Razer Synapse 3 THX Spatial Sound Mixer/EQ Problem

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by KeyShr3kt, Dec 26, 2020.


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  1. KeyShr3kt

    KeyShr3kt New Member

    Hi there, guys!
    Lately I've been struggling with a problem that pissed me so much that I was closely going to get crazy.
    As some of you started threads about this problem, the fact that sometimes apps don't show in the THX Spatial Sound Mixer and don't let you modify the output to "surround" or something else is very anoying.
    Folks here replied that a system restore solved their problems, but that's a painful method for some users because they don't want to do any changes to the OS. That was my intention, too.
    So, not making it any longer, with the headphones connected to the PC, I opened device manager, I went to "Audio inputs and outputs" and I uninstalled every output device from Razer (I own a pair of Razer Nari Essential, so I uninstalled all "Razer Nari Essential" and all "THX Spatial - Synapse", as shown in the photo), I unplugged the USB Adapter (if you have wired headphones, I think you should just unplug the headphones) and I connected it again to the computer. After that, when I opened Synapse I was glad to see all my running apps listed here and to be able to set up the output type.
    Hope I was not unclear and if so, just ask me anything.
    Game on!

    P.S. 1 : In device manager, uninstall just the speakers, not the microphone as it is not necessary at all.
    P.S. 2 : I really hope this works with the non-functioning EQ. If it does, just leave a comment, let other users know. I didn't encounter such problem 'til now.

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  2. FrantikJay

    FrantikJay New Member

    thank you very much it worked. nothing else has.
  3. Drummah

    Drummah New Member

    I've been going crazy with this product. Has this solution worked indefinitely so far for you or has the problem come back? I've reinstalled this app cleanly and the drivers probably 10x since my purchase. It'll work fine for a time, but then the mixer tab in Synapse 3 will just become unresponsive again and all the apps will be greyed out. It typically happens when I exit one app before opening another one. It's like synapse glitches out and doesn't communicate properly with Windows 10.

    I tried your solution and it's working as of now, I just hope it doesn't start in again. I'll tell you, I'm about two seconds from going for the hyper x revolver s headset as I've grown absolutely sick of monitoring the mixer tab in Synapse 3. I've been a razer customer for about a decade, never again. Your forced to use their software that's officially been still in beta for years now and their support runs you around in circles for weeks, I'm not kidding, weeks. It's disgusting.

    Update: Problem came back. It always is random. I can switch games and it'll work fine and the new app will become highlighted, but then I can switch to a different game and everything will become greyed out. I'm so fed up with this company and this product. They flagship this thx spatial audio and the app you need to use it doesn't even work properly.
    Last edited: Dec 31, 2020
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  4. KeyShr3kt

    KeyShr3kt New Member

    Fun fact: I didn't use the computer for some days and after I came back home and started some music I realised that not just the App Mixer doesn't work, but the whole settings (except those for the mic), including the one mentioned before, the EQ, the modifiers (idk how to name them, just uninstalled Synapse) like bass boost and the rest. It is so anoying and that makes me think of switching to competition's products.
    Same as you, I've been a Razer customer for a long time; my first good headset was a Razer Kraken WoT Edition, but I switched it because I've used it for so long that they broke - around 3-4 years, and they still work but they look awful, and now I have a full Razer setup with a Naga Hex, Blackwidow Ultimate 2016 and even a Goliathus Speed XL. They all work and perform the best for me, no complaints here, but the software used for the headphones is years back in stability compared to the competition. I am really sad about that, I don't even know what to do now. I really like the feel and the aspect of Nari and especially them being wireless, but I despite so much the fact that I am now constantly opening Synapse not to adjust the settings, but to check that it works fine (and in most cases it doesn't).
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  5. Drummah

    Drummah New Member

    Yes, that's the rest of what happens. Whenever the apps become greyed out, the enhancements cease to work as well. You will still get audio in your games, THX spatial-synapse will still be the "default device" in your sound settings, but the synapse 3 app and any settings you have within it, become unresponsive. You can toggle bass boost, sound normalization, or voice clarity on/off, and nothing changes. You can try to test your microphone with the voice playback, you get nothing.

    It's not just thx, it's the entire app and the only way to fix it is to restart your computer. It is unstable software, it is not on the customer's end, and you know what? I can guarantee more people are experiencing it and just not noticing if they aren't monitoring their synapse 3, because you will still get sound in most cases, but it is definitely not as good as when the thx and synapse 3 are actually working properly. These forums and reddit are filled with people with this same exact issue and I'm talking posts from 1, 2, or even 3 years ago.

    I've used BCUninstaller to cleanly reinstall this app, including the folders and registry that get left behind, I've uninstalled the drivers in device manager, unplugged everything, restarted, downloaded and installed synapse 3, signed in as guest, plugged the peripherals back in, etc. all the insane steps they tell you to do countless times and it'll work for a short time then resort back to the same issues. Then one day I might see synapse 3 has an update, I cross my fingers and update..... It'll work for a day or two, then go right back to the same behavior.
  6. Drummah

    Drummah New Member

    Just an update, I performed a Windows 10 reset as the last resort. I figured this would be the last thing to try before totally giving up. So, fresh Windows 10 install. Downloaded and installed Synapse 3, plugged in my Kraken Ultimate and let the app install the drivers. Crossed my fingers and after about a few minutes of switching between apps, the mixer totally greyed out and I got the "make THX spatial my default playback device" message, even though it already is.

    THAT'S IT, I'M DONE. Razer, you got the last money you're ever going to see from me. I'm not some anomaly, so many others have this same issue and it's been going on for years with exact same posts all over these forums. Whoever codes for your app should be fired. Your tech support pretends they never heard about this issue and they torture the customer with re-install instructions back and forth in emails for weeks. It's an insult to your customers and you should be ashamed of yourselves. I hope others read this and move on from this awful company as I am now doing.
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  7. KeyShr3kt

    KeyShr3kt New Member

    I'm really sad about this. Didn't think it would be such a hassle having these headphones. I am still enduring the same problem just because I have no other option, maybe I'll sell them later and buy another wireless pair but not by Razer.
    And the worst part for me is that I kinda loved Razer products. Their aspect, their feel, I don't know but they were so good for me. It is what it is...their loss, not mine, I can switch to any pair I want to, they lost a customer.
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  8. FrantikJay

    FrantikJay New Member

    wow website is preventing me from posting anything. looping at checking browser, anyways like everyone else, this worked then stopped working when i reset my PC. the only time it works seem to be when i uninstall synapse. restart PC, disable all audio things that arent the razer headset. then reinstall and DONT TOUCH your profile, since that disables everything as well. then it will stop working eventually. and process must be redone.
  9. FrantikJay

    FrantikJay New Member

    and also could never once get custom modes to work. even if a attached all my games to my profile. they dont show on audio tab. so i have to leave this lovely software determine which audio mode it should be in. and btw games with built in surround options sound much better in their respective settings, then synapse. (ex shadow of the T.R.)
  10. Drummah

    Drummah New Member

    I have a random question, do any of you disable full screen optimizations in the .exe of games you play?
  11. Buggware

    Buggware New Member

    i have the same problem and it's driving me nuts, i will never ever buy a razer product again, they look cool but they don't function as claimed. i will go back to my reliable Logitec.
  12. t0r3x_

    t0r3x_ New Member

  13. Buggware

    Buggware New Member

    that's didn't fix it for me unfortunately, after i uninstall the drivers, uninstall synapse 3 then re-install it, the audio mixer works for a while, then stops working, i did this process more than 10 times and am tired of it.
    do you know any other fixes, if yes please help, am really frustrated by this thing and razer support chat isn't working for me!
  14. Drummah

    Drummah New Member

    I don't know why the mixer even exists to begin with. I have the kraken ultimates and there's a switch on the back left earcup that toggles thx, so why do I need a severely buggy, and tedious-to-use mixer tab that lets me toggle stereo and surround for each individual app?

    All that really matters to me is the EQ and the enhancements tab. When the mixer glitches out, then the EQ and enhancements go along with it.

    For whatever reason, the mixer does not communicate reliably with the opening and closing of apps. Sometimes it works, other times it'll hang and become unresponsive. It's actually tormenting due to there being no rhyme or reason to duplicate the issue, it's almost completely random, which causes the user to constantly monitor their mixer with fingers crossed every time they switch apps.

    The support will have you repeat the same troubleshooting that you already did 10x over only further adding to your aggravation. They'll then "escalate" your issue to a "higher tier" agent falsely convincing you that you're making progress. Then the new agent will, sadly enough, have you run literally the same exact troubleshooting steps over again. It's unbelievable how psychotic it is and I couldn't help but think I was being next-level trolled.

    The bottom line is, I think they know damn well this is a huge issue with their app. They won't admit it because that means endless RMA's and/or refunds and they can't figure out how to fix it. That's why Synapse, the app that every Razer customer needs to use to run their peripherals, has been in beta since it's release 3 or so years ago. "Beta" is the disclaimer, which basically is them telling you: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  15. Buggware

    Buggware New Member

    i agree with you 100%, ... for me the mixer is very important because it allows me to toggle THX competetive mode in games instead of stereo or surround sound which to be fair is extremely good. unfortunately their software/driver is extremly random and buggy, i will have to ask for a refund, am done with this trash product, worst experience i have ever had with a tech product.

    i hope they change their slogan to { For Gamers, By engineers } and start making good software and have a better support service.
  16. msevket

    msevket New Member

    Hello how are you. Even though I reset Windows, it still doesn't work for me. How did you solve it?
  17. Drummah

    Drummah New Member

    Regarding the mixer tab suddenly greying out all apps or having the message to make THX spatial-synapse your default playback device (even though it is already), we haven't solved it.
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  18. specwolf82

    specwolf82 New Member

    yeah, razer's software is horrible ... im using the blackshark V2's and while the sound is amazing.. theres like 7-8 processes bound to razer running in the back ground and even with 32GIG ddr4 3200, it causes issues
  19. specwolf82

    specwolf82 New Member

    yup, and theres like 6-8 processes running in the background that causes issues... I have 3 weeks to reutn my blacksharks ... I really dont want to.. cause when it works IT WORKS... but thats few and far in between... such amazing hardware coupled with dogsh*t software...so unfortunate
  20. Buggware

    Buggware New Member

    there are many better headsets out there, i only picked razer for the style and i regret it. i already bought another headset.
    you can always return it and get some good sounding headset from logitec or turtle beach and couple it with a better surround sound software that actually works like dolby atmos+voicemeter banana for the EQ and tweaking for example. you will get far better surround sound and mic quality
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