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Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by urbanGreenSheendepot099, Jan 5, 2018.

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  1. I started using Razer Surround about 3 days ago. Everything worked fine until today. Suddenly all my audio devices are listed as "unsupported device" and i cannot select them.


    Anybody else having this problem?
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  2. TecnoPollo

    TecnoPollo New Member

    same problem ,whats wrong razer.
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  3. RazerBoii28

    RazerBoii28 Member

    Razer started to have problems with Razer Synapse and Cortex about 2 days ago. Maybe they are having the same issues with Razer surround. I'm pretty sure Razer chat support would be happy to help you with this. I know that if it's the same problem as Synapse and Cortex, they've ask for about 3-4 days to repair the issue.
  4. JustPhill

    JustPhill New Member

    Same for me. Can someone help pls?
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  5. RazerBoii28

    RazerBoii28 Member

    I repeat, if it's the same problem as mentioned in RED above the forum, it is getting fix as we speech. Otherwise, you can go on talk with the live chat support and I'm sure they will be more than happy to help you with your issue.

    Follow this link for direct access to the live chat support and the fifth one is the software support :
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  6. Same here, After Win10 update for fixing the CPU issues, The Razer Surround no longer works.
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  7. NanoHorizon

    NanoHorizon New Member

    I have the same issue. I thought I was crazy, and was pretty much about to refactor my whole PC as per major driver corruption or something haha. Uninstalled Synapse and Surround until I get a reply back from support.

    RazerBoii28, I agree it could be related to the pinned thread post but I don't see a problem with users reaching out for a specific issue with an add-on that wasn't mentioned in the linked post.
  8. Thanks for the anwsers. I guess I will wait until they fix the announced problems and if it still occurs to me, I will contact the live support
  9. MaorRazer

    MaorRazer New Member

    same problem with me, worked fine until now.
    I would say couple of days until it will be fixed.
  10. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

  11. wouw ami tampoco no me funcion me funcionaba ahora me sale no compatible espero que se solucione nose si a ustedes se les areglo.

    [QUOTE = "urbanGreenSheendepot099, post: 410582, member: 686443"] Empecé a utilizar Razer Surround hace aproximadamente 3 días. Todo funcionó bien hasta hoy. De repente, todos mis dispositivos de audio aparecen como "dispositivo no compatible" y no puedo seleccionarlos.


    ¿Alguien más tiene este problema? [/ QUOTE]
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  12. Same problem as OP. All my audio interfaces are grayed out, and when i turn surround sound off it says Surround Sound is off: playing through RealTek Audio" when i turn it on it just says "Surround sound playing through: "
  13. JustPhill

    JustPhill New Member

    I decided not to wait and just reinstalled Windows. Surprisingly, it worked for me
  14. StLWarLord

    StLWarLord New Member

    Same issue. I made a report with the support team yesterday morning. Did a lot of trouble shooting all for nothing. I want my sound back. Sounds so much better with it on.
  15. Lunatic22

    Lunatic22 New Member

    In my case it's the oposite. I reinstalled windows yesterday (not because of Razer, but rather to just clean my PC) and with a fresh windows 10 install Surround is not appearing on Synapse for me.
  16. Slager

    Slager New Member

    Same problem here i got so mad i thought that it's something with my drivers or that i have some virus so i formated my PC like twice and it still didn't work but i finally found this post thank god... i don't know why there wasn't an email or some sort of information in the razer synapse itself...

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  17. adinkelz

    adinkelz New Member

    Got the issue with Razer Surround saying my devices are unsupported aswell.. cant wait for a fix, audio quality now blows my mind.
  18. JustPhill

    JustPhill New Member

    So I figured out, that the problem is because of latest Win 10 update which fixes some CPU vulnerability, so if you want your surround working, you have to delete this patch.
  19. adinkelz

    adinkelz New Member

    How to unpatch it? lol
  20. IGNSicarius

    IGNSicarius New Member

    The issue that I'm having with Razer Surround is that its not showing on my Synapse 2.21 as it did before.
    In addition, I can't seem to reinstall it as well. A little help would be appreciated :frown_:.

    Razer Surround Not Working.PNG Razer Surround Not Working 1.0.PNG
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