Razer Wolverine V2 and V2 Chroma Deadzone Issue

Discussion in 'Console Peripherals' started by iiiKariFPS, Sep 19, 2021.

  1. ammobitAlmond642

    ammobitAlmond642 New Member

    This is controller bigotry. The WHITE version is getting the feature, but not the BLACK. :mad_:
  2. thinkWinefocus166

    thinkWinefocus166 New Member

    Bought a Razer Wolverine V2 "Basic" and had to give it away to a friend because of the deadzone issue; for me the controller was unusable, but I was not allowed to return it because it's a feature not a defect.

    As of July 17th 2022 the Wolverine V2 "Basic" does not have the software/firmware update that allows deadzone customization. It does not have it; as far as I know only the V2 Chroma does.
  3. spotpolyGold

    spotpolyGold New Member

    Support has clearly hinted that the update will only happen if there is enough demand. So I strongly recommend that you take a picture of your receipt and make a request to support.
  4. kobewyd

    kobewyd New Member

    Its literally August 1st and its still haven’t been fixed. This is just sad considering that I actually really like the controller but this deadzone thing is really an issue that should’ve been fixed a while ago. Its messed up how the chroma users were the only ones who got the update. It shouldn’t even been that hard to implement considering they’re basically the same controller. we’ve been waiting for months now.
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  5. kobewyd

    kobewyd New Member

    I made a video demonstrating this issue. Please like and comment so that we have a better chance at razer seeing and making a change to this.

  6. kobewyd

    kobewyd New Member

    Quick update. they seen the video and told me they would put in a feature request but they can't promise that it will be added. That was 2 weeks ago so I'm almost starting to think that we'll never get the deadzone feature. I'm thinking about taking my controller back as its useless if this doesn't get fixed. I don't want to think that their not listening to us but the more we wait what else can we think?
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  7. spotpolyGold

    spotpolyGold New Member

    There have been complaints on reddit about chroma-version turning into a brick after an update. Perhaps this is the main reason for the delayed update.
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  8. kobewyd

    kobewyd New Member

    I did it guys. finally

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  9. Victrify

    Victrify New Member

    I’m just confused on why Razer is refraining from fixing this issue for us v2 users??? You fixed it for the chroma users with no problem. My buddy Kobe even showed a video demonstrating the problem with this controller but it seems like Razer still won’t fix it.

    Here’s me DEMONSTRATING the actual problem with the v2 controller. I know I’m crying too much but I can’t play any FPS games if the deadzone is so high
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  10. kobewyd

    kobewyd New Member

    update: I contacted razer to see if there were any updates or progress on the deadzone feature that THEY told me they would add(as you see in the picture). Comes to find out, they aren’t even working on it. They said something along the lines of “We are still unaware of when or even if the feature is coming” This is just beyond crazy. I mean like how hard is it to add? The V2 and Chroma are basically the same controller, it shouldn’t be that hard to add. this is just disappointing considering the fact that ive had my controller for 3 months and still haven’t gotten the chance to use it because of this. All they say is that they dont have much demand or not alot of people are bringing this up but if they actually found the time to look around the web, its all over. I dont even think they’re looking at this insider forum because they would’ve fixed it by now. Its so crazy lmao.
  11. streetsharpWine210

    streetsharpWine210 New Member

    So... i bought this controller yesterday, i played for a few minutes and realized that the deadzone is just AWFUL in comparision with my old PS4 controller.

    Do you think there is a chance or i must request a refund? I've also sent my problem to support. But i'm getting hopeless by this point.
  12. Victrify

    Victrify New Member

    Just return it. Don’t even bother waiting, I’ve tried my best to tell them about this problem and they don’t even bother trying.
  13. Razer is doing a terrible job towards these controlers smh
  14. Got it as a Christmas present and quickly realized the deadzone issue, I’m surely never buying a Razer controller ever
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  15. upFollyfresh652

    upFollyfresh652 New Member

    Right Bumper just failed on my Wolverine Ultimate. First three Ultimates came with stick drift out-of-the-box. Had a Wolverine TE whose A button broke after 5 months. This Ultimate only lasted 4 months before the RB started malfunctioning.

    Not even mentioning the problem I had with the intrinsic deadzone on the V2 "Basic". Truth be told, by this point the fault is wholly on me, I knew I was dealing with garbage products from a garbage company but I kept buying Razer controllers because they're the only ones who have the extra Top Shoulder buttons.

    Never buying Razer again. Waste of time and money. No button is worth the hassle. Live and learn.
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  16. johnnyblu84

    johnnyblu84 Member

    I just had my right bumper break on my Ultimate after two years, trying to decided if I want another or just get a XBox controller. I will miss the back buttons on the Razer's though
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