Razer Surround 2.0 Crackling Noise After Windows Update 20H2

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by WoonooW, Jan 27, 2021.

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  1. WoonooW

    WoonooW New Member

    This post is just to inquire about the problem discussed in this post.

    Summary of the issue is that when the Windows 20H2 update is installed, Razer Surround 2.0 (from the legacy Razer Synapse) will have some kind of crackling, sound doubling noise. It happens constantly and makes it impossible to use. The post linked above shared that running Bluestacks is a workaround for the issue.

    Just posting this here to maybe get the attention of a support member that can help or pass this on to someone that can fix the issue.

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  2. nialce

    nialce New Member

    Thanks for making this thread!
    Currently having the same problem when I did the new update from windows.
    Ived tryed all of the fixes that I could think off. But none did work only the one thats involves opening bluestack.
    But thats not really a solution to use a random background program to let it fully function.
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  3. LatexPlague

    LatexPlague New Member

    I have had this issue too over the last couple of weeks, my kraken pro's will work fine and then all of a sudden Massive ear rape as the sound goes so loud and crackled and has almost blown my eardrums clean out of my damn skull, only way i have found to stop it is to stop the program you are running quickly or rip your headphones off of your head Quickly before they do some real damage to your hearing.
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