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Razer Themed Cursor Set! (Green / Classic Blue / Chroma)

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by Haltus Kain, Nov 15, 2014.

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  1. TVPuddie

    TVPuddie Member

    Just another person here to Thank You and to let you know you did an Amazing Job! (Y)
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  2. DawsonJr

    DawsonJr Active Member


    Lol! Here's hoping my above post actually generates some positive results for your thread, and doesn't result in something bad. Honestly, I did that more-so with the hope that this gets endorsed because I really, truly feel like this should be in the downloads section of the Razer site - if not this specifically, then at least their own official version! Though, truth be told, I can't see why they wouldn't just endorse this, seeing as it's all finished and good to use. Obviously, for legal reasons, they would probably want a (team of) coder(s) to verify it and make sure it's safe, but I'm guessing that shouldn't take too long for anyone really skilled in the area to do.

    By the way, I should mention that I have finally received a reply to that general inquiry. Unfortunately, nothing really came of it, as it seemingly went to Razer's tech support. I'm not quite sure what happened - when I was using the online form, I did go through the general inquiry one. Oh well, I'll attempt to submit it again and hope it goes through the right department this time, lol! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


  3. Swingys

    Swingys Member

    Has anyone figured out how to get all the chroma icons working yet lol? :D
  4. TotallyJet999

    TotallyJet999 New Member

    Awesome job at making these cursors! I love them! I'm going to be using them for a very long time. This is so cool! Amazing work once again and I look forward to what you have next! That is of course if you want to. :):D
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  5. HaltusKain

    HaltusKain Well-Known Member

    Are you able to get any of them working? The issue most are having is that after you set the first 5 or so, it just kind of stops, and so far we haven't found a solution to that other than to prioritize the chroma ones for the most-used cursors, and when it craps out, switch to the green ones.

    I wasn't planning on doing another set, but if there's something you're hoping for, I'm open to suggestions.

    Just understand that while the Razer ones turned out pretty well, that was my very first set, so I'm a noob at this - no guarantee that what you want will actually be within my skill level.
  6. Swingys

    Swingys Member

    yeah got 9 chroma medium ones working atm together, was just wondering if ne1 managed to figure out the restrictions and any bypass lol :D
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  7. thyteq

    thyteq Member

    This is awesome! thanks! :D
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  8. Vestieri

    Vestieri Active Member

    Epic, installing it now! Thanks!
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  9. Dwik31

    Dwik31 New Member

    Awesome work man, I'm using the green ones now :) My entire pc build was inspired by my love for razer, these cursors are just the icing on the cake. Thank You
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  10. Officially, the biggest fan of razer, awesome job man!
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  11. Swimfan

    Swimfan New Member

    Really like this , wish the the regular pointer was a little smaller . The resolution isn't too great . Still love it though thanks
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  12. CRAP! Cant use it in windows 8.1! NOOOOO! :slightly_sad: Oh well.
  13. Dwik31

    Dwik31 New Member

    They work just fine in 8.1, using the instructions posted, just follow them step by step, I'm running windows 8.1 and using the cursors as we speak
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  14. HaltusKain

    HaltusKain Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately, higher resolution comes with larger size, so it's a tradeoff.

    As for a smaller cursor, there's a smaller version of the Normal_Select_Arrow_2 posted on page 3; and instructions on how to customize it in any way you'd like on page 6.

    Hope that helps. :blush:
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  15. xVioletBluefirst601

    xVioletBluefirst601 New Member

    Congrats man, that's a really nice job you did there. Thanks for sharing.
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  16. Non_Ghost

    Non_Ghost Member

    Love The Chroma Effect To It. Thanks For Making This!
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    xBLASPHEMICx Member

    These look pretty nifty. Gonna give them a go.
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  18. 1988fido

    1988fido Member

    Thanks for the awesome cursor themed *.*
    finally I can have my windows in Complete razer theme
    :heart: .

    I did post this on facebook razer page I hope u dont mind
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  19. HaltusKain

    HaltusKain Well-Known Member

    Not at all - Free for any and all to use or modify to their heart's content. :blush:
  20. Richk

    Richk New Member

    Awesome! Just installed them, thank you for this!
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