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RBA 2018 BIOS is borked

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by hrytskivr, May 7, 2020.

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  1. hrytskivr

    hrytskivr New Member

    Hey everyone, I think RBA 2018 came with borked BIOS, the reason for that is - Overclocking Performance section (when exploring via AMIBCP64) is not in the right place as it is for example with RB 2017 or RBA 2019. Because of that, even if correct settings are applied (to unlock those tabs) in AMIBCP64, it isn't visible in BIOS menu - which makes undervaluing and overclocking via BIOS impossible, which is very bad.
    Now I think it's either AMI's fault or manufacturer problem, is there any way this can be escalated to fix with new BIOS release? Razer support?

    P.S.: there was a thread that mentioned this before -> https://insider.razer.com/index.php...-menu-in-bios-for-undevolting-purposes.44362/
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  2. stranula

    stranula New Member

    The RBA 2018 won't be overclockable regardless of the options available in the BIOS, although you may be able to overclock the memory. That being said, I agree you should have access to everything available in the BIOS. I wouldn't expect Razer to release a new BIOS so that you can modify it, but if you follow my instructions here http://forum.notebookreview.com/thr...otential-to-unlock-all-hidden-options.830993/ you'll be able to do it for yourself.
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  3. hrytskivr

    hrytskivr New Member

    I want to undervolt, not overclock but, it seems that your method might just work for me, will e looking in that one soon, thx!
  4. hrytskivr

    hrytskivr New Member

    I did it !!!
    Using your guide as a reference, so happy, now I can have my undervolting under macOS, amazing !!!
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