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Discussion in 'RazerStore & AFKs' started by technokat, May 16, 2016.

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  1. gogartygaming

    gogartygaming New Member

    wow that is so amazing

    there should be a shop in australia

    a toster would be good

    i would love to go to a razer store aswell
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  2. Muelljac12

    Muelljac12 Member

    can't wait to head there, you guys should open up the next in Seattle.
  3. DeadRazr

    DeadRazr New Member

    I've been wanting to go to the opening but I never got to go. But out of any gaming stuff Razer wins by default. :smile_:
  4. suncoxiao

    suncoxiao New Member

    Nice!! Razer should open more store to make try the new products
  5. chephupuph_no_id

    chephupuph_no_id New Member

    Hope I can get there someday!
    But now I could just participate in the contest, hope to have any chance!
    After two months, does anyone know when they will share the results of the contest?!
    Will they ever share the names of this contest winners like other giveaways or contests here?!
  6. Deathalo

    Deathalo Active Member

    Los Angeles seems like a logical spot for a store as well...
  7. BrianCMullin

    BrianCMullin New Member

    Any plans of getting one in NYC? I don't think I can just buy a ticket to SF to get to go to the store lol
  8. Lofaro

    Lofaro New Member

    I would love to visit a razer store in my area, small chance of that happening anytime soon :slightly_sad:
  9. jkob1337

    jkob1337 New Member

    It's pretty nice :D
  10. Any chance of a store opening on the east coast??

    Are there any store exclusive products?
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  11. LunaPhoenix

    LunaPhoenix New Member

    If this was in South Australia, i would definitely visit, but i may end up on a holiday to a country where there's a razer store!
  12. guguetz

    guguetz New Member

    Please come to Brasil I need a Razer Store here. It's so beautiful.
  13. pmai7

    pmai7 Active Member

    So sweet, def heading here next time I'm in SF
  14. EliteVolt

    EliteVolt New Member

    Why does it say that its closed on google mapss?
  15. pmai7

    pmai7 Active Member

    Cause it opens at 11AM PT
  16. mine54i

    mine54i Member

    I'm so glad there is now a Razer store near me!
  17. SpectrL

    SpectrL Member

    I want a razer store near me
  18. Armedshadow

    Armedshadow New Member

    Great job. Any Razer store is my ideal Razer store. The only problem is that i can't reach it. Great job though. I hope you keep expanding and will come to Missouri some day.
  19. ItsTsuna

    ItsTsuna New Member

    Im still waiting in vancouver....
  20. guguetz

    guguetz New Member

    Im still waiting in Curitiba, Brazil
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