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Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Dekades, Aug 21, 2019.

  1. Chayan01

    Chayan01 New Member

    please my razer account unlocked
  2. Cking6

    Cking6 New Member

    I need this razar gift card code pin to trade_salerep#22226570
  3. need this razar gift card code pin
  4. DemonLordNeuro

    DemonLordNeuro New Member

    would really be nice to have discontinued products spare parts as these are the hardest to sort out especially in a clean almost brand new like, better yet brand new replacement parts. seriously, for example the razer phone 2 has a faulty Charging port design that keeps breaking down on me and even my Samsung A7 that god only knows how many years its been with me and the port function much better than my razer phone 2 which used for a week or 2.
    been buying spare parts on ebay for like a couple years now and tbh it become harder and harder id started considering getting rid of that money pit. but I still love the phone none the less and id wish I can keep it.
    long story short, its cool that you guys are adding spare parts and stuff, but something like Type A to Type C cables are everywhere they are not a must to get, but a phone charging port is a different deal its specific and parts are limited to one model.
    i wouldn't mind a replica that function better than the original but come on... would that come cheap? or at least under 200$?
  5. Eli-Fire23

    Eli-Fire23 New Member

    do you know when this will be available because for some reason my usb dongle stop working one day
  6. Amielox

    Amielox New Member

  7. When will the RAZER HYPERPOLLING WIRELESS DONGLE be in stock?
    I want to try 2000hz.
  8. ljudo

    ljudo New Member

    salut tout le monde!
  9. Xerkeine

    Xerkeine New Member

    Hello, I just want to ask how to change the Email I am currently locked to because its already gone and can't be retrieve. The phone number is currently empty also. Please Help
  10. meu synapse 3 nao que abrir como atualiza o mouse
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  11. MKroaki

    MKroaki New Member

    May I ask why the offers doesn't apply for students? I was willing to by the barracuda headsets in discount but, oh, surprise, I logged and as I've a student account, the black weekend doesn't apply. Which means if I want them I should pay 85€ not 65€. WTH? Why?
    upload_2022-11-27_20-9-7.png upload_2022-11-27_20-10-4.png
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