Razer wolverine ultimate making buzzing noise in Xbox party

Discussion in 'Console Peripherals' started by hitSpanishCrimsonRUBY423, Aug 19, 2018.

  1. I bought the wolverine ultimate and it’s so far great apart from in party’s it makes a buzzing noise I can’t hear loud enough to miss foot steps out on siege and be a general annoyance. I’ve searched around and only found one person with the same problem and no one answered him. It’s a wired only controller and is buzzing because it’s wired what sense does that make? Help please.
  2. This may not be the Wolverines doing.
    Try another controller.
    For instance back in 360 days your microphone would start buzzing and you would scream "unplug your mic and plug it back in" So check another controller and if the problem is still constant then it is the headset.
  3. The mic doesn’t make a noise in parties with my regular pad. Is it a fault with the specific wolverine I have? It’s weird it goes for some times maybe a minute or two then comes right back
  4. I don't know then. I would go in your settings and look around for anything related to it. My Astro A50s sometime make the buzzing sound when used with a aux cable with my phone while it is charging.
    But anyways if you cant find anything out go to Razer support
  5. Yeah I have Astro a50s but won’t work with me Xbox so use Turtle beach recon 50x I also have steelseries siberia 200 Which I also can’t use. I think it might be the mic but idk. Also razer support haven’t got back yet
  6. Shabba7

    Shabba7 New Member

    I have the exact same problem, unfortunately this is my 2nd controller after support told me to return the original & still the same thing
    I have no issues with headset on any of my standard controllers so it's definitely because it's a wired connection same as any other controller you connect to charge it buzzes & don't think Razer took that into consideration
  7. RobbieGRhymes

    RobbieGRhymes New Member

    I have the same issue, its because the wire is plugged directly into the xbox which is pulling power from the wall making it one big link of electricity, unfortunately wired controllers are now a thing of the past for streaming and talking to friends, I to have the razer controller and the fact that its $200 and buzzes makes me want kill myself so if Microsoft happens to see this just know that these small issues are big enough to kill people so you should probably fix them.
  8. Jastermereelx

    Jastermereelx New Member

    Please issue a FIX ASAP, your expensive controller needs updates
  9. Ster1ingArch3r1

    Ster1ingArch3r1 New Member

    I just got the wolverine ultimate and after just a cold days am having this same buzzing noise issue only I don’t really hear it but others do(they say it sounds like a chopper flying in the distance) and I see my game chat light up that my mic is making noise whenever it isn’t muted. It’s definitely the controller not the headset cuz my Elite and my regular Xbox one X controller work fine with no buzzing. What about wireless headsets? Does that negate this problem??
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