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Razer wont be at GDC this year (No new announcements?)

Discussion in 'Systems' started by letto_0155, Mar 15, 2018.

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  1. letto_0155

    letto_0155 Member

    According to this floor plan:

    Razer isn't listed as a vendor at GDC. Other's like AMD, HTC Vive, Google, Apple etc are all listed. As we are only a week out from the conference, and Razer hasn't announced they will be attending (in the past they had made the announcement by this time) I guess that means they actually wont be announcing a new blade.

    This might have something to do with Intel's revisions to the Gen 8 series chips (to fix the Meltdown vulnerabilities)

    I'd love to be wrong because I'll be first in line to buy the next Blade 14.

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