Razerblade Pro (I believe 2013) please give feedback :)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Chuemmer, Dec 8, 2015.

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  1. Chuemmer

    Chuemmer Active Member

    Hey guys!

    I was wondering what your opinion on the razerblade pro is? The pricetag it goes for ($2500USD is WAYYYY too much for me, but I found someone willing to sell me their used one for about $1200USD), the issue is that it doesn't have a battery. Does anyone know where I could get a replacement battery, for starters? And if it is worth the money to get the used one at $1200? I currently am using an MSI GE-72 Apache Pro-17.3 inches with 16gb of DDR4-2133 mhz ram, whereas the razerblade pro runs DDR3-1600mhz for the same price. On top of that the razerblade pro has a 860M whereas my MSI has a 960M... but my MSI at 2 months old is literally falling apart - the screen panel was not properly glued to the LCD and is peeling off. Now from my experience (Razer Naga epic, naga epic chroma, blackwidow chrome, 7.1 krakens, and 7.1 kraken chromas - Razer seems to be a relatively quality brand. Even though I have had my fair share of issues with them as well)

    I was wondering if anyone here has used the Razrerblade pro and if you would take the used one for $1200 or go with a new, 100% functioning laptop for that price range? Especially if the rumors of charging $250 to replace the battery through Razer is true, $130 for the battery - $120 for the labor (which as a computer science major and someone who builds their own desktops - I find $120 to be a little high/outrageous, personally).

    Any thoughts/opinions are welcome!

    Please and thank you!


    It's a 2014 Blade Pro I say don't go with it... or buy an Razer Blade which is better in every way, all for the battery thing and missing stuff maybe Razer support will help but thats long shot for getting individual parts. Here's a review of Razer Blade Pro 2015 it does not do so great with laptops he compared it to.
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  3. Chuemmer

    Chuemmer Active Member

    That was actually the best in-depth laptop review I have ever seen. Great find!
    I must say I agree 100% that it is not worth the $2500+ pricetag, but if I were able to get it at around ~$1400 I was considering how viable it might be. Honestly, I would also love to see them implement a chroma keyboard on the laptops (That is a huge pull for me with the MSI laptops - the steelseries keyboards). Buying the items directly from Razer is just incredibly expensive, although I did see that you can get a refurbished blade from them for about $1400 as well. On the flip-side I can get a brand new MSI with 16GB DDR4 and a GTX-9XX GPU instead of a used DDR3, GTX-8XX GPU. Which - as much as I love Razer, it is still hard to justify in my honest opinion.

    And while I do most of my gaming on my desktop I built, if I am going to buy a laptop at a certain pricepoint, I still want the laptop to be one of the best at that pricepoint
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  4. CandiedBunion69

    CandiedBunion69 New Member

    You could probably get the MSI laptop fixed for relatively cheap. Sounds like a basic problem. A lot of electronics stores have repairmen. If you really felt like it, you could do it yourself.

    On the other hand, the Blade is a lot lighter and better designed. It might not be as fast, but the design alone is worth it. It's like a MacBook with a better operating system.
  5. Chuemmer

    Chuemmer Active Member

    I am sending the MSI laptop back. You are correct, I could fix it in 5 minutes, but I just spent $1200 on a laptop, and it is already giving me trouble, to me that is a redflag that this machine might have been marketed as new but is refurbished. Although I could fix it, I want what I paid for, not something that is falling apart after the first month. And as with the blade, that is still a steep price tag for the hardware it is packing, no matter what direction you attack it from.
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