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RazerBlade 2014 vs Macbook Pro

Discussion in 'Systems' started by alluriharikishan, Dec 9, 2014.

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  1. alluriharikishan

    alluriharikishan New Member

    Hi Guys!! I am wondering what to buy. The new RazerBlade 2014 or Macbook Pro. I heard that RazerBlade has heating issues but I am ok with it since the only game I play is league of legends (Yeah I know its funny). The reason why I am considering Macbook pro is only because I wanted to build iOS apps. Suggestions please.

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  2. azngamer101

    azngamer101 New Member

    I bought the very first razer blade when it came out and only after 3 hoursish it heated up and honestly it isnt that bad. Maybe i just got use to it but on the current one they improved cooling alot so it shouldn't be as bad. You could probably just run some sort of vmware to make ios apps on windows.
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  3. Go native wherever possible. If you are going to develop for iOS it's better just to buy the Macbook, although otherwise I would advice you to go with the Blade.
  4. Bulwulf

    Bulwulf New Member

    I got a new razer blade 14 for gaming and I have a MacBook Air for work office type stuff. Agree with above though if you want to build iOS apps go apple. But the new razer blade is awesome. Still heats up a bit during long game sessions.
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  5. w9jds

    w9jds Active Member

    I do not recommend a Macbook pro even if you want to build iOS apps. There are loads of reasons why not to do it.
    1. Not all Razer products work on Macs
    2. Mac game support still blows (everyone says it is better but it really isn't the abnormal screen and under power graphics makes it impossible to get it running well)
    3. xcode is quite possibly the worst IDE ever
    4. Developing for apple is like being locked in jail.
    5. You can now create iOS apps using Xamarin on windows (much better than objective c) without going to jail
    6. Macbooks aren't made for gaming. I overheat the thing just developing on it. Playing a game? Forget about putting it on your lap.
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  6. Antosa

    Antosa Active Member

    The Blade doesn't actually have heating issues. Just the exhaust vents (just like any other laptop) get hot, but it isn't anywhere near your chipset.
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  7. Mazer_no_id

    Mazer_no_id New Member

    Definitely agree with this concept regarding working of iOS applications, not that it's impossible to do develop on Windows, but I cannot imagine the issues or trouble you may run into not using native software.

    I have run Razer software (Synapse 2.0 for my Orochi and Nostromo keypad) on my Mac and they run. Though, some of the others they offer are not available for Mac OS, but they may not matter to you. But I could only imagine how good they run on a Razer Blade.

    I would guess League of Legends would run on most Macbook Pros. I own the 2012 13' Macbook Pro with Intel i5 2.5Ghz, 8gb RAM, 256 SSD, Intel HD 4000 graphics running OS X Maverick ($1400+/- after SSD upgrade). With this setup I can run Dota 2 on medium/high graphics well. And I know the latest Retina Macbook Pros have really improve integrated graphics and performance, just make sure you upgrade processor if you can afford it. That is the only place I felt a little lax on performance.

    You could always Duel-boot a Macbook to run Windows for gaming if you had a large enough hard drive, which I did for awhile and they both ran great. I suggest minimal 250gb SSD and 8gb just in case.

    Hopefully you do not get bombarded with Mac or Windows haters, because I say you truly cannot go wrong either way for decent gaming for the price you pay on either system.

    Good luck.
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  8. Antosa

    Antosa Active Member

    Honestly, this post isn't incorrect. I would prefer the Blade, mostly because I want the graphics processing power, and the black paint and green lighting is sexy. Otherwise, I would be completely content with a Mac.
  9. BennyMoto

    BennyMoto New Member

    I did try gaming on a MacBook for the couple years I had one. I did not find the experience quite the same as gaming on Windows. The graphics card just isn't up to snuff for most games. Yes they will play league of legends or WoW. The Blade would give you more longevity for games to come plus the opportunity to upgrade to Windows 10 when that comes out. The screen is beautiful to boot. It should also be powerful enough to support Steam Game Streaming on your home network which definitely comes in handy.

    And if you want a dual OS setup, just load Linux on your Blade ;)
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  10. Mazer_no_id

    Mazer_no_id New Member

    Good point with the look. I am a sucker for a sexy finish on my devices and the Razer Blade's have always passed the test with flying colors. I know Apple has their signature silver, sleek look, but I would a change would not be bad as this point.

    And agreed that graphics power on the some Macbook Pros (mine with the Intel HD 4000) is not stellar, but get most jobs done. I attempted to play Starcraft 2 on Ultra/High settings and it was unbearable. That is why I would think playing League of Legends alluriharikishan mentioned, would likely be good, even on Intel HD 4000, but the newer Macbook have easily surpassed what I own in integrated graphics.

    Antosa has a good argument for Razer Blade in stock form regarding performance (regardless of whether you upgrade the storage). And unless you went with the high-end Macbook Pro (e.g. 15' with dedicated graphics card), you would likely have to upgrade parts (processor, RAM, etc) to get even close to Razer's capabilities graphically.

    You could always split yourself for a refurbished, lower-cost Mac from Apple for your work (desktop or laptop), and get a refurbished Razer Blade. They both seem to cover warranty just the same as new products as long as you buy from their respective online stores.
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  11. alluriharikishan

    alluriharikishan New Member

    Thank you guys. Anyways, I just bought a razerblade 2014 :).
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  12. freakoftech

    freakoftech Active Member

    I personally cant stand Macs. If i were you i would get the Blade and maybe build a virtual machine to build the ios apps.
  13. Mazer_no_id

    Mazer_no_id New Member

    Nice:D I am sure you will enjoy it and hopefully still be able to do most of you iOS work without too much trouble.
    Best regards.
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