Razer Tartarus Pro Primary Actuation Point Modifier Affects Secondary Actuation Point

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by PitBrat, Oct 18, 2020.

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  1. PitBrat

    PitBrat New Member

    I want to use the movement keys on the Razer Tartarus Pro to walk on the primary actuation point and run on the secondary actuation point.

    When I set the primary actuation point to "SHIFT+w" and the secondary actuation point to "w", the SHIFT modifier still affects the secondary actuation point. Both points produce a capital "W".

    Is there any way to make the primary actuation point produce "SHIFT+w" and the secondary actuation point produce only "w" without the SHIFT modifier?

    I've fiddled with the keyboard function settings: Key Recording, Alphanumeric + Include Modifier(s), and Enable Turbo. They all produce the same results, the secondary actuation point includes the modifier applied to the primary actuation point.
  2. pgpix.nagual

    pgpix.nagual New Member

    Not AFAIK. Kinda negate whole concept of 2 functions on same keystroke, whatever you do it will first register primary then secondary if u go all the way down. Frustrating...
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