Razer zSilver Expiry/Expiration FAQ

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Dekades, Oct 8, 2018.

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  1. Cris_850

    Cris_850 New Member

    Big oof
  2. ohomemze

    ohomemze New Member

    I have too much zsilver expiriring and i´m trying to make it to redeem one product so bad... xD :frown_:
  3. Lemurk

    Lemurk New Member

    I am trying to get as much possible:big_grin_:
  4. Kenserky

    Kenserky Well-Known Member

    I've ordered an Ornata chroma, not what wished for but a 70€ keyboard for only 10€ for shipping fee is great enough, makes me with a bigger budget for christmas.

    Thanks Razer.
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  5. joew1986

    joew1986 New Member

    Hi, i should have the upload a picture of your setup zsilver awarded and also the participate in razer synapse beta, i need both to be able to claim a reward before my zsilver expires.

    I created a new thread and uploaded pic of setup and also posted a pic of it in the featured thread. Also i have the razer synapse beta on my pc since 3 days ago. Please help!
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  6. Command3rGames

    Command3rGames New Member

    Hopefully i'll be able to rack up enough points for a reward before my points start expiring!
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  7. joew1986

    joew1986 New Member

    I should have enough points, but havent been awarded what im owed, despite starting conversations with 6 mods/razer staff and emailing razer lol
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  8. Kenserky

    Kenserky Well-Known Member

    Week-end have just ended, i think your problem will be solved soon enough.
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  9. joew1986

    joew1986 New Member

    Yeah sorry, i forgot to update, Dekades was very nice and sorted the problem out today :) Was really panicing about losing all of the silver :D
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  10. KingCobra

    KingCobra New Member

    Sadly some of the trophies and zSilver I can earn doesn't work as the linking to external accounts which doesn't show anything as explained in the guide or it did work but I never received the trophy or the zSilver :/
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  11. ohomemze

    ohomemze New Member

    Hey, my zsilver is expiring on the end of this moth.. and i´m 150 short to pick what i want from the razer zvault.. i posted a pic of my setup on the battlestation forum but im yet to receive the reward that would be enough to make it... can someone help with this... just 1 day left to lose it all.. :frown_:
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  12. traxed

    traxed Well-Known Member

    glad it all worked out for you sir
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  13. Hardsequencer

    Hardsequencer Member

    good to know , i never knew they expired
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  14. Kenserky

    Kenserky Well-Known Member

    Hope for you that you didn't lose Silvers.
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  15. Relynq

    Relynq New Member

    I'm quite disappointed in you, Razer. I had 60-some thousand zSilver, which was close to an actual piece of gear, but not quite there yet. Of course, most of that expired recently.

    Now, there's literally no reason for me to earn zSilver, or log into Cortex anymore, since you decided to expire them. I was building my way up to something exciting, and now it's gone. You've lost me as a loyal follower, and I no longer care to spread the word of the [false] prophet Min-Liang Tan.
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  16. colesdav

    colesdav New Member

    Hi, I have been using Cortex for just over a year to look for game deals and also for the Game Booster, FPS Graphs and Gamecaster.
    I tried to log in and earn the Zsilver when I launch Cortex. I had not logged in for a few weeks.
    Just logged in to see a large chunk of my ZSilver gone, before there was enough to spend it on anything.
    I moved to using Cortex from AMD Gaming Evolved (Raptr) App. This ZSilver situation is actually worse than Raptr Points were. I did not think that could be possible. Just some feedback for you... I will not bother logging into Zsilver any more as it really is wothless if points dissapear before you earn enough to spend them on anything. I think there should at least be a low end limit on Silver Points points before they get blown away like this. Is there any way to donate your existing Zsilver to others? Someone else may as well have mine. Bye.
  17. FobosCZ

    FobosCZ New Member

    RIP 57000 :mračit_:
  18. Which one better? Razer or mol point
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