#RazerForLife | Play games. Pledge Masks. Do Good.

Discussion in 'Razer Gold & Silver' started by Dekades, Jul 17, 2020.

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  1. Dekades

    Dekades Community Cowboy Staff Member

    1080x1080_RazerForLifeMasks (2).gif

    Hey Insiders,

    Those of you who are already earning Razer Silver playing games on Razer Cortex and spending with Razer Gold can now take their efforts a little further for a great cause. You can now pledge masks with your earned and unutilized Razer Silver. For every mask pledged, Razer will commit to deliver them to frontline workers fighting COVID-19 around the globe. Choose to pledge from 3 options - 1 mask, 10 masks or a box of 50 masks.

    Over 60,000 masks have been pledged and donated. Help us reach our target to donate 100,000 masks or more, by August 16, 2020. To thank everyone for your support, we will markdown our best Razer Silver rewards by 20% for one week beginning August 17, 2020.

    For more information visit: https://www.razer.com/campaigns/razerforlife/pledge-masks-with-razer-silver
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    DRIFT_IT Well-Known Member

    I only had 2000 Silver cause I redeemed a Hunstman T.E but I have donated 2 masks so far. Hope you guys reach the target soon and exceed it.
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  3. Kenserky

    Kenserky Well-Known Member

    I may be selfish but I'm about to redeem at the end of the month so I'll save my amount for now, but as soon as august start, i'll spend all my gains to pledge masks.
  4. bSteakkk

    bSteakkk Well-Known Member

    feels good that our hard earned silvers are being used for good! kudos to you razer!
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  5. Natachat90

    Natachat90 Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Hello friends,

    I want to give my support to all the people on the planet, protect yourself and your family.
    In France, there is a slight resumption of the epidemic because many people do not wear a mask. -_-

    Please wear the mask to protect people, corona virus is no joke, it actually kills people.

    Thank you Razer for the generosity and the making of the masks, you save lives. You are the best.
  6. .Surf.

    .Surf. Well-Known Member

    I like the idea, tho silvers are hard to come by these days, i'll sacrifice some of them for greater good.
  7. RacianVD

    RacianVD Well-Known Member

    I already did and I'll do once more when able to.
  8. FaezzulFarhan

    FaezzulFarhan Well-Known Member

    I wish to pledge the mask. But I only have 2000 silver right now :sob:
  9. Sacius

    Sacius Well-Known Member

    Good Job Razers
  10. Harshpatel042002

    Harshpatel042002 New Member

    I don't get a code on my phone number when i want but razer gold. Can some body reply me
  11. dodo_0

    dodo_0 Well-Known Member

    There's a lot of good people! The hope is alive.
  12. mozila80

    mozila80 Well-Known Member

    thank you razer for this campaign!
  13. Valiantaaron30

    Valiantaaron30 New Member

    Nice .. i'll pledge the razer mask soon
    i'll redeem 10,000 Razer silver for the mask
  14. bizWeldonBluetools832

    bizWeldonBluetools832 Well-Known Member

    Saving for the Huntsman Elite, not for useless masks.
  15. OneTreadLife

    OneTreadLife Well-Known Member

    Keep up the good intentions!
  16. I have a Huntsman Elite
  17. SylvanasMage

    SylvanasMage Well-Known Member

    Happy to help to supply people with masks if i can
  18. G_Leland

    G_Leland Member

    Donated for 1 mask.

    From love with Russia
  19. RRforUT

    RRforUT New Member

    Why my order can not going
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  20. hasankecik1

    hasankecik1 New Member

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