Razer Synapse 2.0 on macOS High Sierra issue

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by RADIUMU92-SSBPLASMA, Feb 6, 2018.



    I had recently updated my razer synapse program for my mac, and about a day after, the application would open but it wouldn't load my configurations for my razer devices. It would only show the green buffering circle and I left like this for about a hour, and still nothing load4ed. If anyone can give me some help with this issue, it would be much appreciated. Thank you.
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  2. franctastic

    franctastic Member

    With the latest update of macOS to 10.13.4 beta (17E150g), Synapse has stopped working!
    Do not update!
    I uninstalled Synapse, reinstalled Synapse, and it’s NOT RUNNED!



    a disaster!

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  3. I had the same problem on the last major beta test.
    What we got to remember is that Mac OS 10.13.4 is a beta, and most software developers will not release their updated software until a full OS (stable) is released.
    Other wise they will be pouring resources in to an OS that might go through several changes of it's beta cycle, and having to rewrite things all the time.
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  4. kilomonk

    kilomonk New Member

    I have a week old Death Adder Elite that I was very happy with until now. Same issue here with last update10.13.4 Beta (17E150g). Can't easily roll these back. Now just a regular mouse. Side buttons no longer function and app won't open to allow configuration. Maybe Razer will bring Synapse 3 to mac?

    Meanwhile, any workaround?

    Using an older Macbook Pro, so I need every advantage...
  5. kilomonk

    kilomonk New Member

    I sent a bug report to Apple.
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  6. franctastic

    franctastic Member

    It's a beta, but it's already version 4

    Razer has the problem with Apple device users, not Apple with its macOS.

    To me, personally, Synapse gives me a lot of problems, and I am in permanent contact with the technical service of Razer....

  7. franctastic

    franctastic Member

    opens Activity Monitor, force quit RzDeviceEngine and reopens Synapse, until your profile is loaded (not always working the first time)

    there are more alternatives, but this way is simple

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  8. franctastic

    franctastic Member

    Deshabilitar Synapse para cargar al inicio con Lingon X


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  9. franctastic

    franctastic Member

    hahahahaha :confused_:
    no :mad_:
  10. glig69

    glig69 New Member

    Why the heck does the RzDeviceEngine process need 2GB memory on my iMac? For a mouse driver? Come on, this is nonsense Razer. Look at your ActivityMonitor next time, and you'll be amazed.
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  11. franctastic

    franctastic Member

    for when the update for macOS High Sierra?

    Synapse 1.82 does not work with the latest macOS High Sierra version


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  12. NewCarhithome256

    NewCarhithome256 New Member

    New Macbook Pro 13inch, installed the software for Razer Naga Molten and when I left click on link in browser it opens the link in new tab, when I left click on the tab, it closes it.
  13. franctastic

    franctastic Member

    in terminal, either of the two options works.

    killall RzDeviceEngine
    killall RzUpdater

    I have created a APP to close the two Synapse processes

  14. franctastic

    franctastic Member

    Hello, Razer developers.
    in case you guys haven't been paying attention, Apple has uploaded today (February 21) the latest update of macOS High Sierra to version 10.13.4

    Synapse still doesn't work...

    for when the required update of Synapse?
    Synapse version 1.82 causes a lot of crashes, problems and errors
    I haven't used Synapse since two weeks!

    I'm indignant at Razer.

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  15. Zorn_

    Zorn_ Active Member

    Same here, not able to even run Synapse.
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  16. franctastic

    franctastic Member

    hello developers, need help updating Synapse?


    the Synapse Problems affect me a lot in my work.

    THX in advance
  17. Anyone found a solution yet?
  18. sebastar

    sebastar New Member

    For me it was even worse... I installed the "Razer_Synapse_Mac_Driver_v1.82.dmg" on my mac and after a reboot, my computer would not even finish booting. I had to go to an apple store and hopefully they manage to kill the drivers and start my computer again.
    Please let me know when a driver make it possible to use my tartarus Chroma to play... for now I'm just looking at it unable to use it...
  19. Bosuil

    Bosuil New Member

    Synapse for Mac, sucks big time
  20. msymms

    msymms New Member

    Yep, tried to install it last night. Now my Mac running released High Sierra will not boot. Could not even get it to boot in safe mode. Will try a recovery tonight. This is ridiculous.
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