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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JackLeach1, Oct 14, 2021 at 3:28 AM.

  1. JackLeach1

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    Hi all,

    First time poster. I am looking at upgrading my PC build here in the future.

    I have these Chroma accessories:
    • Razer Huntsman Elite Keyboard
    • Razer Naga Trinity Mouse
    • Razer Goliath Mouse Pad
    I'd like to enable my Build to be 100% Synapse 3 controlled. The options though, I'd thought i'd ask the community for advice.

    I'm looking to add:
    • Case - Either Razer Tomahawk or Razer Edition Lian LI 011-Dynamic
    • AMD Ryzen CPU cooler AM4 socket: Lian Li Galahad 360mm (depending on Top of Tomahawk) 240mm
    • up to 6 Case Fans: Lian Li Bora 120mm, if they work Lian Li Unifan 120
    • RAM: GSkill Trident Neo Z RGB
    Any insight from the community would be great.
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