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Razer Suppot not answering in weeks... RMA required because of broken microphone and webcam on RB15

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by NoNameTag, Aug 10, 2020.

  1. NoNameTag

    NoNameTag New Member

    I am writing back and forth with razer Suppot for months now...
    Wanted to RMA my RB15 because the microphone (I think it is he soundcard rather then the mic itself, because every other connected input device has feedback issues is is way to quiet) any my webcam broke.
    This makes it unusable for any voice or video buissness calls which became very important in these Covid-19 times!
    I did a system reset and ensured it was no problem software side or with my connected hardware.

    I got to the point where support asked me for all my details and wrote they would reply to me in 48 buissness hours...
    over a week had gone by and I still didn't recieve any reply.

    I contacted support again and was asked a SECOND time for the details I just mailed them, I've mailed them again and since then nothing has happend... (nearly 2 weeks ago)

    I emailed again but there wasn't even an automated reply that support even received my mails.

    I now opened an RMA ticket a couple of days ago which also is not getting any response.
    I feel like Razer Support is actively avoiding me so my warranty will run out or something?!

    I really don't know what to do and would like my laptop to be finally working again :slightly_sad:
  2. DubzNScrubz

    DubzNScrubz New Member

    Welcome to the CULT of Razer....

    I'm dealing with the same thing with my 2019 Razer Blade Advanced. I purchased the system October 2019. I emailed and had tickets for issues with this damn thing in Nov 19, Feb 20, March 20, April 20. It took me getting the Better Business Bureau involved for Razer to FINALLY agree to RMA the damn thing. April 28th they replaced it after 2 weeks of them having my old laptop.

    Now, upon arrival the "new" refurb had the exact same issue as the previous model. I called support and informed them it was still broke and they set up a time to call me back and just didn't. I gave up at that point. I informed the BBB and just started working to fix the issue myself. Ultimately I found a work-around to my original issue myself and let it go and finally got to enjoy my laptop - nearly 7 months after purchasing it!

    I went all of May, June and July with zero issues! The LONGEST period of use this stupid thing has ever had. Until now.

    Now I'm running out of SSD space. I've purchased 3 different model 2tb m.2 drives and the system keeps "losing" the nvme. I'll close the lid for a quick bite to eat or a quick bathroom break, come right back to working and the system opens right up into the BIOS. No Drive Detected.

    3 different drives! Cheap Sabrent, cheaper XPG, and pricey Samsung EVO plus. All drives get the same thing. The laptop is not well.

    Razer support told me Tuesday of THIS WEEK I'd get a brand new replacement system. I confirmed my address just like you say you did. Since then - COMPLETE RADIO SILENCE.

    I've emailed twice about some of the steps I've taken, such as trying different drives, reformatting etc.. No response. Yesterday I even called support and they guy put me on hold FOREVER to read all the notes, and got back on the phone and said "You'll receive an email in a few hours with details."


    Today I tried to chat with someone and the support site doesn't even appear to have chat as an option. The phone number gives me a message telling me to call back later. And now the entire friggin' website for support isn't working.

    This company sucks. Their products are pretty, but ultimately - they suck too.
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