Razer Wolverine V2 and V2 Chroma Deadzone Issue

Discussion in 'Console Peripherals' started by iiiKariFPS, Sep 19, 2021.

  1. iiiKariFPS

    iiiKariFPS New Member

    So there is an INSANE issue for these controllers that can be considered a design flaw. There is something known as "intrinsic deadzone" on these controllers is about 15%-20% from what I have seen online. It doesn't matter whether or not it is adjusted in-game, the firmware takes over and makes the deadzone 15%-20% or higher depending on the game deadzone settings. An example of this would be if you set the deadzone to 5%, it would be overridden by the firmware and sets it to 15%-20%. If you set it to 25%, it would be 25%. The easiest solution for this would be to allow a software deadzone control. Another one could be a firmware update. Here are some videos/forums filled with people having this issue. CHECK EDIT 2!

    This is honestly a shame because other than that, this controller is definitely the best on the market right now if this wasn't an issue. I will be sticking to my Wolverine Ultimate for now until this gets fixed.
    Edit: There is another more detailed video on this issue. It is in Japanese but he has a more advanced testing methodology.
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  2. ComboKyle

    ComboKyle New Member

    I received this controller a few days ago, and I'm also experiencing dead zone issues. It's not fun. It's aggravating.

    When I go into the Razer app on the console, I can see that the app actually registers input from the thumb sticks without a dead zone. As soon as I apply any input in any direction, it registers that input immediately. However, in Destiny 2 for example, a dead zone is very noticeable. It takes more about a 1/4 of movement of the thumb stick to register the input. Most of the time this causes over aiming. D2 doesn't have custom dead zone settings. So what's causing this? Can this be fixed?
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  3. iiiKariFPS

    iiiKariFPS New Member

    Nope, cannot be fixed as of rn, we'll have to wait on word from Razer themselves.
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  4. ZadiaSss

    ZadiaSss New Member

    Hey I made the Fortnite video! The Japanese guy is a much more experienced reviewer , glad he was able to identify it with a video camera demonstration + the gamepadtester site.

    I will reference this thread in my support ticket, ty for finding the Japanese review with a better demo! For others reference, the Japanese video pulls up diagnostics around 9:37 into the video.
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  5. iiiKariFPS

    iiiKariFPS New Member

    Yeah, I hope they can fix this issue ASAP. For some reason razer won't let me put a vid with timestamps and I get this error.

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  6. iiiKariFPS

    iiiKariFPS New Member

    Also I'd be surprised if Razer doesn't do anything soon, bc there's 55K VIEWS on the Japanese dude's video.
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  7. ZadiaSss

    ZadiaSss New Member

    I'm hearing from a reputable controller reviewer youtube that their v2 Chroma doesn't experience this issue, so hopefully an RMA will get us a device from a not so bad batch (I ordered it minutes after they listed it for sale on their site)
  8. iiiKariFPS

    iiiKariFPS New Member

    Yea same, who was it from you? Mine was VCuda. I asked him what firmware he was running but he never responded.
  9. So y'all are saying that reputable youtubers havent had this issue? Mine has it as well and is making me consider returning it sadly. It's an amazing controller and I assume this should be an easy firmware fix for razer. It seems like something vcuda would catch, I noticed it almost immediately.
  10. I have the same Issue :slightly_sad: already wrote a ticket about it. Lets hope theyll fix it because besides that the controller is just great.
  11. ZadiaSss

    ZadiaSss New Member

  12. Matthewh06

    Matthewh06 New Member


    This issue on the V2 was fixed. No longer an issue for the Razer Wolverine V2 and will not be an issue for Razer Wolverine V2 Chroma.
  13. ZadiaSss

    ZadiaSss New Member

    What software and firmware version are you running?
  14. ZadiaSss

    ZadiaSss New Member

    Just checked before heading out for work. There is no patch and the issue is still present.

    Razer has acknowledged our concern, and this is actually a feature of the controller to prevent users from experiencing drift. They have acknowledged that the more competitive players require drift to have better precision, and as a result will be implement a fix.

    No ETA on the fix though

  15. Any update on this information?
  16. ZadiaSss

    ZadiaSss New Member

    Still waiting :/
  17. ma723

    ma723 New Member

    thanks for putting up all that info!
    I want to buy a V2 Chroma but I’m unsure right now if I should wait until they drop the firmware update?
    Is it 100% sure that it’s not a hardware issue?

  18. So I’m just getting mine from the RMA for my Wolverine ultimate and yes it still has the issue..
  19. buzzShampooquick158

    buzzShampooquick158 New Member

    Wolverine V2. Forza Horizon 5 - same issue. Inner deadzone there is 50% or more (when I use this lower sensitivity feature the cars in the game have handling is totally gone). Also ingame settings working weird.

    - Inner deadzone from 0% to 50% - doesn't do anything.
    - Inner deadzone from 50% to 80% - works as intended.
    - Outer deadzone from 100% to 50% - works as intended.

    If you move outer deadzone slider to 50% or less - all your handling range from straight to full turn will be like half of millimeter stick movement.

    - Outer deadzone from 50% to 20% - keep steering range on this "half of millimeter" point and move INNER deadzone from 50% to 20%.

    This is really torture to play game like that. It's the same as if I would play game with keyboard and I didn't buy this wolverine V2 to play game keyboard style.
  20. Multiate

    Multiate New Member

    Following the thread. I was very close to ordering it, but I won't buy it until this issue gets fixed.
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