Razor stealth missing screw and faulty charger

Discussion in 'Systems' started by mitsoevo, Jul 31, 2016.

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  1. my new Razer stealth (about 1-2 months old) has an issue with charging where il come in at night to go to bed, plug it in and wake up to find its not charged, the brick has a green light and everything, this is a huge issue as Im in yr12 studying for the HSC, the only way to be sure it charges is to disconnect the brick from power and then plugging it back in, which is not something i should have to put up with. the other thing I've noticed is a screw on the base is missing???? i mean i haven't opened it or even tried, there is no reason for it to fall out, i honestly didn't check when i first got the laptop so it could of fallen out in the first couple of weeks but still that should never happen. very disappointing, i have no other options and i NEED this laptop for school, i dont have time to send it back for you to check then send it back to me, school would be over by then.
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  2. Clickophobia

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    1st off, it's RAZER as lots of people seem to misspell for some reason that is beyond me, second, if you do not want to have it RMA'd then I'm afraid there is little we can help you with dude. Even I had issues of my own with my Blade 14' 2015 and had to wait two months for it. Just ask Razer Support to help you out with this one.
  3. I got the razer stealth only because i was able to claim it on my previous laptops insurance, otherwise i would of aimed for something a bit lower priced, and they literally took about 8 months to get it sorted after numerous complaints, hence why i really dont want to lose my laptop for any longer, also due to the dire need for it at school, i dont mind handing it over after hsc but i concerned they wont accept it by then.
  4. koh1250

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    You can try negotiating with razer support about this issue first, and see what happens. Worst case would be buy a new charger.
    As to not accepting, it depends on how long your warranty last, if it can last after your hsc then it should not be much of an issue
  5. Creambuzzthink677

    Creambuzzthink677 Active Member

    I understand your frustration over having to wait for RMA and being stressed out about school. I recommend expressing your concerns to Razer support; you might be surprised how they respond.
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