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Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Dekades, Aug 21, 2019.

  1. Why I can't order custom "Orochi v2"? after I custom it and click add to cart, after a few moments saving it said added to cart but when I view the cart, there's nothing in it. Does anyone have any idea?
  2. Varmı
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  3. 123Ayantyt

    123Ayantyt New Member


    Please check

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  4. KaithlynMoore

    KaithlynMoore New Member

    Hi guys,
    I'm facing a problem with my razer basilisk ultimate. The problem facing is in its DPI.

    Kindly, advise.
  5. I not received my razer gold
    What can I do for it
  6. big.buraz

    big.buraz New Member

  7. JonsGhost

    JonsGhost New Member

    Once I have some extra cash I look forward to purchasing some Razer Gear :cool_:
  8. Phontom

    Phontom New Member

    Hello sir,
    Hope you are fine,
    Yesterday I was adding 700 gold to my account made payment with upi (Phone pay UPI:-mohdfaris@axl)
    Money deducted from my account but no gold added to my account and it shows reload pending .Please help.


    Registered Mail:- singhveer00011@gmail.com

    Number:- 8707284959

    UPI Reference number:- 114778621321

    Transaction ID Razor Gold:- 0122MIU2E1S85A82C169F

    Please someone help me

    More information in attachment

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  10. Emishady02

    Emishady02 New Member

    I want to share this thing
  11. florencekirk88

    florencekirk88 New Member

    Please help,,,, i need to change phone number on my account because i lost Authe App on my phone,, what can i do?
  12. Kevinsabado

    Kevinsabado New Member

    how to fixed my otp number..my otp number was deactivate
  13. Borhankhan1234

    Borhankhan1234 New Member

    please, go global
  14. Kkloud

    Kkloud New Member

    This is literally the one thing everyone needs
  15. Oi me dá 10000000000 silves pôr favor
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  17. Mahrizi_Gamer

    Mahrizi_Gamer New Member

  18. urbandirectLilac850

    urbandirectLilac850 New Member

    Hey hello, I want to order a customized case for S21 Ultra but the option is not available
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