Razor Nari Essential: Only left side of headphone works.

Discussion in 'Audio' started by BATTLEMINEGUY, Apr 25, 2022.



    Hi. I never make posts asking for help on a forum but I love my Nari essentials and want to fix it. Basically, a couple weeks ago, randomly, the right side of my headphones completely went out and could only hear VERY QUIET static from it. While the left side of my headphones work perfectly fine. Then about a week later, the right side came back. But now the same issue has popped up, with only one side of my headphones working. I’ve tried a couple fixes, but I can’t find a good answer online, and while the headphones are probably just dead from age (despite getting them a year ago), I still want to see if anyone knows how to fix this before I get new set. Thank you for your time :D
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