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Razer Tartarus V1 "Alt" and "Spacebar" Not Working.

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by QUARTZCocoaBrownfront233, Aug 5, 2020.

  1. Hello there,

    I have a Razer Tartarus V1 product. It has no deformation and problems. However, the "bottom" and "spacebar" keys under the dpad do not work. I was using it today. Then its use stopped. I installed it on another computer. I had the same problem. The next day, this problem resolved. It doesn't work again today. Please can you help?

    Best regards,
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  2. Probably broken inside, because of the weak design.
    You can find many according messages here or in other forums.
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  3. You say there's a fracture from the inside. The product has never been deformed. As if it had just been bought. Working space key today. But I know it won't work again tomorrow. Thank you for my advice.
  4. Still looks like a broken contact. These device break sometimes after only one month. May be, tapping these side buttons a bit harder, than the others. They have a weak design. So it's seems to be a loose contact, because of a little break.
  5. 2-3 gün çalıştı. Hala bugün çalışmıyor. Sadece masamın üzerinde duruyor. Ben asla kullanmam. Yalnızca bilgisayara bağlıdır. Hiç dokunmuyorum ama bir gün çalışıyor, bir gün çalışmıyor. Ben ne yapacağım bilmiyorum.
  6. If you have guarantee, return the device.
    If not, accept not using the keys, or throw away, and buy better quality products,
  7. [QUOTE = "aeroDarkJungleGreen316, gönderi: 609681, üye: 896623"] Garantiniz varsa cihazı iade edin.
    Değilse, anahtarları kullanmamayı kabul edin veya atın ve daha kaliteli ürünler satın alın [/ QUOTE]
    garanti yok. Photoshop için kullanıyorum. Bundan daha iyi bir marka bulamadım.
  8. If you don`t need a joystick, you will have many better options.
    Look für GameSir keypad, solid working fine ...
  9. I'll look. Thank you very much.
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