RBS or RB 14", needs opinions/guidance

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RBS or RB 14

  1. RBS ($1250 Upgraded model)

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  2. RB 14" ($1800 Stock model)

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  1. Bermxn_no_id

    Bermxn_no_id New Member

    Hello all

    I am looking to purchase a Razer Laptop hopefully soon, preferably before my upcoming school semester, but I am stuck on which model/config I should get. Below is some info that could give a good idea of what I am gonna be doing on it regularly.

    - I am College student studying Information Technology, so I will be programming a bit
    - I am a console gamer, but I have been wanting to dip my feet into PC Gaming recently. Maybe start off with some CS:GO, Overwatch, maybe even Minesweeper :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I won't being playing anything crazy like Crisis 3 or anything
    - For any current or previous students, you know how many different damn programs you need open at once. For me, I would have Eclipse and/or Oracle SQL, Tons of tabs on Chrome, lectures, powerpoints, etc., probably opened all at once. So I will definitely need a good processor/memory. I'm thinking i7/16gb maybe 8gb if 16gb is overkill
    -Something portable that I can take to school all day and not have to worry about charging after most of the day. (Are either laptops noticeably heavier than the other?)
    - Also, when I am home I am planning on connecting it to a monitor and having a keyboard/mouse setup so I can have that Desktop feel when I am doing work or studying. So if anybody has any good Thunderbolt 3 compatible monitors please let me know. I recently heard of the LG UltraFine '5K' Display, but its kinda pricey. Also, Are both laptops able to connect to a '5k' or '4k' without any issues?

    I built my "possible" RBS; QHD TOUCH (256GB), i7-7500U Dual-Core Processor etc., 16GB LPDDR3-1866MHz, for $1250. Compared to the base Blade, $1800, is there really much different besides the Graphics card and the obvious price difference. With the extra money I would probably buy the keyboard/mouse and maybe headset setup I want as well. Obviously Razer products

    Just keep in mind, I am switching from a mid 2012 Macbook Air, 1.8 GHz Intel Core i5, 4 GB 1600 MHz DDR3, Intel HD Graphics 4000 (1440 x 900), 128GB storage. I need to step away from mac, especially after the release of the new MBP, I personally was not impressed with it.

    The last Windows OS laptop I owned was 7-8 years ago (when windows 7 was just released), and it was a monstrous Windows Studio 17.

    So hopefully someone could point me in the right direction, I am horrible when it comes to making decisions. I wanna make sure I am getting a laptop that will last a very long time. this will be a big investment for me. I have heard very good things from Razer's new line of laptops

    Thanks for whomever replies!
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