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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by technokat, Nov 9, 2014.

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  1. d3nnis

    d3nnis Member

    quality is another problem. just got mine before noon and wear it for like 2-3 hours already show sign of normal wear beside the screen and inner ring.

    XxZIOIMIBIExX Active Member

    ill agree with this, mine was BEAT UP after its first day of use.....
  3. d3nnis

    d3nnis Member

    you wont notice the quality with a glance, just when u take a better look on the inner ring its look like some cheap plastic and rubber. And the 1st thought that came in mind is probably 'made in china' lol
  4. See if the gesture control is activated in the Nabu app
  5. anyeth06

    anyeth06 New Member

    i don't know if its normal and i did not found any settings for this but when i received a sms, it does not show it completely on the screen juste some part of the word, and at the end 3 little dot to say that the sms is longer when it get to the second line. and i don't received long text sms.

    plz forgive me my bad English writing. thx.
  6. It's just shows the preview and not full message.
  7. anyeth06

    anyeth06 New Member

    Ok thank you for the info.
  8. Elunduil

    Elunduil New Member

    Alright so I kinda figured out that once my nabu get's below 85% it will turn itself off. I'm not sure if it's a bug or if it's the nabu itself.

    XxZIOIMIBIExX Active Member

  10. Wammy39

    Wammy39 New Member

    i have not really had much of a problem with it. but every so often it will disconnect from Bluetooth and is a pain to reconnect. i don't know if its a problem with my phone or the nabu. and then theirs the shake to dismiss the notifications, its a little touchy, like half the time it will attempt to do the nabu handshake instead of dismissing them. but these are the only things i have seen after using it all day. no wear and tear seen yet. but then again its only been one day.
  11. Wammy39

    Wammy39 New Member

    Taking it off and putting it back on scares me cause i dont know what inside is bending as a result of the band flexing to be put on/off. anyone else concerned about this too?
  12. Destrok

    Destrok Well-Known Member

    Take it on and off the same way you would a bracelet or bangle with no opening. Just slide it over your hand instead of just pulling it off your wrist perpendicularly. You can even remove the metal clasp to make more room. I have been doing it this way for months with no issue.
  13. aeroSAPPHIRESand038

    aeroSAPPHIRESand038 New Member

    Interesting - I've been surprised at how good mine has held up so far.

    It's been almost a week, but I've taken it through 4 gym sessions, and ~6 miles of running. I don't have any noticeable scratches or damage.

    The first gym session it was rubbing up against a dumbbell, and I thought surely it would rub some plastic off. Still looks great so far.

    I'll keep an eye out for any damage, though.
  14. Destrok

    Destrok Well-Known Member

    I have had absolutely no issue with mine at the gym. I have been taking mine to the gym for months now, the only issue I had with damaging it was sleeping on it. My tossing and turning and lying on it are the only things that have had an impact on my Nabu so far.
  15. sleekBeaverbyte112

    sleekBeaverbyte112 Active Member

    I feel like it opens less pulling it perpendicularly off my wrist than trying to finagle it off my hand like a bangle or bracelet. I also don't really want to have to remove the clip every time I take it off.

    Otherwise, so far mine has been fine through daily use and sleeping. No scratches or signs of wear (this is Day 3). Haven't been to the gym with it yet, though.
  16. Destrok

    Destrok Well-Known Member

    I don't have to remove the clip at all, just putting it out there. And I have had your method directly result in the image halfway up this page. But if it works for you it works for you. Maybe my hands and wrist are different proportionally from yours. While it may open up a little less it seems to place more stress in a concentrated area as opposed to the whole band stretching a bit. Which is why I do it like a bangle and have not had an issue since.
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2014
  17. sleekBeaverbyte112

    sleekBeaverbyte112 Active Member

    Given your picture, I think I'll go with the bangle method now lol. The whole thing just feels stiff and I'm afraid of breaking it at the joint in the middle.
  18. Destrok

    Destrok Well-Known Member

    I tagged a few of the staff in a post and asked them to do a Razer 101 video on proper Nabu wear and care. Hopefully they will do something like that soon. The bangle method has worked for me for a few months, but if you're not comfortable with it do what works for you.

    And it is natural to be really cautious and paranoid at first. It's your new baby, but eventually you will sling it off like its nothing whenever you need to, haha.

    XxZIOIMIBIExX Active Member

    After I updated my moto 360's firmware last night, my nabu will not sync its fitness stats with nabu fitness app. I have not the feigntest clue as to why ( did a FULL reset, unpaired nabu from phone, and reset it nothing....), but this is what happened to me last night, and what's happening this morning....im really despising how crappy the nabus firmware, and software is.......like honestly. Decent product, just horrendous software, and plagued with bugs......I think I'll stick to my moto 360, and be retiring my nabu early, thing is just NOT ready for fulltime use.

    It'll sit in its fancy box until Razer decides to put in some serious effort.

    It doesn't do any of the things properly I bought it for, that is SAYS on the box.......but my moto 360 does it ALL flawlessly.....and with the new lollipop android wear system update last night, I can use sleep as android at night and it doesn't drain the entire battery. I see no reason for me to even glance at my nabu for a looong time.

    Love Razer and always will, but this needs so much more work put in, why use a poor fitness tracker when I've got a perfectly good one on my left wrist.

    I'm just disappointed is all

    Edit: ohh keep forgetting to put this, the distance tracking for the nabu is hella off, my walk to work in the morning is 1.4 km and nabu always says its 2.2 , and for the record, my moto always says 1.6 when i get to work, so its bang on, serious miscalculations going on there.....
    Last edited: Dec 12, 2014
  20. Vadagun

    Vadagun New Member

    I'm having problems with the app data not loading on my phone. I woke up at 7:30 am today, and according to the app I haven't slept at all. I also made sure to put it in sleep mode before i went to sleep, and took it out when i woke up this morning.The nabu show's that I have taken 486 steps, the app still sits at 0. Everything else it is suppose to keep track of is the same way. Yesterday it stopped at around 3500 steps on my phone, and by the time I finished work I was up over 7k on the nabu. But never it never logged it. I tried closing both app's completely on my iphone a few times. Would open the nabu app up first since it comes up saying it's pairing when opening, and then the fitness app second. But it would never update.
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