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Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Dekades, Aug 21, 2019.

  1. easyinfoSand949

    easyinfoSand949 New Member

    Hi there I recently misplaced the adjustable feet that came with my razer leviathan and would like to purchase a replacement set. Can anyone help point me in the right direction? Need asap
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  2. Bagaimana dengan kasus hilangnya game mobile legend di razer gold brl. Apakah untuk pembelian game tersebut masih bisandi lakukan di server ini?
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  3. Lilrezzie

    Lilrezzie New Member

    last update was April lol\

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  4. Stizzabuzzpoint652

    Stizzabuzzpoint652 New Member

  5. Stizzabuzzpoint652

    Stizzabuzzpoint652 New Member

  6. Petooo23

    Petooo23 New Member

    [QUOTE = "Dekades, publicación: 499459, miembro: 701922"] [ATTACH = full] 530336 [/ ATTACH]
    ¡Hola, iniciados!

    Nuestra tienda RazerCare siempre está agregando nuevos productos en línea y sentimos que era importante mantenerlo informado sobre qué cosas están disponibles y cuándo. Trabajamos duro todos los días para asegurarnos de estar al día con las necesidades de nuestros clientes y, aunque no podremos cumplir con todos los dongle o almohadillas para los oídos que faltan, nos aseguraremos de mantener este hilo actualizado. siempre que haya algo nuevo en la tienda.

    Actualmente, nuestra tienda RazerCare solo está abierta para nuestros clientes de EE. UU. No tenemos ningún anuncio sobre la expansión a otras regiones, pero serás el primero en saberlo.

    Visite nuestra tienda RazerCare hoy. Quién sabe, finalmente puede encontrar un reemplazo para esa molesta pieza que perdió.

    * * *​

    Nuevos artículos en la tienda 22/04/20
    • Clutch de cuarzo Basilisk DPI
    • Cubierta superior Atheris Stormtrooper
    • Torreta USB A - Cable USB C
    • Cable en forma de L Quartz Seiren X
    • Sierra circular USB A - Cable USB C
    • Ripsaw HDMI - Cable HDMI
    • Dongle USB Razer Nari
    • Dongle de cable inalámbrico Mamba

    Nuevos artículos en la tienda 21/8/19
    • Almohadillas de gel refrescante Razer Kraken TE Refresh
    • Dongle transceptor inalámbrico Razer Nari Ultimate
    • Dongle transceptor inalámbrico Razer Nari Essential
    • Almohadillas de gel refrescantes para los oídos de la familia Razer Nari
    • Cable de carga de la familia Razer Nari
    • Cable combinado de 3,5 mm para la familia Nari
    • Micrófono extraíble Razer Electra V2
    • Reemplazo de punta de silicona de la familia Razer Hammerhead (familia de 4)
    • Cable inalámbrico Mamba
    • Reposamuñecas Huntsman Elite
    • Cable en forma de L Razer Seiren X
    • Cable Razer Seiren Elite
    muy buen cambio el que ha hecho razer, muy contento, gracias!!
  7. o meu código não esta chegando no meu celular
  8. TriggerFinGr

    TriggerFinGr New Member

    this is great to see and very useful as well, just curious as to where can i talk to someone about my razer huntsman keyboard sometimes the keys arent working properly
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  9. s-priv

    s-priv New Member

    i need help my razor blade wont turn on the only thing we see is the ctrl white light turn on slightly but everything else dose not turn on i need help figuring out what it is
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  10. gs125

    gs125 New Member

    Good news.
  11. Razer Gold, Mobile Legends Bang Bang ile ilişkilerini kesti mi?
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  12. bizJADEDarkKhaki197

    bizJADEDarkKhaki197 New Member

    up for this thread
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  13. SquareClaw123

    SquareClaw123 New Member

    will you guys be adding the wrist rest for the blackwidow chroma v2 anytime soon? if not is therre any other way to buy it if not cover by a warranty??
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  14. pvsang121

    pvsang121 New Member

    mic razer seiren elite have an error, when i plug into my pc, it only shows up as USB input device in device manager (under Human Interface Devices), and when I reinstall it "Bravo HD FW Update" is installed instead. Important note, the microphone does not light up its LED as well and disconnecting it will play the sound notification for windows.
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  15. River_ssz

    River_ssz Active Member

    I'm just waiting for a razer store to open in the east side of US. Their all on the west side of the US
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  16. NowYouPeepMe

    NowYouPeepMe New Member

    I'm posting here because I have an issue.
    My Razer Naga Trinity Buttons are having a clicking issue, both of them. And I'm pretty sure it's because of a faulty mouse switch. Does anyone have any tutorials on how to possibly fix it? I heard there are things about soldering (Which I know nothing about and don't have the tools to do it) but what do you think the problem started with? Is there dust clogging the buttons? Is that copper sheet on the clickers dirty or something? Any help would be immensely appreciated!
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  17. 766412404

    766412404 New Member

    Preciso de ajuda urgente, o número que usei pra fazer o cadastro no razer não está mais em uso, preciso mudar pra que eu possa finalizar a minha compra. Podem me dizer onde posso ta realizando a troca do número?
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  18. Alexzane6

    Alexzane6 New Member

    i hope they expand it to EU
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  19. BigAutisticBird

    BigAutisticBird New Member

    yea pretty cool
  20. d4NKy

    d4NKy New Member

    Hello, I need help finding a USB dongle for my Basilisk Ultimate. I’ve contacted Razer support numerous times and they have been absolutely no help to me. I need some direction please.
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