Register to Pre-order the Razer Nabu X - Wave 1

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by technokat, Jan 11, 2015.

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  1. KirinXHell

    KirinXHell New Member

    I'm guessing that less than 10min it will be gone
  2. Chemisery

    Chemisery New Member

    Cannot wait for SEA pre-order to start..
  3. DirtyDane

    DirtyDane New Member

    same i really do think that since the nabu had 5k units and this is limited to 500 you might be pushing it my bet is 5 minutes or less. given that 5k was able to sell out in one day
  4. kimkim23

    kimkim23 New Member

    Did they mention anything about SEA pre order date?
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  5. joyceyu

    joyceyu New Member

    Can the registration forms be accessible via mobile? Have class during the time the forms are released :slightly_sad:
  6. Crowie

    Crowie New Member

    I cant seem to find the philippines in your choose your region page. Please help
  7. gloryhol3

    gloryhol3 New Member

    PST, does that mean 9 am for me in Utah? I am always terrible with time changes
  8. Chemisery

    Chemisery New Member

    From Min-Liang's FB post: "PS: EU should be coming in next week and Asia right after."

    It's coming! We will have our chance after EU peeps get their chance.
  9. Crowie

    Crowie New Member

    when is the SEA pre order date? and do you guys consider the Philippines customers?
  10. kimkim23

    kimkim23 New Member

    thanks for the heads up!:)
  11. mahousensei

    mahousensei Active Member

    Dunno, check here ;)
  12. Amilgaaul

    Amilgaaul New Member

    hmm anyone know if there is a limit of the number of unit per insider can purchase?
    would like to get 2, one for me and one for my bro xD
  13. DirtyDane

    DirtyDane New Member

    im praying that they are since im on my way between my vocational school and my high school during the time of the registration 11AM
  14. MrBrowKnee

    MrBrowKnee Member

    I'm actually quite looking forward to receiving this device and reviewing it! Wonder how it stacks up to other wearable's in its category such as FitBit Flex, hopefully its a better since that would be a great bang for the buck! Keep it up Razer, loving your dedication to the fans!
  15. FakieFTW

    FakieFTW New Member

    Finally! Been waiting for Canada to be part of it! :D
  16. jdotbless

    jdotbless New Member

    commenting to meet requirements :)
  17. PaperDesign_Brian

    PaperDesign_Brian New Member

    Yes that would be correct for us Utah Peeps
  18. dom19

    dom19 New Member

    Will we every be able to just buy the white band without the tracker if already purchased the black one?
  19. PaperDesign_Brian

    PaperDesign_Brian New Member

    I saw these at the booth at CES and was really struck at how classy looking these are. I wonder how well the white one will do at repelling dirt-that's the last thing we want is our new band showing smudges.
  20. Sxdpxndx

    Sxdpxndx New Member

    I'm glad i wasn't able to get the Razer Nabu in the previous waves, because i like this one a lot more. It's low profile and seems to fit a bit better since you can change the sizes. Hopefully i'll be able to get it this time around.
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