RB7 - the new Razer Blade 14", external monitors @ 144hz

Discussion in 'Systems' started by sweeper240, Mar 28, 2017.

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  1. sweeper240

    sweeper240 New Member

    Hello all...

    I don't have a ton of time to give my life story, nor do you have the time to read it. suffice to say I used to use a different laptop but it had a bunch of issues that to this point are not fixed... I've always been interested in the Razer products but at times I would debate internally whether the Razer Blade was worth some of the trade-offs as well as the perceived higher cost of the system. Secondarily my work is highly complex and requires me to be able to do anything as anytime, thus making a computer purchase difficult... oh and I have to have a 1080p screen, 4K will not work because a very specific software that I have to use at times is only working with 1080p (would have considered the RBP7 if it was 1080p)

    What i currently have now is the RB7 and out of the box its a fantastic system... probably the best laptop I've used in a very long time. I haven't had the time to double check light bleed, or dead pixels, etc. But as far as I can tell - no issues, just a really well built machine (just as good/better as anything Apple produces) with all the performance that I need.

    I would have liked to have 32GB DDR4 RAM but 16GB is working fine for now.
    At times if I'm playing games the fan is loud... if I ever have the time i'll take look at temps while playing and maybe someone can comment on fan profiles or something.

    The point - if you wanted to know the RB7 works great paired with a gaming 144hz 2K monitor. I purchased a USB-C to DisplayPort cable and connected the laptop. One of the issues I had initially was getting the computer to push 144hz. At first the system didn't seem like it would do it. So I used the Intel Graphics Setting app and walked it to 144hz.

    1. Setup multiple monitors and have it "extend" the display
    2. Fiddle around at 60hz on both monitors
    3. Walk the 144hz capable monitor up to 85hz (or something similar)
    4. Fiddle around and then walk it up again to 100hz
    5. repeat, go to 120hz
    6. repeat, go to 144hz.

    Going directly to 144hz caused the computer to fail on 144hz and the external monitor went blank and stayed blank. So there you have it. Walk it up to the hz you want.
  2. jaseow

    jaseow Active Member

    I went straight to 144hz with my usb-c to displayport adaptor cos im a baller
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