receiving a PM from me asking about his Case details and Case ID (never share it to the public)
    2. With that information, i'll be reaching out to the Support Team and have them access this and follow up with the case accordingly.
    3. I'll check back with RestInPepperoni to ensure he's been in communication with the Support Team members.
    4. I leave this case in the hands of the experts and if need be i'll join the conversation to help and assist.
    P.S. @vampirivan I'm dropping you a PM too.

    Since no further assistance is needed from the case, I will now be locking this thread.
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