Razer Wolverine V2 and V2 Chroma Deadzone Issue

Discussion in 'Console Peripherals' started by iiiKariFPS, Sep 19, 2021.

  1. ammobitAlmond642

    ammobitAlmond642 New Member

    This is controller bigotry. The WHITE version is getting the feature, but not the BLACK. :mad_:
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  2. thinkWinefocus166

    thinkWinefocus166 New Member

    Bought a Razer Wolverine V2 "Basic" and had to give it away to a friend because of the deadzone issue; for me the controller was unusable, but I was not allowed to return it because it's a feature not a defect.

    As of July 17th 2022 the Wolverine V2 "Basic" does not have the software/firmware update that allows deadzone customization. It does not have it; as far as I know only the V2 Chroma does.
  3. spotpolyGold

    spotpolyGold New Member

    Support has clearly hinted that the update will only happen if there is enough demand. So I strongly recommend that you take a picture of your receipt and make a request to support.
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  4. kobewyd

    kobewyd New Member

    Its literally August 1st and its still haven’t been fixed. This is just sad considering that I actually really like the controller but this deadzone thing is really an issue that should’ve been fixed a while ago. Its messed up how the chroma users were the only ones who got the update. It shouldn’t even been that hard to implement considering they’re basically the same controller. we’ve been waiting for months now.
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  5. kobewyd

    kobewyd New Member

    I made a video demonstrating this issue. Please like and comment so that we have a better chance at razer seeing and making a change to this.

  6. kobewyd

    kobewyd New Member

    Quick update. they seen the video and told me they would put in a feature request but they can't promise that it will be added. That was 2 weeks ago so I'm almost starting to think that we'll never get the deadzone feature. I'm thinking about taking my controller back as its useless if this doesn't get fixed. I don't want to think that their not listening to us but the more we wait what else can we think?
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  7. spotpolyGold

    spotpolyGold New Member

    There have been complaints on reddit about chroma-version turning into a brick after an update. Perhaps this is the main reason for the delayed update.
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  8. kobewyd

    kobewyd New Member

    I did it guys. finally

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