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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by technokat, Nov 9, 2014.

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  1. original2k

    original2k Member

    very curious to see how razer responds to this, i imagine all of you should receive warranty replacements asap, no questions asked..... this is bad publicity and the product hasn't even hit retail
  2. pekosROB

    pekosROB New Member

    My fitbit doesn't bother me at all at the computer. And for typing at least, my Citizen watch doesn't bother me at all either.
  3. pekosROB

    pekosROB New Member

    I completely agree, a smart/fitness band is to be worn all of the time. It has sleep tracking for crying out loud. And silent alarms. Why would you remove this unless you are going swimming/diving/snorkeling?
  4. Dimscene

    Dimscene Active Member

    Supposedly it is already out in Canada. Best Buy alerted someone on this forum that their Nabu was available for pickup. So I'm not sure why they are playing this limited release game in the US.
  5. pekosROB

    pekosROB New Member

    Wow, read through some more comments. Makes me a little apprehensive about ordering one (or trying to at least) tonight during Wave 2.

    This design is different than what was shown back in January, right? I actually dug the neoprene looking wristband more than the rubber.
  6. WhiteSmokeautovine185

    WhiteSmokeautovine185 Active Member

    Haven't heard of this happening to anyone else, and I would definitely contact Razer Customer Service about that. That shouldn't happen it a week. Durability concerns are why I stopped wearing mine at night, even though that is clearly an intended use.
  7. ytsejam1138

    ytsejam1138 New Member

    I lost even more rubber around the screen and all throughout the band yesterday and today. I emailed customer service regarding an RMA and I'm waiting to hear back. I think I'm going to look into selling the Nabu and possibly picking up the Vivosmart.
  8. jpants94

    jpants94 Active Member

    I feel like razer should almost put out a recall for the first 5000 if there is a problem with the rubber due to manufacturing inconsistencies. The rubber on my 4 dollar phone cases feels tougher than the rubber around my nabu and it's the same type of rubber. I've also dropped my phone plenty of times and the case hasn't shown any type of wear. The back of the case is also scratch resistent like the nabus screen but the case hasn't had any scratches on it compared to what people have been posting here.

    The nabu is still a great device and I like wearing mine. I just hope something can be done about the durability issues.
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  9. SkyBill40

    SkyBill40 Active Member

    Wow. And here I thought that the outside wasn't soft touch material but a hard molded plastic.

    While I'm interested in possibly buying one, this definitely gives me pause in doing so. $100 isn't a whole lot to spend, but it's still $100. Seeing all this, I'll definitely be waiting... or not purchasing at all.
  10. jpants94

    jpants94 Active Member

    I think the first concept of the nabu back when it was unveiled at CES and had the 2 screens, had the hard molded plastic type material.

    I don't know what the reason behind changing it to the rubber was though as it would seem the plastic would be a little more durable in my opinion.
  11. CS ticket update #2:

    I sent the requested pictures, and although mine isn't nearly as bad as some of the others have shown, they immediately issued an RMA and sent me the details and a shipping label to send it back and replace it.

    To be honest, I'm not super amped about it because I have a hard time believing a new one will be any more durable. The rubber is just so soft that it'll fall off if you graze it with your fingernail. Also, issue aside, I have grown attached to it already and being without it for the time to mail in the old one and receive a replacement isn't very attractive.

    But, I'm boxing it up now, and will be sending it back to Razer in the next day or so.
    Highly recommend that everyone experiencing similar issues (especially the guy whose button fell off. Yikes!) do the same.

    Would like to say thanks to @EODeuce for convincing me to send in a ticket in the first place.

    More updates as they happen. Still haven't received a PM from @Junch to discuss the issue further, though.
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  12. Nanoforge

    Nanoforge Active Member

    This is really disheartening. To think we have all been waiting and hoping and supporting this band since it was announced (at least most of us anyway) and to see it shaping up like this. Sad, really. Last thing I want is that when people see me wearing it ask about it, it looks good not a fitness bad that looks like hell after one week of basic use.
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  13. charlievb

    charlievb New Member

    It looks to me like Razer hit a curveball here.
    They rushed it to much so they could make the Christmas deadline.
    As for whether or not this could be prevented well i believe if beta testers get told the material will change then i do believe this productions malfunction should have already placed a red flag on the product and skip the christmas rush.

    Instead it looks like they are inning a quick buck at the cost of it's name & logo

    XxZIOIMIBIExX Active Member

    well, i bought mine retail, so im sure i could still RMA mine, but TBH i dont even think its worth it, itll just end up looking the same as mine does now in a single day....besides its not the looks im after its the functionality, which.....still needs to be improved HELLA

    ill just wait and see if razer decides to use a diff material, then ill try the next iteration.

    everything aside....ITS RAZER ON YOUR WRIST!!!!!! NEED I SAY MORE?

    none of us are here because we dont buy alot of razer stuff..... XD
  15. That's what I am saying, I was going to buy just because it is razer, but really deep inside I know I will regret it as soon as I get the first scratch, which will probably sooner than later
  16. That's very true. But it's very easy to fall into the trap of excusing mistakes simply because of brand loyalty. I like Razer just as much as the next guy, and a big reason I made this thread to begin with is because I believe they can do better.
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  17. I am missing a point here, in fact 2 points:

    First of all, if you buy something you aquire the right to complain, it has nothing to do with a post on an internet forum.

    Second: I have clearly stated I am not buying one until they fix this problems so i dont see why you tell me not to buy one as trying to convince me

    XxZIOIMIBIExX Active Member

    logic i cant argue with, but it was intended as a silly (but also most likely very true) remark lol

    but i would like to make it clear, while i may voice some negative things about the nabu that doesnt mean i dont like it, its just the things that are wrong will NEVER be fixed if the ones who ARE getting the bad batches DO NOT voice their opinions, because lets face it the ones on the forums voicing about the bad stuff are the ones who ultimately get the device where it needs to be for the rest of us.

    if you dont post you cant have anything fixed, plain and simple. so it may sound pretentious for me to say the few people who get the ``bad ones`` are the ones that get it fixed, it really is the truth if you think about it.
    if everyone had problems with nabu, but didnt say squat nothing would get fixed, BUT EVEN ONE PERSON voicing their negative experiences, BENEFITS ALL!!!

    i only bring this up because this thread is actually kind of deterring others to get a nabu and i have said some appearingly nasty stuff about the nabu. i also see alot of others saying ``ohh they just got bad batches`` or trying to deter others from getting a nabu, if EVERYONE gets a nabu and voices their use this makes it better for razer in oh so many ways.

    lets think of this as an ``open beta`` of sorts how about? sure we have to PAY to get into the beta, but id say my 100 dollar purchase was worth it to help pave the way to a hopefully "new and improved" version of the nabu in the future :)
    Last edited: Dec 16, 2014
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  19. It is very charming to actually see people willing to spend money in a defective item just to improve next generations, Ghandi would be proud

    but the real winner here is razer branding and marketers which have crafted people like this.

    Coming from any other brand this would be intolerable.
  20. NitramVonagard

    NitramVonagard Active Member

    No, not really. The issue with the iPhone 6 PLUS bending in your pocket? Still people buy it by the boatload...
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