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Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Dekades, Aug 21, 2019.

  1. Hello World, World Hello
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  2. hi bro! I have the same product as you and i have the same issue one of the moderators told me that.. Your Razer Kraken Tournament Edition has THX Spatial support on Synapse 3. If you have the app installed, you can use the THX button on the side of the USB audio controller to enable the feature. The LED indicator on the top-right corner of the audio controller will light up if the surround sound is on.
  3. MUY_2k

    MUY_2k Member

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  4. boogeyman2k

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  5. timeworks

    timeworks New Member

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  6. 20032523

    20032523 New Member

    Comprei diamante com reizer god e nai chegou ?
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  7. Juniorpeyrhrkfkfjd

    Juniorpeyrhrkfkfjd New Member

    hi! i gotta my bakups codes please. i can´t see my backup codes! help! help! help!
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  8. hi guys!
    i have a problem with my razer mouse its an razer deathadder essential as i move my mouse it unpluggs and if i move it in the right side (example) , its plugged another thing is even if i connect my mouse in my pc when i look at the device manager i doesnt show up as razer mouse etc but just the default mice etc.
    if u guys have a solution pls let me know about it

    ROSTEER New Member

    why not have same support microsoft is better her the suppont is hard
  10. Fabiancacuango

    Fabiancacuango New Member

    No me llega los códigos de verificación
  11. Where is Dongle for Razer Viper ultimate ?
  12. ghalansanjay45

    ghalansanjay45 New Member

    Hlw sir my right side earbuds automatically of after 5 to 10 minutes while using
  13. ghalansanjay45

    ghalansanjay45 New Member

    Automatically power off my right side earbuds while iam using
  14. lemontrout83663

    lemontrout83663 New Member

    can wait although i am more likely waitig for payday to buy some of that than for it to come out
  15. KCSpence

    KCSpence New Member

    I'm trying to find support for the 2-step authentication on the Account page on insider.razer.com.

    I've tried multiple times to enter the code sent to my email, and it just sits there. I actually had one just sitting on the screen for over 3 hours.

    When I enter the code, nothing changes. I don't get a button to accept the code, and the menu for "Choose a different method" only has "Need help?" as an option which just takes me to the Razer ID Support page.

    I was wanting to get onto my account and add a payment method (If that's even possible), but can't because my account page is pretty much mostly locked.

    And I can't find ANY way to speak with a person in the US or in chat on the website.

    Please help.
  16. erdiandwijaya13

    erdiandwijaya13 New Member

    Can someone help me, my mamba chroma v2 charging dock cant be repair(destroyed)
    So i bought my friend charging dock, but i can only charge my mouse with it cant use it wirelessly, is there a way to pair the mouse and dock?
  17. im having trouble i just bought razer blade 14 3070. it had a chinese windows on it. so i had to wipe the computer and install an english windows on it. now i have no drivers for razer and i need help to find these drivers and such things who can help me.
  18. mikeyfastwheels

    mikeyfastwheels New Member

    Hello, I can't find the recovery USB section on the store for my blade 2012.. is that section just gone or?
  19. Uzi786

    Uzi786 New Member

    hey guys, can i have my computer on outside with charger plugged in over night? i am talking about temperatures from 5 celsius down to 0, and also -2,-3?
  20. heatCoquelicotcool8

    heatCoquelicotcool8 New Member

    Não recebi meu código de virificacao de duas etapas
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