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Razer Turret + Naga Epic Chroma Questions

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by Kyomainu, Aug 15, 2016.

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  1. Kyomainu

    Kyomainu New Member

    Hello fellow cult members! I just received my Razer Blade for my birthday (yesterday) and I'm psyched, love the feel, how it's built and how easy it is to play on the go... I was on another gaming laptop for the last ten years (it had CrossFire of 6870 on it so performance wise, I was not that lost). I usually play RPGs, MMOs and Mobas like Bioware's and Blizzard's Games most of all, and League Of Legends.

    I wish to upgrade my old Keyboard/Mouse/Mat set up (you can see what I have in my signature) and I'm leaning toward couch gaming for Solo RPGs like Dragon Age and Mass Effect series, so nothing too hardcore... and I've got my eyes on the Razer Turret and the Razer Naga Epic Chroma...So here are my questions:
    • I know that you can't pair the Turret's Keyboard with any other mouse, but is it still possible to use ONLY the Turret keyboard and USE at the same time a Razer Naga Epic Chroma ?
      • Will one have to be connected on Bluetooth while the other use RF?
      • Or can both use RF without any interference?
      • Reason 1: Because it would be awesome!
      • Reason 2: Because I can stick a Goliathus mat on the right side...
    • Can I use the Turret charging dock to charge the Naga Mouse?
      • If I can't use the same charging dock because of the size, then that's okay, I'll just use a hub to put both charging dock near my TV.
    • Do you have any other suggestion?
      • Solutions from other companies seems to be too bulky for my taste.
      • I'd like to stick with Razer so I can have a seamless experience with Synapse.
    Thank you for reading this! I'll see you next time on the Field of Justice or Simply on Battle.net.
  2. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    I have almost no helpful information I could add to this, except to say that I'm relatively sure that you can't charge any other mouse on the Turret docking station. However, I'm quite interested in what responses you receive. I've been looking for an easy way to play the games from my PC in the living room or in my bedroom for a LONG time, and my biggest hangup is not wanting to sit too close tot he TV due to the normal keyboard/mouse cord length.

    Well, okay, I'm also less than thrilled about the idea of moving my desktop PC to play, but my laptop can play almost anything that my PC can, so at least that would be a moderately easier option if the Turret setup worked out.
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  3. Kyomainu

    Kyomainu New Member

    Thank you for replying.
    I think the best way to know the answer is for me to save up a little bit and do it on my own. Unfortunately, RMA's in Europe are not as flexible as in the US. I'm lucky enough to be in the US for my holidays until the end of August. Maybe I can grab a Turret at the San Francisco Razer Store, and a Naga Chroma Epic when I'm home.

    I wish there was a Razer Store in Paris! I would gladly apply to work there xD
  4. gaykob7

    gaykob7 Well-Known Member

    No thats not possible

    yeah that should work , however I can't really recommend this combination
    the wireless range of the naga epic is not really that great, also the mousepad of the turret is really small, personally I can't use it for anything but games which doesn't require fast input (civilization etc...)

    Honestly if you really want to go for couch gaming where you can spend a couple of hours there is no way around the full couchmaster setup^^ (or a controller)
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  5. Overtask

    Overtask Well-Known Member

    You can use the Turret's Keyboard and a different mouse independently, they should not interfere with each other, you should also note that the mouse that comes with the Turret magnetically attaches to the mousemat on the Turret to stop it from falling off, this will not happen with the Naga so it will slide off just like any other mouse.

    The Naga charging dock and the Turret mouse (Similar to the Orochi in size and design) are designed for mice of different sizes and will not be cross compatible.
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  6. Kyomainu

    Kyomainu New Member

    Thanks guys for answering !
    I'm around 5 meters (16 foot) of the TV, and I think I'm going to use the Turret in conjunction with the Epic Chroma and something akin to a lapdesk like this one below.[​IMG]
    I just wanted to have everything wireless with Razer equipement... I'll still use what I have with my G-Sync 144hz monitor for more demanding gaming sessions like a Raid or a Overwatch Ranking match...

    I'll see you next time on the Field of Justice or simply on Battle.net.
  7. Overtask

    Overtask Well-Known Member

    Clearly with a slot for a tablet so you can browse Insider during an exceedingly boring match:big_grin_:
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