Razer Wolverine V2 and V2 Chroma Deadzone Issue

Discussion in 'Console Peripherals' started by iiiKariFPS, Sep 19, 2021.

  1. ZadiaSss

    ZadiaSss New Member

    It is 100% a by-design feature. My guess is Razer wanted to eliminate complaints about drift for the casual gamers that care about drift. For example, on instagram I get ads for the v2 Chroma, and many comments complain about the controller exhibiting drift (these trolls are commenting based off previous Razer controllers, I assume, oh the irony). It is unfortunate that this is how joysticks work, and they pretty much all come from the same factory..

    So what does Razer do after marketing studies the feedback in the public about their joysticks and drift? They work with developers to address the problem at its core and add a hard-coded deadzone via the software.

    My guess is that they aren't testing it to the limits of a typical competitive gamer. Maybe they do, I don't know.. don't quote me on that. But in trying to solve one problem, they did us competitive gamers dirty. I don't blame them, there are probably more casual gamers than competitive gamers.

    Customer support has escalated my ticket and they have acknowledged the desire to have a configurable deadzone in the Razer controller app, they have a new firmware version out by now probably, but have to wait for their Quality Assurance team to really test it out (these are the testers). On top of that since the "Razer Controller Setup For Xbox" application is an Xbox Store application, it must go through Xbox's Quality Assurance testers as well.. Software is a beautiful thing, but really easy to break when trying to make better, so I am thankful for the rigorous testing processes. I'm sure they are rushing as the holiday season is approaching, and this is an attractive controller and they probably don't want any more people upset. Consider this as facing the reality as an early adopter.. Although this issue has been present in the v2 non-chroma.. So it took a few back buttons for it to be identified by the public.. I am not surprised, it's the sweatier, try-hard competitive gamers like s that notice these flaws.

    Good to know I can RMA my Wolverine Ultimate for a v2 Chroma.. I bought a new Wolverine Ultimate so I can game without my bumpers registering 2-3x clicks when I really only pressed it once. Normal wear and tear but covered under warranty, which means I'll get a spare v2 Chroma, maybe I can gift it this holiday season.

    Thanks for sharing man! I don't play Forza but I'm sure it requires precision movements for the most enjoyable gameplay. Deadzones are often configurable by the game, and I understand why Razer put this on.. Make the current setting the default, sure, lemme have the option to turn it off! Name it a feature - "Drift Killer" and market that maybe, lol.

    If you want my honest opinion, I'd get it because I'm a Wolverine loyalist. But it'd be wise to wait until they fix it.
    But if you get a sweet Black Friday deal.. you make the call ;)
  2. ZadiaSss

    ZadiaSss New Member

    I kinda wish that we could run open-source software to configure our v2 Chroma, instead of proprietary Xbox Store apps available through the Microsoft Store.
  3. buzzShampooquick158

    buzzShampooquick158 New Member

    I'm now speaking with Razer support team, and they asked me to record the issue. So here how it's work in Forza Horizon 5 (don't be afraid of Russian text in gamepad software. I explain what I'm doing in subs).

    For some reason it somehow got better and from around 50% moved to 20%-30% or so. Which is still weird and makes racing unplayable.

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  4. Photophonic

    Photophonic New Member

    I just picked a new one up today and noticed it too has this issue. Software version is with firmware version of In my testing some games it is not too noticeable but others it really stands out but when using https://gamepad-tester.com/ or Steam's own calibration, it is registering movement across the entire range of the stick.
  5. Multiate

    Multiate New Member

    Hahaha, I'm out guys. 15~20% deadzone is just way too unusable and unacceptable for the price, and I see no concrete sign of being fixed any time soon. I ended up buying Victrix Gambit Dual Core controller as an alternative, which is reviewed by the same Japanese Youtuber on the thread.
  6. Photophonic

    Photophonic New Member

    There was a firmware update just pushed out bringing it to but the issue still persists. I really like this controller but for the price this is unacceptable.
  7. Zach-eaton04

    Zach-eaton04 New Member

    mine has the same issue uf they fix the issue it'll be my go to controller. I hope they fix ut soon im about to return it and get the elite again, because id rather have drift than not being able to hit a single shot
  8. buzzShampooquick158

    buzzShampooquick158 New Member

    Here what we came to, by speaking with support team:
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  9. AymenTheKing

    AymenTheKing New Member

    Hello this futre therd or no
  10. andywally

    andywally New Member

    This is promising. If they add deadzone customization to the controller app - that supersedes a game's deadzone setting, I'd be extremely happy. I'm content with them just giving the deadzone setting back a game's setting. I'm cautiously optimistic. I just bought a v2 Chroma, and I'm hoping they fix this before my return window runs out...
  11. Honestly bro I would return it and get a wolverine ultimate while you can that way atleast you can play without the problem and when and if the issue gets resolved you can send the wolverine back to razer and they will replace it with a chroma because the wolverine is legacy. Just saying it’ll save you that 50 dollars on a inoperative controller and still end up getting it in the long run once it’s fixed and for cheaper
  12. andywally

    andywally New Member

    I already have a wolverine haha; I was trying to upgrade to the chroma; but you might be right. I sent a ticket about it, even though I know full well the issue and they basically were like "oh you have a sticky stick? did it come that way?" Acting like it was a hardware issue, rather than a firmware/software issue.
  13. Pullblox

    Pullblox New Member

    Is this a problem for all gamepads, or are there instances without dead zones?
  14. andywally

    andywally New Member

    I'm not sure, when I first started toying with in-game deadzone settings a year or two ago; I already had a Wolverine Ultimate, so I'm not sure if the Elite or other controllers have an intrinsic DZ like the v2 Chroma does. I just know, I can go into training mode on PUBG ; put the DZ to 0 on my Wolverine Ultimate, and my cursor will start drifting on it's own. Do the same on the v2 Chroma and it's completely still. Because I've been playing with low to zero DZ for so long - using the v2 Chroma made my aim less smooth and chunky. Like it feels sticky.
  15. Sengeraa

    Sengeraa New Member

    Another user posted on the YouTube comment some insightful information:
    "Got an update from Razer. They stated the deadzone issue is expected for the controller. Didn't refer to it as an issue or a bug. Just that it's expected. Acknowledge that some users want more settings added to the app to customize it. Said they are working on a update to the Razer App but don't have an ETA when the update will be."
    Surprised this is marketed as a competitive controller.. having non precise joysticks is very disadvantageous especially in games when precision matters.

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  16. andywally

    andywally New Member

    So true. I don't know how anyone makes small precision movements with so much Deadzone. But man, if they add DZ to the app and it overrides the games' settings - I'll be so happy. Some games (like Overwatch) don't have a slider for deadzone, and it makes the game unplayable for me.
  17. Zach-eaton04

    Zach-eaton04 New Member

    my deadzones are like 40% i cant even play halo its impossible to aim they better fix it soon or im returning it
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  18. Just wanted to piggyback on this. I bought a wolverine ultimate from Amazon a month and a half ago. First one I received was broken from the get-go. Base of the right stick was crooked and unusable. I contacted Razer and they said I need to return it to Amazon for a replacement. I received my 2nd wolverine ultimate in a couple days and it was great. Unfortunately a couple weeks ago, the base of the right thumbstick became unglued/loose and again unusable. This time I contacted Amazon and they said I would have to go through Razer for a replacement this time. Fast forward to now. Razer just contacted me and said they Wolverine Ultimate is now a legacy item and they don't produce it anymore. So my only option for a replacement is the V2 Chroma. If anyone was hoping to switch their Chroma for an Ultimate, you're fresh out of luck. Cross your fingers and pray Razer fixes this dead zone issue because you're probably not gonna get an Ultimate anymore.
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  19. andywally

    andywally New Member

    Hey y'all! Update to the Razer Controller app - they've added Deadzone adjustment to the app!
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  20. ZadiaSss

    ZadiaSss New Member

    I'm hearing this was fixed! I'm at work right now so I don't have confirmation though, can someone else confirm?
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