razer tartarus and hand size?

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by kafkazor, May 8, 2018.

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  1. kafkazor

    kafkazor New Member

    hello there. i'm interested in getting either a tartarus chroma or a tartarus v2 but i am worried about my hand size. my hand is 18cm long and 8cm wide (with my fingers altogether). could someone who owns one of the tartaruses tell me if it feels big or small, and tell me their hand size too?
    many thanks.
  2. noodle_dude

    noodle_dude Member

    Tartarus V2

    ▪ Length: 150 mm / 5.90 in
    ▪ Height: 203 mm / 7.99 in
    ▪ Depth: 59.6 mm / 2.34 in
    ▪ Weight: 340 g / 0.749 lbs

    Tartarus Chroma

     Width 153mm / 6.03"
     Height 186mm / 7.32"
     Depth 54.8mm /2.16"
     Weight 283g / 0.62lbs

    That's on the manual.

    VAPORSLAV New Member

    Look at it this way, I'm a small 12 Year old boy, and my hand fits just a tad bit too small. However it is still very, very functional given how ergonomic and comfortable it is. So unless you have T-Rex Arms, or you have Semi-Truck Exhaust pipes for arms, you should be fine.
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