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Razer zSilver September Updates

Discussion in 'Razer Gold & Silver' started by Razer.WolfPack, Sep 4, 2017.

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  1. shamaraenixia

    shamaraenixia New Member

    That is on the PR side, but if we look back, Razer is a business. And this program, as it is abused by some by selling the products, that is not good for a business. Rather than having potential buyers from Razer itself, they can buy a Razer gear from someone who got it from the rewards, zero revenue. For a business, this is not good. Cheers :)
  2. nikuusamma

    nikuusamma New Member

    I feel like these changes will make getting Razer Exclusive content such as the Razer Mug Holder close to impossible, as a lot of us have school or work and we cant spend everyday grinding away at the zSilver. Thus we try to save up a little here and a little there as one of the replies here has stated already I am a person that has nothing but Razer Accessories and multiples at that I think I have 15 or more to be quite honest. As a result I wouldn't want to use my zSilver for things like that when I can just buy them. But for things like the Razer Mug which isn't for sale will then forever remain a pipe dream. I would say that maybe you can give us a way to reserve zSilver for use only on the exclusive content and we can choose how much whether it be as low as none or as high as all.
  3. that_thunder_strike

    that_thunder_strike New Member

    I 100% agree with this. It isn't fair on those who are saving up for the exclusives!
  4. Christinde

    Christinde Well-Known Member

    I'm kinda unsure what to think about this....
    I'm saving up for when I spot, The Thing I Gotta Have, in the zVault Store... Since I have quite a few things, but missing some very wished items I hoped to get from the vault that isn't available to me normally or stuff like that....
    But I kinda feel like I'm not allowed to now.. o_O

    I don't quite understand why this change had to be made?
  5. Hucast

    Hucast Well-Known Member

    Look at my response on page 8 #152. That may shed some light on the subject. I was against the expiration at first. I've since rethought my position.
  6. Christinde

    Christinde Well-Known Member

    I see what you mean in that response ^^ -Thanks
    I'm far from against it, I'm was/is just a bit confused or worried... I guess

    But it helped a lot to read that, so I feel a lot more calm about it.
    I'm glad that they are working on making the system better, and this also makes me hope that Min-Liangs thread - Interesting idea for Paid to Play will become something
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  7. NeqqerTron

    NeqqerTron Member

    Absolutely terrible change for the expiry date for zSilver.
    How are we supposed to know when to earn or not earn for special items?
    Terrible move Razer.
  8. X4vier

    X4vier Member

    So...yeah....this is just a pure stupidity....I,like the most ones here,was collecting for the past few moths all the days those zsilver coins with the hope off getting something really cool from a great company that we all love (You RAZER) and when we finaly acheive the amount that was needed to receive,for example a DeathAdder Elite that was realised I think one week ago,and now it's "vouchers" are out of stock... Oh Cmon Razer you are better than that!! What is the point of having your own currency when it isn't usefull for nothin?
    I really thouht that this thing of Zsilver was for us Gamers,people that dream of having somethin from on of the big ones in the gaming area but now it just seems some nonesense.....

    ALBBUS New Member

    I wanna get a firefly so bad. That's soo RGB. Every pc builder out here knows the deep feelings that RGB gives you. Btw this 12 month expiration is going to oblige you to spend some money on zgolds to get zsilvers.... Not really sure if that's my thing tho.....
  10. Adrenalized

    Adrenalized New Member

    12-month validity period for zSilver Not cool :slightly_sad:
  11. KaseyNicole

    KaseyNicole New Member

    I'm actually super bummed by the expiration dates. Since I study at a University I can't spend all my free time just playing games, being involved with insider, etc. If I want a more expensive item (like a keyboard) I won't be able to save up enough zSilver to redeem a keyboard before it expires. :slightly_sad: I like the rewards system, but this makes me sad.
  12. ARMOR_152

    ARMOR_152 Well-Known Member

    It's an insane deal if you do want to try it out. (at least here in the US)

    Spend $100 to get $120 of zGold.
    Spend it at Gamersgate to get 20% off. (of steam games)
    This gives you Blue Coins which is free money to spend at Gamersgate.
    Then you get zSilver giving you more free games/merch.

    If you do it right you're saving a ton of money (spend $100 and get very roughly $60 free).

    That would be best case scenario and it's very hard to figure out since the amount you spend will always vary but $20 free zGold + ~$20 Gamersgate savings + ~$5 Blue Coins + ~$15 worth of zSilver)

    So pay attention to the deals, hit the max tiers if you can, and you can save a ton.
  13. PhoenixFDG95

    PhoenixFDG95 New Member

    I look for to more mugs with razer chroma, please make a new version for the fans that couldn't get it on time
  14. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    This is what I've been taking advantage of, sadly, I just don't have the funds to throw around to get everything I want. lol -- I've been here since the beginning (of both insider, and all of these reward systems) however, even I still don't like the 12 month expiration date on the zSilver. I *would* however be cool with a 24 month expiration period. (because I pick and choose what I want to play based on what I WANT to play, not what I need to play to earn zSilver, I only have 37,000 total so far)

    Also, I think they should add in that each of our accounts can only redeem ONE of each kind of reward voucher. So, that if something like the chroma mug does show up again, the farmers / sellers can only get one unless they're grinding the hell out of more than one account. In which case I just have no words.

    there's a few more comments from me. hehehe
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  15. ki1418z

    ki1418z New Member

    please expand to Hong Kong
  16. Brisingr_Phoenix

    Brisingr_Phoenix Active Member

    Great... I spent around 1 year to get to 36k, only to find out that I'll get the end scene from Willy Wonka when the expiration date rolls around
  17. ALBBUS

    ALBBUS New Member

    Actually you're right but I started using Razer Cortex for some freebies like a lot of people out here and after 250+ hours of gaming I don't want to get my zsilvers expired. I'm looking forward to buy zgolds tho cause of the amazing deals that I've seen. I was just sceptical about this whole expiring thing. That's it.
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  18. NotThisAgain

    NotThisAgain Active Member

    Not a fan of this idea, first off with the limited games to play monthly, and now expiry dating zSilver. Grinding out on a game that you don't like to earn zSilver while saving for a big-ticket item to have them expire is not cool.

    I have posted that the monthly thing was somewhat a good idea but combined with the expiry dating it's a kick in the arse. On top of items not being available when zSilver is cashed in, what is going to happen, you save to get that ???? and your zSilver is about to expire and upon ordering you find out it's not in stock. What is going to happen? It's got the feeling that some good supporters can get shot in the foot by the ones there supporting.
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  19. ILike.Rice

    ILike.Rice New Member

    I really wish zSilver had no expiration date.
  20. HadesRL

    HadesRL New Member

    The issue is that, they are trying to make money from this from their zvault. This is not like most international point system which is already in place and anyone could just exchange things listed. If you allow people to accumulate them yet not allow them to exchange anything. It seems unfair and too soon to implement this. It only shows that you realize that the region that you not doing anything because not much money was generated there and you don't seems interested in it. Just my feel on this 12 months thing even Krisflyer last for 3 years and there are many ways of accumulating their points.
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