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RazerNabu Watch Forged Edition Problem

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Llama2298, Apr 12, 2019.

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  1. Llama2298

    Llama2298 New Member

    Hey Snake fan!
    3 months ago I've bought a razer nabu watch forged edition, and it worked flawlessly since then.
    Yesterday it decided to get very weird as the nabu stopped working randomly (was fully charged and i only charged it in a 5v usb with proprietary cable. the main clock is working , Bluetooth indicator is on but the phone does not detect it in Bluetooth settings at all.
    I tried to plug it in the charger but nothing happens. Only the main clock is working but not the "smart" feature of it which kinda sucks . It looks brand new and i only cleaned it at a clock specialist.
    Also something weird that happens is that when it's plugged in and charging , if i press the light button the main clock disappears for a few seconds until the light goes off.
    Factory problem or what happend to it?
    I live in romania and it's kinda hard to send it to support for a RMA
Thread Status:
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