Razer Wildcat vs Xbox One Elite controller

Discussion in 'Console Peripherals' started by masterplo94, Aug 31, 2015.


What will you do?

  1. Buy the Wildcat now

    15 vote(s)
  2. Wait for improvements on the Wildcat or price drop

    21 vote(s)
  3. Buy the Xbox One Elite controller

    25 vote(s)
  4. Stick with the standard controller

    5 vote(s)
  5. Other

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  1. masterplo94

    masterplo94 Active Member

    I agree, if it were $100 I would pick one up without a doubt.
  2. haloboi

    haloboi Active Member

    Honestly I think its gonna end up being the Xbox Elite. The Wildcat hasnt posted a shipping date yet and might miss the Oct. deadline seeing as how we are half way into the month and there is no date. Xbox Elite comes out Oct. 27 coinciding with Halo 5 and has a companion app for xbox one and windows 10. In addition it is also wireless and high quality steel.
  3. masterplo94

    masterplo94 Active Member

    I definitely agree, Razer should have come out with the Wildcat much earlier and it would have given them an edge because it would have had much lighter competition. I also agree that the Xbox One Elite controller looks and more than likely feels more premium. I don't think one bit that this would make the controller any better than the Wildcat but it makes the Wildcat seem out classed when it is not. So for Razer to make their controller seem like the best option a price drop is NECESSARY so that people when buying, will feel that they purchased the best product for the money. It would also appeal to more people if it were say $40 less. because then it would be actually attainable for some and with the features it has the controller would be a no brainer. I guess my problem is not that I doubt the controller, in fact I believe the Wildcat will be the best controller but it just is too pricey for what it is. I know that many can easily afford it yes, but it just does not seem worth it when there is a FIRST party option that is the same price and they might not even look for another option at that point because of what you said that the Xbox One Elite controller has features like wireless capabilities that it will seem like the first party option out classes everything, even if the buyer happens to look at other options.
  4. haloboi

    haloboi Active Member

    I completely forgot to mention the pricing. $150 by ANYONE's standards, is a lot to spend on a controller. The Wildcat would be the easier choice at $100 but being the same price at significantly less weight isnt enough for me to ditch a high quality steel frame and first party support. Not to mention, Xbox Elite probably has a 3 year extended warranty and can be exchanged at the Microsoft store within 90 days of purchase. I think I've made up my mind at this point. Razer even took the Wildcat off the front of the store page.
  5. truckRoseTaupebuzz376

    truckRoseTaupebuzz376 Active Member

    mindful to agree. there has been complete silence on this and the elite is due in the next few days.
  6. 1748256190

    1748256190 Member

    I never tried custom controllers and I hope that the Razer Wildcat will be a great experience for me. Also I love gaming on my pc with a controller so the Wildcat will fit my needs. Thanks for posting.
  7. Here's a question hopefully someone can answer: how are the face buttons (A,B,X,Y) on the Wildcat?

    I have a Sabertooth (I used it on PC), and the buttons are awful. I get that they're designed to be more responsive than the buttons on a stock controller, but they're so finicky that I sometimes accidentally register presses by just brushing them with my finger, and I eventually stopped using the controller because when I'd attempt to press them I'd often get double-clicks with one press.

    I own a Microsoft X1 Elite controller, and I have to say, it's a thing of beauty, both to look at and to hold and use. They've kind of set a new standard with this thing - everything from the sticks to the buttons are tight and responsive, yet not overly so. The face buttons feel "just right".

    That being said, the add-on levers on the Elite are kind of funky. They have the same problem SCUF controllers face, they're sort of in the way when you just want to grip the controller firmly. Razer nailed it when they added the bonus bumpers on the Sabertooth, and it looks like we now get quality ergonomic triggers on the bottom, instead of the goofy, uncomfortable things you could stick on the bottom of the Sabertooth.

    But... if the face buttons on the Wildcat are as hyper-responsive as the ones on the Sabertooth, it's going to be a "pass" for me. Have they been changed or adjusted? Anyone know, or anyone from Razer able to respond?

    If so, I'll be placing my pre-order today. Those extra bumpers on the front are worth it alone, provided I can actually use the face buttons.
  8. DZhang

    DZhang Member

    Of course the Razer Wildcat, the Elite does not have great direction buttons,
  9. truckRoseTaupebuzz376

    truckRoseTaupebuzz376 Active Member

    Think Ill see what the feed back is towards the end of the month before making a decision. Would love to hear your thoughts vs the elite once you have your wildcat "in hand"
  10. haunting

    haunting New Member

    deffinetly the wildcat
  11. My Wildcat arrived today!

    As I mentioned in an earlier post, I also have a Microsoft Elite, so here's a run-down of the Wildcat compared to the Elite:

    Overall feel: The Wildcat is definitely lighter, but doesn't feel cheap at all. I screwed around with the stick-on grips for about 20 minutes trying to get them on some way that seemed straight (which proved to be impossible), and after getting them on ended up not liking them, and peeling them back off. While the padding was nice, they bulk up the controller too much for me. Winner: The Elite, by a mile. The built-in rubberized grips on the Elite should be standard on every controller.

    Sticks: The Wildcat sticks are basically perfect. While the Elite sticks have a more Cadillac feel with the fancy tips, they have a springiness in them that has proven to be quite annoying - when you let them go they "bounce" back to center hard enough to make you jump backwards in-game. The Wildcat stick tips have a nice concave surface and are slightly rubberized. They come with rubber add-on tip covers, which I normally use on a controller, but didn't need on the Wildcat. The sticks are great out of the box. Also, I need to mention the down-click on the Wildcat sticks is about the best I've ever felt. Easy to click in without thumb-strain, but not so easy that you'll click them accidentally. Winner: Wildcat, by a huge margin.

    Face buttons: The face buttons are super sensitive. They seem to be better than the Sabertooth buttons, which were so oversensitive I ended up tossing that controller, but they were still a little too easy to click for my taste. I did notice I started to get used to them after a little bit of using the controller, though. The cross pad, ironically, has too much throw on it, since I'm used to the Elite's super tight short-click pad. Winner here is the Elite.

    Triggers and bumpers: Tight, responsive, basically perfect. The Elite's bumpers, frankly, suck. You have to push them too far to register a click, and they feel floaty while you're pressing them. The Wildcat's register with a short, firm push, just like they should. Both controllers have adjustable triggers, so that's a tie. Those feel basically identical. Winner, Wildcat due to far better bumpers.

    Extra controls: Here's where the Wildcat leaves the Elite behind. The Elite's removable metal handle triggers ended up being stored on the carrying case after about ten minutes of trying to use them. They're awkwardly placed if you want to grip the controller firmly, and too easy to accidentally click if you want to use them, making them essentially worthless. All four of the Wildcat's extra controls are in a great place and work perfectly. The 2 extra face bumpers are worth buying this controller for by themselves. Why these aren't a standard feature on default controllers by now I'll never know. The Wildcat wins as a controller just for having these where they are on the unit. Programming them is easy enough to do on the fly, and takes seconds.

    The cord: (!) I had no idea this would even be a thing. I've dropped my Elite twice now, and the damn thing is so heavy that when it falls it tends to spin on the cord and land directly where the cord attaches to the controller. Both times the weight of the controller (falling about a foot and a half, out of my lap onto carpet) caused the micro usb end of the cord to bend to the point where it broke the cord. I'm now on my third cord, and when I stick it into the controller it wobbles because the port is now bent. I'm surprised it still works, actually. I haven't dropped my Wildcat, but the way the cord end is shaped it fits into the controller in such a way that it won't bend or damage the port if you drop it. Smart design decision on Razer's part there. I actually consider this a design flaw on Microsoft's part. Wildcat wins this by default, lol.

    Overall, I've gotta say the Wildcat is the better controller, by far. Though the Elite has some things I like (mostly the rubberized handle grips), the Wildcat's far superior extra triggers and bumpers immediately changed my play experience... which is why you buy a custom controller in the first place. The Elite just ended up being a standard XBox One Controller with really nice handles.

    This turned out to be way longer than I intended, but I wanted to share the things I'd want to know if I was deciding which controller to buy. Hopefully it's of value to someone!
  12. directCinereousx880

    directCinereousx880 New Member

    Thanks for the review! I'm holding out for either controller and after reading online about the xbox one elite controller, was concerned about how intrusive the rear metal triggers were. Seems like a general consensus that it's easy to accidentally click them when gripping too hard. Then again, the wireless nature of the xbox one elite controller does sound attractive to me; kinda tired to being tied down by cables. Sigh, really not sure which one I would prefer. Probably will wait for a few more reviews first. But if razer comes out with a wireless version, definitely a no-brainer though.
  13. masterplo94

    masterplo94 Active Member

    Thanks a bunch, this is very helpful! I had a feeling Razer would edge out Microsoft especially for something like an "esports" controller. While I think I am fully convinced I will get the Wildcat, I still want to wait for a sale because where I live it is $190 right now and that's simply outrageous. I know the elite controller is the same price but its still half the price of the console :slightly_sad: I guess maybe boxing day might have a small but hopefully not terrible black Friday deal and if so I will pick one up. Thanks again, this was a great review!
  14. vyaschady

    vyaschady New Member

    I need to see real reviews these days. Someone who will open it and show the truth. I just need to see inside to know what the heck is going on. The Elite controller is like a Bugatti Veyron shell and inside it is a Daihatsu engine. It had the same crappy 50 cents 3d joysticks that has been failing a million times in the regular controller. How is that even logically possible, I don't know. Specially in an Elite version.

    iNNNNTeNNNNSiTY New Member

    i would like to report an issue with my wildcat already, it randomly disconnects while i'm playing it could be minutes or hours, it's just random.... it's not my Xbox one because i use a standard controller with it plugged in. i'm not going to bash on Razer tho because i do love the products they make, giving me a tactical advantage but, I've gone through FOUR razer sabertooths before, so i guess it's just bad luck or the quality control is not as good when it comes to razer, love the controller just wish these type of problems did not occur, especially for the price tag on it, Sigh... it might also just be the cable i was supplied with, who knows but i contacted support on this issue...
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2015
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  16. PUSSS

    PUSSS New Member

    I have both the Elite and the Wildcat. The problem with the Wildcat is you cannot map all buttons. What were they thinking! This is a big over site. The Wildcat is ergonomically better, as you do not accidently hit the paddles like in the Elite. But if I cannot map any button to what I require, this is useless! Razer need to go back to the drawing board.
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  17. truckRoseTaupebuzz376

    truckRoseTaupebuzz376 Active Member

    have you tried microsoft's remapping software? Apparently it works with 3rd party controllers
  18. PUSSS

    PUSSS New Member

    No that does not work...you have a message saying “Controller configuration only available for Xbox One Elite controller”. I said in post when Razer was asking what you want to see in the new Razer Wildcat. I said make all buttons mappable. Obviously they don’t take any notice.
  19. k0n5t

    k0n5t New Member

    Feel like I'm starting waves as this will be my first post here after joining less than 5 min ago as I felt I had to. The Sabertooths was a seriously awesome bit of kit and no lie I bought and went through about 9. 5 of em developed electrical issues and a further 2 (the last ones) were the worst made pads I've come across in years. On both the rubber wore super quick, the sticks ground in places due to lazy finishing on the interior and both had an issue with top were the optical cable connected, random cutting out and fluctuating of power feed to them is long.

    I always planned to use the Sabertooth with the mod box that translated code for use on other consoles (can't remember their off the top of my head), but have been put off for life. I bought the Elite Controller along with the new console and can honestly say that you don't stand a chance with the Wildcat at that price.

    Anyone thinking of buying a Wildcat needs to take a closer look at the Elite, give the sticks a good feel etc. It's a complete from grip to grip work of art and the quality is off the chain!!!!!

    I'm not a disgruntled customer, I plan to buy and old build of the Sabertooths for my boy if I can find one. I'm just a little miffed that the expertise you guys once had has been fluffed down the toilet by the cutting of corners where the opportunity arose....... Also, selling your 2nd's and bad batches as so, rather than letting vendors clear em as 1st class product would be a start!!! My last 2 were to such products (and yes I actual do know)

    PS- Still love your PC wears however, my rig looks pretty tidy.
    Last edited: Dec 18, 2015
  20. k0n5t

    k0n5t New Member

    Dude I'd get on their case but quality of materials dropped heaps last couple of revisions of Sabertooths, your issue I know too well. Good luck though
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