Razer zGold & zSilver's March Fest

Discussion in 'Razer Gold & Silver' started by Deleted member 368765, Mar 9, 2018.

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    We’re celebrating Razer zGold & zSilver’s first anniversary! Join the festivities – http://rzr.to/marchfest

    Hey Insiders,

    It’s already been a year since we launched Razer zGold and zSilver. Since then, you’ve shown unconditional support for this initiative, using Razer zGold to purchase new games and zSilver to redeem amazing rewards.

    To celebrate, join our Razer zGold and zSilver March Fest—a special event filled with deals, giveaways, new rewards and more. Visit this page daily to get the latest scoop and find out how you can get rewarded all month long.

    We had a blast bringing you updates, content and rewards the past year, and we can’t wait to bring you even more in 2018.

    For now, let’s rejoice and celebrate - http://rzr.to/marchfest
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  2. Rzr_zSilverRaffleV2-US,GB,CA,SG,MY.png
    The Razer zSilver Raffle is back for March Fest - http://rzr.to/zSilverRaffle

    Hey Insiders,

    It's time to use that leftover zSilver from your latest zVault reward redemption. Grab a ticket now and enter the zSilver Raffle for a chance to score amazing prizes including the Razer BlackWidow X Chroma, Razer Kraken Pro V2 and Razer Lancehead TE.

    But wait, there's more! The rare and coveted Razer Mug Holder exceptionally makes a comeback for the zSilver Raffle - on April 16th, we'll choose FOUR lucky winners to take it home :)

    Enter the Razer zSilver Raffle now and get a shot at scoring awesome prizes - http://rzr.to/zSilverRaffle

    *Only available for fans residing in the US, Canada, UK, Singapore and Malaysia.
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  3. zGold_zSilver-MarchEvents.png

    Make sure to tune into Xian's stream on Twitch today for a chance to score Razer zGold and zSilver vouchers or a Razer Panthera.

    See you at 9PM SGT | 6AM PST
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  4. MimiSeng

    MimiSeng Well-Known Member

    Finally! Let's join the fest guys!
    Razer zGold & zSilver's March Fest
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  5. CK_Once

    CK_Once Active Member

    there's an giveaway for everyone , Nice !

    opps , should be there's a give away*
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  6. Nilremagl

    Nilremagl Well-Known Member

    Let's join the fest guys!
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  7. H00dy

    H00dy Well-Known Member

    Awesome!!! Let's spend some!
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  8. Damien1P

    Damien1P Member

    Looking forward to it
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  9. limaK91

    limaK91 New Member

    looks interesting
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  10. hyvick

    hyvick Well-Known Member

    Good luck everyone!
  11. angelbreathe

    angelbreathe Well-Known Member

    Huh, Razer had my curiosity, not this got my attention...
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  12. OmgJim

    OmgJim Member

    WOW. Thanks a lot razer we can chose from spending $50 on zgold to get a bonus then spend that to get a bonus on a 11 year old game... is this an early Aprils fools.
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  13. traxed

    traxed Well-Known Member

    Damn, didn't get anything, probably an hour too late T_T
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  14. babideebabidoo

    babideebabidoo Well-Known Member

    nice event
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  15. shmekermeister

    shmekermeister Well-Known Member

    Happy Anniversary! :smile_:
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  16. SteelHeart

    SteelHeart Member

    What a biased giveaway. So unfair to different time zones. Why not have a fair give away like all the previous ones where there is a time frame for people to join.
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  17. gortix

    gortix Member

    Looks very nice.
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  18. FRSR06

    FRSR06 Well-Known Member

    Happy zAnniversary!
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  19. 0V3R_K1LL

    0V3R_K1LL Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Nice to see complainers on this thread too, like there werent any more posts for them.
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  20. DRIFT_IT

    DRIFT_IT Well-Known Member

    Hopefully we see something nice during this time.
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