razer synapse uninstall but still menubar

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razer synapse uninstall

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  1. I use macbookpro 2015 early

    razer synapse3 doesn't support by bigsor.

    so, I install razer synapes2 2day ago.
    but any doesn't work.
    after that, I try the uninstall, remain menu bar.
    can I how to remove menu bar in synapse?
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    https://freemacsoft.net/appcleaner/ This software will help discover lingering pieces of the software and delete them. drag and drop. You may have to open the preferences of the software to disable "protect open apps" to delete the menu bar option.

    Places to look for Razer software are:

    I don't remember the exact paths but something like that. The files will start with RZ in the /Library/ApplicationSupport/ and /Library/FrameWorks/ folders. Drag those into the software I linked above and it will remove most of it.

    After, restart the mac and the menu bar for Razer should go away.
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