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Discussion in 'Systems' started by Menisahmaru, Feb 28, 2015.

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  1. Menisahmaru

    Menisahmaru Member


    Wondering if anyone else on the 2014 Blade has been experiencing issues with overheating and how you're combating that?


  2. fritzasuro

    fritzasuro Active Member


    I own the same Blade. I'm not quite sure what you specifically meant on "overheating issues", because mine was sent back for repair as I thought it was overheating - to my surprise it was the battery's fault.
    Anyway, the blade is expected to heat up insanely as it has not much space for ventilation. You need to at least play it on a good cooling pad (try to find a pad with the fans well positioned to the fans of your Blade). As much as possible, play on a clean surface as once your fans get's stuffed, you won't be happy about that. Lastly, AC - I prefer to play in a cold room to help the aluminum body to cool down fast.

    I know this is silly, but if you can afford to play at medium-high level of graphics, much better. Running premium games at native (3200x1800) resolution with ultra settings will really make your Blade feel like it's in a toaster. You will need to get good blend for your games. Or try using the Nvidia utility tool, it does help.
  3. masterplo94

    masterplo94 Active Member

    Onji brought up some good points. I would also like to say the blade is meant to get hot, very hot and this is what razer knew when they made it. You should find the temps you are getting and i could compare them to mine if you would like. This would help to see if there is a problem or you just felt like me early on. Best of luck

    Also if anyone else could share there temps that would help too
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  4. Menisahmaru

    Menisahmaru Member

    Yea I know gaming laptops are going to get hot. I don't care if it melts the table - but turning off mid-game repeatedly is a bit frustrating xD.

    Looking at 75C to 85C under load. Tested on glass desk, wooden desk, and with cooling pad usually settles around 75C then will spike if I start doing anything other than stand still in game to 81-85C.

    I will try a lower resolution - I understand the native resolution is going to be taxing on the machine. However, it seems kind of silly if the machine can't function at its "native" resolution. The scaling is awkward as well when I take the resolution down but that is its own issue.

    Was just curious if I was the only one with a Blade turning off repeatedly while gaming. I have a beast of a desktop so it is only really an issue when I'm traveling. Ideally I would like to just be able to game without having to lug a ton of stuff around to it from cutting off on me. If I wanted to be carrying a lot of weight I'd have gone with a less expensive machine.

    Thanks for the replies guys. Let me know what temps you're getting. I'll do some testing with lower resolutions.
  5. masterplo94

    masterplo94 Active Member

    Sorry i am talking a while to respond, your results are similar to mine. I know it gets hot but razer knows this and it's expected so i wouldn't worry too much. The reason i am waiting so long to respond is i am going to try a cooling pad and tell you how that goes
  6. Menisahmaru

    Menisahmaru Member


    It has gotten to the point where I can't really game on it at all without the machine turning off one me. Even on a pad I'm spiking up to 95C @ 1920x1080p resolution.

    It could potentially be a battery issue as well though - maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree.
  7. cptknightz

    cptknightz New Member

    Me too , I had the problem of playing games and shutting off. i notice my battery level is decreasing even though it is plugged in and charging when im playing games. Anyone found a soution yet ?
  8. Ailleus

    Ailleus Member

    I don´t think that issues like a laptop turning off several times when using it as intended or battery level decreasing although a laptop is plugged can be considered as normal usage. Imo this seems like issues that require closer inspection by Razer´s repair/customer service, even if you play on clean surface and use the cooling pad.

    I don´t own a Blade (yet!), but my GPU got even to 97 and CPU got to 93 when gaming, so I consider this normal. Having said that, my laptop has never turned itself off due to overheating.

  9. fabiokawai

    fabiokawai Active Member

    I play at 85 - 87 ºC, so I guess those temps are ok.
    But It didn't shutdown anytime since my purchase (Jun 2014), I'd suggest contacting Razer Support, it isn't normal.
  10. ManBroDawg

    ManBroDawg New Member

    I'll possibly try to get some temp reports, but I am having a very similar issue it seems. It started happening recently (the other day in fact) and after 20 minutes, it shuts down completely. I just got the 2014 blade about a month ago.

    I have been playing extended hours lately or so, but should there be a limit to how many hours you play to keep it cool? Anyways I'm a little sad now I can't really enjoy and good gaming sessions :slightly_sad:
  11. cptknightz

    cptknightz New Member

    my blade has been experiencing shut downs duento overheating and intermittent charging during game play.

    have send in to razer for check . waitwd for a week and was told that my motherboard was faulty. Parts currently unavailable and meed to wait 2-4weeks for parts... ridiculous.. less then one year of usage and problems arising. Losing faith
  12. Menisahmaru

    Menisahmaru Member

    Sending mine in this week with the same complaint. Hopefully I have a more smooth experience. So far support has been great.
  13. PersonSuit

    PersonSuit Member

    So, I have been doing some research for you online and as crazy as this sounds, the CPU in your Blade has a maximum temperature rating of 100C or 212F. This being said if its hitting 95C this might be ok.
  14. Menisahmaru

    Menisahmaru Member

    It is the whole it turning itself off thing that was bothering me :/
  15. PersonSuit

    PersonSuit Member

    Oh, I don't know how I missed that part. Ya that's not good. Good luck with your RMA
  16. Dariigaz

    Dariigaz New Member

    Hey there,

    I am also facing this issue and am quite sure it isn't an overheating issue. I was able to bring the peak temps down to 85c GPU and 76c CPU during graphic intense gaming. (It was 90++c initially) and it still shuts down on me.

    I am currently waiting for razer to send me a replacement unit as well. Sighs.

    Has anyone gotten their blades back from razer? problems solved?
  17. Menisahmaru

    Menisahmaru Member

    Mine has not overheated since I got the repairs. Whatever the problem was they fixed it.
  18. Dariigaz

    Dariigaz New Member

    Oh thats good to know!
  19. Razer|Alentra_xf_rzr

    Razer|Alentra_xf_rzr Well-Known Member

    If you're experiencing overheating issues with your Razer Blade, please contact Razer Support at and they will be able to identify the cause of your issue.
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