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Razor Blade 15 Periodical Black Screen

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by mprantl, Jul 14, 2019.

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  1. lucaslayf

    lucaslayf New Member

    Any updates on this?
    After changing every single possible setting in my computer, it works most of the time.
    I still get the black screen problem once or twice when I open the computer lid, but after that it got a bit better.
  2. byteVoltAMBER341

    byteVoltAMBER341 New Member

    Not at all. Neither from the Razer support. They keep repeating to reinstall drivers etc. It's clearly there is no radical solution at this point.
    The only temporary solution so far is to switch to 60Hz and bring it back to 240Hz.
  3. Nocteres

    Nocteres New Member

    Mine is in the same shape, I've reinstalled Windows 4 times and tried all the troubleshooting steps I can find or think of. The issue only crops up when I'm using 240hz and the computer has gone to sleep and wakes up or the screen saver has come on and is dismissed.

    The only solutions I have found are switching to 60hz mode, rebooting, or using Linux (Pop!_OS 19.10 to be specific). For the price of this machine it's ridiculous that this issue is as prevalent as it is and that a solution has not been found.

    Razer Blade 15 Advanced Mid-2019
    1080p 240hz Display
    Standard 16GB RAM
    Standard 512GB NVMe SSD
    RTX 2070 Max-Q
    BIOS version 1.04
  4. byteVoltAMBER341

    byteVoltAMBER341 New Member

    Well if that’s the state of Razer’s tech support then we have to take care of the problem by ourselves. I will code an app to automatically switch to 60Hz then back to 260Hz and release the download link here.

    I may need beta testers to confirm it’s working.
    However I will need to make some research and tests.

    The real challenge would be to find a way to detect when the problem appears. I will sniff the Windows system events and see what I can do.
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  5. pstallo

    pstallo New Member

    After trying all the other suggestions on here with no improvement, the one that finally fixed it for me was switching the screen to 60Hz. I saw that there was another razer update recently, so I downloaded and installed it. Tried switching back to 240 Hz and it went black within two hours. Switched back to 60 Hz and problem gone again. maybe they can create a patch update to resolve it.
  6. ngthanhtung153

    ngthanhtung153 New Member

    Yesterday, I spoke to Amazon Customer Service about my Razer Blade 15 2070 Max-Q 240hz. People from Amazon contacted the Razer warranty team about my problem. They say that this is a problem many people suffer from Intel Graphics fault. Razer said that there will be an upcoming update but did not specify when. I can return this device by the 20th of this month, but I really love it and want a solution. Razer support team please help us. We have paid a lot of money for this device and this is an error we did not expect.
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  7. byteVoltAMBER341

    byteVoltAMBER341 New Member

    I've coded an application that I think will temporary help us live with the problem.
    It basically toggles the display frequency from 240Hz to 60Hz and brings it back to 240Hz automatically so you can assign a key combination in your Razer Synapse to launch the app when the problem appears.

    This way at least we will not have to put the computer into sleep mode and bring it back.
    It takes just a second to loop throughout the modes.

    I will test it for a while and if it's working well and anyone is interested I will share it with you.
    If I did it in 10 minutes that means Razer can implement it in a way more elegant way for no time.
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  8. byteVoltAMBER341

    byteVoltAMBER341 New Member

    Like a Murphy's law it just happened to me - a black screen out of nowhere.
    I had assigned my application (mentioned in the above post) with the fn+r key combination and it works like a charm. It fixes the issue and I don't have to put my laptop into sleep mode and wake it up.

    The issue pattern is the following:
    When I switch power sources (external source to battery or vice versa) a little bit after that the problem starts to appear.

    It seems that my app updates the settings perfectly but it needs a bit more touch because it doesn't stops it from happening again. Periodically it keeps bringing the black screen.

    I will see what resurrects the computer out from this black loop of hell and update my application. Stay tuned.
  9. byteVoltAMBER341

    byteVoltAMBER341 New Member

    You can try the app by downloading it from here:

    Even though it's harmless -- use it on your own risk.
    Once downloaded place it somewhere and assign a key macro to execute it from the Razer Synapse macros manager when black screen appears.

    Running the app will automatically change the display frequency to 60Hz wait 1 second, switch back to 240Hz and exit.

    Use a key macro to fix the black screen issue when it appears, without having to put your computer to sleep and wake it up again.
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  10. lucaslayf

    lucaslayf New Member

    That's great you found a way to mitigate the damange!
    It's a shame Razer isn't being more helpful on this issue.
    I can't return the computer to the shop I bought it from anymore, so now I have to depend on Razer's mercy.
    It's a shame, I'm coming from a Mac and about to buy peripherals and even though it would be great to go all Razer for Synapse, I don't trust them anymore with this kind of support we are (not) receiving
  11. byteVoltAMBER341

    byteVoltAMBER341 New Member

    Honestly I'm a bit frustrated. I communicate with Razer Support from day 2 of my problem. They keep asking "general" questions (like what is your OS version, what is your BIOS version etc.).

    To me it's clear -- they have no solution at this point and are trying to delay as much as possible. I prefer "we are aware of the problem and we are working hard on finding a solution, stay tuned" kind of answer.

    I also come from the Apple world. I understand hardware and engineers are not perfect. This is completely normal (even if it's $2000+ worth of normal).
    I personally have the top model with 2080 Max-Q design. It was a bunch of money.

    I (and everyone here) just expect proper treatment as a customers - not dust in the eyes.

    If I know that Razer are currently working hard on a solution that would be a good start.
  12. lucaslayf

    lucaslayf New Member

    Now my fan started to make a rattling noise ...
    I can't believe all this is happening within 30 days
  13. lucaslayf

    lucaslayf New Member

    It might be placebo, but having Cortex and Synapse open seems to prevent the issue from happening as often as it does otherwise.
  14. Nocteres

    Nocteres New Member

    Update to my previous post about not encountering the issue when using Linux. Did a fresh install of Pop!_OS 19.10, fully updated and set it to Intel only mode. The issue is more pronounced by happening almost immediately when coming from sleep, the Settings menu will not open so the refresh rate cannot be changed, and when the issue occurs it forces the computer to sleep.

    There's ~15 second window between waking, entering password, and having the issue occur. It does seem like it has something to do with Intel + BIOS since this did not happen previously when using Hybrid or Dedicated GPU mode.

    Razer, please fix this or at the very least provide some indication that this is on your radar. I shouldn't be needing to run the troubleshooting gamut on a ~$3k product.
  15. lucaslayf

    lucaslayf New Member

    Razer support has now gone silent for more than a week regarding my questions / trying to troubleshoot this issue.
    It's a shame the company decides the best way to handle this is to go silent :/
  16. Razer.SpeedCr0ss

    Razer.SpeedCr0ss Speed Hunter Staff Member

    Hey everyone! Sorry for the delay. Your posts didn't go unnoticed. This thread is monitored and the Support Team is working on the escalated cases. Also, apologies if I can't provide you with the exact fix. I prefer to conduct isolation steps first then create a ticket and raise it if it's unresolved. Feel free to send me a PM should you need additional assistance.
  17. ste1164

    ste1164 New Member

    I also have this problem but unfortunately it is not letting me send PMs :slightly_sad:
  18. lucaslayf

    lucaslayf New Member

    Still having the same problem.
    Used the computer for a couple of days at 60hz and haven't had any problems.
    As soon as I turned it back to 240hz, 4 black screens in 5 minutes.
  19. Razer.SpeedCr0ss

    Razer.SpeedCr0ss Speed Hunter Staff Member

    Hi there! I've replied to your PM. Let's continue from there.
  20. lucaslayf

    lucaslayf New Member

    For people suffering with this issue, I've found a temporary workaround: if you never let the computer goes to sleep, I can use it without the problem. The drawback is that when I'm not using the laptop I have to either leave it on, or turn it off and turn it on again when I want to use it one more time.

    It's annoying, but better than the mess it was before!
    Razer: still waiting for you patch.
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