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RazerStore San Francisco FAQs

Discussion in 'RazerStore San Francisco' started by RΛZΞR | LoneTomato, Oct 15, 2016.

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  1. JamesonTai

    JamesonTai Member Staff Member

    Hey everyone, so we get a lot of questions about how our store works. Of course, being the only store outside of Asia, we get literally everyone dropping by while they visit SF!

    I'm visiting San Francisco, how do I find RazerStore San Francisco?
    • We are located inside the Westfield San Francisco Centre in Downtown San Francisco's Union Square area.
    • RazerStore San Francisco is located at the 5th Street Entrance of San Francisco Centre on the 1st Floor, and is accessible directly from street level.
    How do I contact RazerStore San Francisco?
    Events and Tournaments:
    • Public events are free to join. All events listed in our events calendar on our store website or on the store's Insider page will be free to join, and open to the public.
    • Tournaments have no entry fee.
    • Due to regulations related to organized gambling, we cannot publicly disclose information on whether or not there would be prizes/giveaways, nor can we disclose what the top prize, if any, would be.
    • Due to the popularity of our events, some of our demo units may be utilized and reserved for the event, and would not be accessible to all fans who come in. We appreciate your patience to either wait until the end of the tournament or event, or return at a later date/time.
    Our Demos in the Store:
    • Our demo computers are free to utilize for gaming purposes. Our motto is "Touch. Play. Stay." so we obviously want you to be able to do so.
    • You sign in to your own game licenses. Sorry, we do not provide game codes or licenses if you do not own the game.
    • Our demo peripherals are also available for you to try out. Want to try out and compare green, orange, and yellow switches? We have them. Want to try out our newest audio, broadcaster, and mice? We have them too!
    • Here's the most up-to-date list of what we have on display:
      • Systems:
        • New Razer Blade Pro [GTX 1080] (UHD/G-SYNC)
        • New Razer Blade Stealth [Kaby Lake] (QHD and UHD models)
        • New Razer Blade [GTX 1060] (FHD and QHD+ models)
        • Razer Core (plugged in with our New Stealths, and one unit taken apart)
        • Lenovo Y900 Razer Edition Gaming Desktop
        • Lenovo Y27g Razer Edition 144Hz G-SYNC Gaming Monitors
        • NXZT H440 Razer Edition Case
        • Maingear R1 Razer Edition Custom Built Desktop
      • Mice:
        • DeathAdder Elite
        • DeathAdder Chroma (Overwatch and Deus Ex Editions)
        • Mamba and Mamba TE
        • Abyssus V2
        • Naga Epic Chroma, Naga Hex V2
        • Taipan
        • Diamondback
      • Keyboards:
        • BlackWidow Chroma, BlackWidow Chroma Stealth
        • BlackWidow Chroma (Overwatch and Deus Ex Editions)
        • BlackWidow X Chroma
        • BlackWidow TE, BlackWidow X TE
        • Ornata and Ornata Chroma
        • DeathStalker Chroma
        • Orbweaver
        • Tartarus
        • Turret
      • Audio
        • ManO'War
        • ManO'War 7.1
        • ManO'War TE (Overwatch Edition)
        • Kraken Pro V2 (Black, White, Green)
        • Kraken 7.1 V2
        • Leviathan
        • Leviathan Mini
      • Mouse Mats
        • Firefly (Hard and Cloth Edition)
        • Invicta
        • Vespula
        • Sphex V2; Sphex V2 Mini
        • Kabuto
        • Gigantus
        • Goliathus (Mobile, Small, Medium, Large, Extended) (Overwatch and Deus Ex Editions also available)
      • Console
        • Wildcat Pro Controller for XB1
        • Atrox Arcade Fight Stick for XB1
        • Raiju Pro Controller for PS4
        • Panthera Arcade Fight Stick for PS4
        • Turret
      • Broadcasters
        • Seiren, Seiren Pro
        • Stargazer
        • Ripsaw
      • Assorted apparel and accessories
    What We Sell:
    • RazerStore San Francisco carries a majority, if not all, of Razer's newest models available.
    • Inventory availability fluctuates from day to day, so please contact the store directly
    Service and Support:
    • RazerStore San Francisco is strictly an experience and retail space, and does not have the capability to perform service or support at this time. We encourage all Razer fans who seek service or support to contact Razer Support at RazerSupport.com or on Twitter @RazerSupport.
    Online Store/Orders:
    • RazerStore San Francisco cannot modify, support, or service online store orders.
    • Returns and exchanges of online orders must go through Razer Support.
    • Coupons and credits from the online store may not be applied in RazerStore San Francisco
  2. JamesonTai

    JamesonTai Member Staff Member

    Updated 18OCT2016

    All arena tables have been updated to DeathAdder Elite and Kraken 7.1 V2 today! They feel sooooooo good. We should have our own YouTube channel do to the ultimate unboxing video xD
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  3. JamesonTai

    JamesonTai Member Staff Member

    Updated 20OCT2016

    Adding the New Razer Blade Pro to our displays! If you're in SF, you HAVE to check it out!

  4. JamesonTai

    JamesonTai Member Staff Member

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