Razer zSilver Jan 2018 Rewards and Updates

Discussion in 'Razer Gold & Silver' started by Razer.WolfPack, Jan 14, 2018.

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    MS_OLDHORSE Well-Known Member

    well played razer! I was going to get kraken 7.1 v2 this march and now it increase 53000 points!? WELL PLAYED !!! AND U EVEN REMOVED RAZER MAMBA!? REALLY WELL PLAYED!:mad_::mad_::mad_::mad_::mad_::mad_::mad_::mad_::mad_::mad_::mad_:
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  2. KTsunshinekid

    KTsunshinekid New Member

    I'm not a fan of the increase, but I have to agree with Jenjar.
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    MS_OLDHORSE Well-Known Member

    First, they start this program and they have to calculate those budget&profit/lose for themselves and set plan. Even they want to make more profit or cover lose, they should announce their update in advance! NOT SUDDENLY INCREASE POINTS FOR LIKE 50K! Seriously!?
    ps: We not rolling around and get the product for free easily, we open our pc for more than 5 hours (and sometime razer cortex will shoe u some error and u cant eran a single point) increase price? ok, thats ur program. Increase price in such big scale like this? WELL PLAYED!:mad_::mad_::mad_::mad_:

    Because they increase 50k for its price, and they cant increase more for tiamat, so thats why.
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  4. BakuBaku190

    BakuBaku190 New Member

    I wouldn't be mad at all, If the zSilver wouldn't expire, now its nearly impossible for many ppl to get rewards such as keyboards;
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  5. Jenjar

    Jenjar Well-Known Member

    Its hard for them to tell how popular things like this would get, and how many people would use it regularly. For the first half a year or so of this program being out it was not that popular and not much was going on with it, but then around the summer a mass of players joined from it being promoted on spots like the PCMasterRace reddit, and Razer's social media accounts, so, with the calculation things you have said, they likely did that first off when they were guessing how much traffic this would end up getting.

    Several reasons they likely rose the price. Could be stock problems, people abusing the system too much etc..
    I do not get what you mean by the "they want to make more profit". Not all that many people use the ZGold system to earn ZSilver, and that is the only way they are making money off any of this, since they also need to staff people to work on the ZVault side of things.

    Also, the way you say you need to open your PC for 5 hours a day kind of makes me think you are just doing this for the ZSilver and free product. Paid to Play in general was made for people just to get free stuff on the side of having fun on games, not just people farming out on games to get ZSilver, or AFKing all day to get it (They made it so AFK people don't make nearly as much recently).

    Final thing, with the Cortex issues where sometimes it does not work, not everything is perfect all the time and the Cortex team is not the biggest team in the world, meaning some issues may take a while to fix if they can't find out what is broke first off. Sometimes (for example, the fortnite issues at the start of this month) might be issues with the way the games launch in separate launchers that might confuse the program, etc..
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  6. TwistedOwl

    TwistedOwl Member

    I can understand that. But if earning stays the way it is then we have a problem. 900 daily is not much comparing to those prices.
  7. Jenjar

    Jenjar Well-Known Member

    There are the double cap weekends that go on every second weekend (at least that seems to be the pattern), and they do plan to add some more ways to earn in the future. Another good way is to use those Insider forums, it might seem like a little bit but over time I have gotten well over a few thousand ZSilver from just being active (at least I think, haven't been keeping track :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.)
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  8. karlzero

    karlzero Member

    earning of zsilver is not the problem only the problem is the expiration date :slightly_sad:
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  9. Aseng0221

    Aseng0221 Member

    first, they do announced that they will adjust the zSilver for the products in advance, but it doesn't mean it will go up or low. Some of the products like Leviathan Mini (from 232k to 200k) and development kit( from 90k to 75k) had alreaedy decrease the redeem cost.
    second, most of you misunderstood what this program is. This program is a REWARD for those whose are real GAMER. You get reward while you are playing game. Razer didn't force you to open 5-6 hours per day for 900 zSilver. So refresh your understanding before you complain.
    third, it's still free, I can't really think a way to blame about it. I knew this program will be a no profit program, so I still bought Razer products. For those reward, I redeemed and gave it to my family members who need a mouse or keyboard or headset.

    But for all, it's still depend on how you think about this program. For me, this is REWARD for a GAMER. Don't force yourself to become GAMER just for REWARD.
  10. Kenserky

    Kenserky Well-Known Member

    I was quite surprised when i saw that the Kraken 7.1 V2 that i redeemed for 130K before christmas is now available for 183K.

    I agree for the ones that were close enough to get the stuff they wished for suddently being quite a bit further away must be frustrating.

    But there are somes things that everyone have to understand.

    First, what is free for us (exept for the shipping fee) cost real money for Razer to product, so they have the right to adjust their "prices" basing on their economics report.

    Second, I think that Razer is victim of his own succes, I received a second headset with the Zsilver that I earned thanks to the one my wife bought me one year ago. So now we have 2 razer account ech one collect 940 points per day, so in 6 to 10 months we'll be able to reedemed two other stuff offering one to my eldest son. Wich will make 3 accounts etc... So with some time I'll be able to fill up my whole house for nothing.
    And I must not be the only one with that in mind.

    Third, inflation is real and a new product will cost more money as time goes by while his real value doesn't changes.

    I'll conclude : yes the uprising of the redeem prices coan make you grind your tooth but keep in mind that once you have a Razer stuff, you can get a lot more for free because each month has at least one free game to earn Zsilver.
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  11. MikeQuigley

    MikeQuigley New Member

    The CEO of Razer @minliangtan stated they started this program to give something to the gamers that cannot afford the price of razer gear.
  12. ThirstyMilk

    ThirstyMilk New Member

    I've noticed that the Tiamat 7.1 and the standard mamba are no longer on the list, is there something I missed? will they be returning?
  13. Hulk36_

    Hulk36_ New Member

    A lot of my friends say that they doesn't receive there zsilver. Does anyone have a solution ?
  14. DrazorV

    DrazorV New Member

    Oh wait, so we have to pay for shippment too?
  15. KylarFI

    KylarFI Member

    I'm not happy they raised the silver cost out of the blue. I was a few days short of ordering the ornata chroma keyboard and now I'm 50k off. This was quite a lame move :slightly_sad: No warning at all :slightly_sad:
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  16. Alter

    Alter New Member

    Price bump is too big .... new gear is hmmm not very much desired. 296 000/940 = 315 days for razer BW Chroma and this zSilver expiring
  17. Zarokian

    Zarokian Active Member

    Come on guys, yes I understand that the increase of many items is quite big, but don't forget that you still get a free item once in a while. Event with the transfer costs, it's like getting a 50% off the cost of almost everything ... Taking longer to get what you like is not that bad, as long as you won't quit trying. Plus, you never know what might be coming from Razer (regarding the zSilver acquisition and speed), and also what kind of items may be available for redeeming.
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  18. gereltod0417

    gereltod0417 Member

    You are on their side because you don't know what exacting happening here. You think this is first time? Do you know how much zsilver Orbweaver was? When I first join here, it was 110k (I don't know if it was even cheaper before). Then then increased it into 130, then now 180k. Whenever someone almost reach required amount, they just increases value without WARN. You still think it's fair?
  19. Zarokian

    Zarokian Active Member

    First things first ... I'm part of zSilver system from day 1, and though I just redeemed around 230k zSilver, while I was targeting Ornata Chroma, due to the cost increase I had to redeem Cynosa.

    Secondly, Razer is a Company, while many of us decide to forget that, being a company, Razer has something called ... "marketing". Thus, many more items are introduced with lower market value, and this makes the other items with greater market value to climb a bit (or a lot) higher in the cost ladder. While you (me, and all the others around here) target the trending items, we ignore the "lower" or the "less known" items, this is another reason why Razer increased the cost of most of the list's items.

    Thirdly, i'd really like to remind that, we have the opportunity to get at least a 30%-40% discount on Razer's products (due to the transfer costs). To support this case, I'll tell you about my experience on this. I redeemed 2 coupons, one before the increase of costs and one after. Right now, I'm waiting for my Kraken 7.1 V2 which If I add the transfers cost, I got them half price (53 euros transfer cost). And now I have a coupon for a Cynosa which If i take now, it'll be like a get it with a discount of less than 20 euros (69 euro market value). Still, with the circulating chance that my country (Greece) will be on the free transfer with 59 euros and over (as it was on December), I'll be able to buy something and get for free my keyboard. (still i may lose my 130k zSilver if the conditions for me to buy a Razer product are not met, but still, it was my choice to make the redeem and not wait.)

    Seriously I'm not biased, and not that much of a fun boy, but Razer is a company, and tries to create a digital coin, all these have their effects on how the company works. You never know what lies behind that decision, higher cap for Razer owners, faster collection times, more giveaways? Let's not nag about everything, all these exist in the company/marketing reality.

    Cheers everyone :D
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  20. gereltod0417

    gereltod0417 Member

    I don't want argue with you. Because you have good points!

    But still I don't like Razer much. Because they have worst service I've ever seen. On my first and only zsilver redemption, because of their stupid anti-fraid or some sort of protection, they flagged my account. After months talk, many live chats and ticket, mail they sent me product. They still said that was 1 time arrangement and won't do again. And they still flagged my account. On my order everything was perfect as they asked. They even agreed that and sent product, but they still couldn't lift that flag on my account. I've seen many services. Steam, Battle.net, ebay, Amazon etc. None of them took that long and 100% completed my requests. Also another mistake of them is, when I created thread here explain what happened, they just simply deleted that.

    Also before they increase zsilver price last time, I had 95k zsliver ready in my account. Meantime DA Elite voucher was out of stock. I don't get why voucher have stocks. Products can have stocks, but vouchers are just random generated strings. In the end, even I redeem voucher without check real stock on product, it's my fault if voucher expire after 30 days. And after week, they suddenly increased price without tell us. If they just had morality, they could warn us, so I could have redeemed other products.
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