Razer Tartarus V2 controller D-pad sticking / glitch

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by cpoChiD, Dec 10, 2020.

  1. Birkinator

    Birkinator New Member

    Hey Guys!

    Tartarus v2, Naga Trinity, Black widow chrome v2, and Nari Ultimate running on Synapse 3.6.1130(most recent update for me)

    Spent a while reading through this post trying to get my sticky keys issue to stop, and no dice. What I've observed is it seems to happen when I'm holding down a key on the Naga Trin('=' for discord push to talk) while moving in game(WSAD) on the Tartarus. Tried changing the push to talk keybind to other innocuous keys like the ' and \ keys, but experienced the same issue.

    I haven't tried the 3rd party app mentioned(reWSAD i think), but may have to give it a try. Have been dealing with the issue, like many of yall, since the Tartarus was purchased. I can't recall the issue occurring on my old Orbweaver.

    I hope this helps with the tshooting Razer!
  2. Crixus139

    Crixus139 New Member

    Hi All, I purchased my original Tartarus V2 Mecha-Membrane back in 2017. Served me extremely well but is now looking very tired. 12 months ago I bought the latest version as a replacement. Lo and behold, this had the sticky key issue! Right where I map WASD (08, 12, 13,14). I tried getting a replacement but same issue. Obviously nothing wrong with the hardware so must be the software I guess. I did try a few hacks, such as recreate my Razer Synapsis profile but no luck. I have quite a few other Razer peripherals so using 3rd party software is very undesirable.

    12 months on and again I am still very keen to replace/ update my keypad! Not much appears to have changed or come out to market since. Is it at all worth me taking a punt on the Tartarus "Pro" edition? Or am I all but guaranteed to have the same sticky keys issue as it's same generation as the Mecha-Membrane models I had to sent back last year?

    Fascinating that my original Tartarus Mecha-Membrane from 2017 performs flawlessly but the recent edition appears so broke..

  3. WhoPickedThis

    WhoPickedThis New Member

    I have the naga trinity and the tartarus v2, both of them still get the stuck key / multiple entry bug. Also, occasionally, my sensitivity will spike to ridiculous levels for absolutely no reason.

    The second I have another gamepad option with a thumbstick I'm gonna drop all my razer stuff like the steaming pile it has turned out to be. Tartarus v1 was excellent, synapse is garbage.

    Edit: naga trinity not naga pro.
  4. Tepakot

    Tepakot New Member

    Sorry for the google translator.
    I want to tell my story. I don't play much. I should really like the game. Therefore, a very small sample provided an interesting observation. I play one game for a very long time. Full immersion (six hundred hours in the Starbase ship editor).
    I have been using Tartarus V2 Chroma for one year. I bought it for Elite Dungerous. I have looked now my libraries on Steam, Epic and Gog and could not find what else I played this year.
    Later I gave up Elite and started playing Starbase. I didn't have any sticky buttons. I only learned about this from reviews. I wanted to give myself the Pro version for the new year.
    Reviews have discouraged me. Pulled the loud springs out of the V2 and was pleased. And gave myself The Riftbreaker and almost abandoned Starbase (this is important).
    Then I reinstalled Windows and the problems started. I was shocked. Horrified. I enjoyed sticking to the fullest. I scolded Razer. Clean operating system. All advice to fix the problem is nonsense.
    Before that, everything worked. Reinstalled the system and everything broke. Clean up the registry? Seriously? I was angry.
    Then, I noticed that WASD does not work well in Riftbreaker. This is important for 2.5D. I couldn't run diagonally. Often I could not even move straight the first time. It interested me. I remembered that I ran Starbase for a short time and there were no problems.
    Today I spent two hours in the Starbase ship editor and not a single stuck. Compared to the horror in Riftbreaker. If 99% of games are sticky, why does Starbase work fine? Is this the secret? Application work with the keyboard.
    I'll have some tea and try Cyberpunk 2077. I'll write the result later.
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  5. Tepakot

    Tepakot New Member

    No problem in Cyberpunk 2077.
  6. Pullblox

    Pullblox New Member

    Good afternoon. I ordered Tartatus Pro and are interested in analog switches. Do they work as promised by the manufacturer, or are you not using pressure?
  7. Tepakot

    Tepakot New Member

    I am using Tartarus V2 Chroma. But I've read reviews of the Pro version. You won't be able to use buttons like little joysticks. Very short stroke. And the buttons are very easy to press. They are triggered by touch. And I love when the hand is on the buttons.
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  8. FalcoMicky

    FalcoMicky New Member

    I bought mine about a week or 2 ago from Amazon. started having this problem just a few hours out of the box...

    Have tried the fixes suggested in this thread but no luck, so I've opened a support ticket to see if anyone can help.

    Been using it for FF XIV and its great in terms of key mapping, but its pretty annoying to die due to the input sticking down and not being able to control my movement, especially since the pad is brand new...

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated
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