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Razer Turret for Xbox

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Razer.WolfPack, Dec 19, 2018.

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  1. sniper_shark007

    sniper_shark007 New Member

    it looks really nice
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  2. x3loaded

    x3loaded New Member

    I’ve recently received this product and it’s amazing but after a few days of use (nothing too intense, bit of casual sims 4) the mouse has stopped working completely.

    I’m charging it with the cable and nothing, can’t try another cable either because it has its own ridges on the charger that stop you plugging in standard ones.

    Is there a secret wake from sleep mode google doesn’t know about or have I just got a dud, I have contacted customer support but they mustn’t respond quickly on Bank holidays.

    Cheers for any help.
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  3. sambest99

    sambest99 New Member

    Looks cool but doesn't it raise the whole issue that came up in overwatch on the consoles where blizzard said they did not want people on consoles using mouse and keyboard as it gives them an unfair advantage?
  4. MrDragon3899

    MrDragon3899 New Member

    so no more keyboard for xbox hackeroonies
  5. Shaky_Gamer

    Shaky_Gamer New Member

    Awesome I might need to pick one of these up!
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  6. Nachtmeister666

    Nachtmeister666 New Member

    I'm curious, if this is also available for PS4 or if a future release is planed.

    Best regards
  7. JNolan93

    JNolan93 New Member

    You can actually use this on PS4, but I think the only game that supports Keyboard and Mouse is Fortnite.

    Quick question though to anyone who sees this, I bought one of these 3 weeks ago and it's pretty nice. However I have this issue (and maybe it's just me) where the keys with stabilizers seem to feel...different, like mushier and harder to press. Is this normal for Razer keyboards? It's both shift keys, enter key and backspace key. I've asked Razer but they haven't been able to get back to me yet, I tried to see if it's normal with mechanical keyboards, but I didn't notice it on my brother in law's Cherry MX Blue board or my sister's Cherry MX Brown board. So is it a Razer thing or is my keyboard messed up?
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  8. Nachtmeister666

    Nachtmeister666 New Member

    Nice try then. Thought, it could provide more. So it would be a expensive way to get Keyboard/Mouse connected to your box... nothing which is usefull, cause other Combos could do this for years know.

    The guys from Razor have a too much expensive way these days and I think i wouldn't be able to follow this way much longer. Yeah, the lightshow this things are capable of are impressive, but this is also nothing other vendors could provide cheaper with the same quality. I like the Razor Stuff - really - but from my point of view is there no improvement to choose a Razer again next time...

    Just my 2 Cents
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  9. RooieBiet

    RooieBiet Member

    It looks awesome! :heart:
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  10. Muckrat

    Muckrat New Member

    There goes the Neighborhood. can't wait to get one now
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  11. shankm95

    shankm95 New Member

    Better make the same keyboard for the PlayStation series!
  12. Jaap0162

    Jaap0162 New Member

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  13. GamerSam_1974

    GamerSam_1974 New Member

    Could Razer do it for the PS4 too?
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  14. Milkyuwu

    Milkyuwu New Member

    Add switch choices and Id love this.
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  15. Phildude

    Phildude New Member

    Cool Concept!
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  16. robloxlover2

    robloxlover2 New Member

    lapboards are really cool.
    im glad razer finally made one!
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  17. andriradtya

    andriradtya New Member

    This is lit!
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  18. Ligulas

    Ligulas New Member

    I definitely want this for my collection!
  19. Sweat_Side

    Sweat_Side New Member

    I might get this for my Xbox because I love keyboard and mouse more than controller.
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